April’s Planetary Activity — 2014

April 2014 is an active month featuring a Cardinal sign T-square that amps up our issues with relationships, our needs, and globally creates unrest. Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn are all coming together this month with an energetic pulse of power that leaves us a bit unbalanced. We will have difficulty in combining our needs and those of our loved ones, and perhaps with our jobs taking up more space in our personal time. We are being pulled in several directions, and it seems everyone needs a piece of us. The antidote to help resolve this turmoil is to keep a positive outlook and perhaps smile a little broader. Use the innocence of your inner child to draw in only positive people and experiences. Make sure you are sending out the most powerful love and acceptance to all you encounter.

Globally, unrest and unresolved issues are still widespread with little positive work being done to resolve them. There seems to be an underlying agenda to keep petty things roiling, perhaps to avoid addressing larger issues. Look behind the scenes to “see” the real picture of what is going on worldwide. Manipulation and special interests are at the forefront, while the good of the common-man is lost in greed and speculation for the select few. There is no panacea for those who would use their positions to worsen the lives of the already downtrodden. Only when good men speak out will there be a change for the better.

When powerful Pluto goes Retrograde on the 14th to September 22nd, we may see a lessening of the reins of power. The artifice of those hiding behind their masks of working for the public good will come off, and we will be able to see the dark side of those who fabricate and are hypocrites of the highest form. They will be unmasked and their spurious actions will out. There will be a price to pay for deceit and corruption.

In our personal lives we will begin to see the interplay between our egos and how they impact our loved ones when we don’t use our highest moral standards. Any subterfuge will be discovered, and there will be consequences to be paid. Think about your own actions and take heed — repair, recover, and restore honesty and openness into your relationships. Look closely at your own behavior and begin to sincerely take responsibility for your own actions. Now is the time for truth — now is the time to validate your earnestness with all of your loved ones. Your journey here on Earth is entwined with others in a karmic and predestined way. We are with those who will help us to grow and evolve into better human beings. We must listen to what destiny is requiring of us — we must be aware of our interconnectedness with each other and the Universe.

There are two significant Eclipses this month — a Lunar Eclipse on the 15th with the Full Moon in Aries — (visible here in North America) — and an Eclipse of the Sun during the New Moon in Taurus on the 30th (only visible from the southernmost areas of the Earth). Trying to get a project off the ground before an Eclipse will have imbedded issues and may have to be totally restructured. Best if you can, to reschedule a later date, until several days after the volatile energies of the Eclipses have abated somewhat.

On the 20th there is that onerous Cardinal sign T-Square we mentioned earlier, in full effect creating disharmony and angst. At 13 degrees of the Cardinal signs we have a vortex of Universal energy being expelled by the ether. We will feel our independence is being thwarted, and our identity is under fire. How best to handle the negative energies affecting us will be to remain unruffled, do not allow anger and rage to be put forth, and look within yourself for the truth. Don’t lash out indiscriminately, first take a step back to really appreciate and understand what is going on. Is someone pushing your buttons to bolster their own ego? Let it go! Nothing positive is garnered with vituperative words and angry uncontrolled outbursts. Especially as families are gathering to celebrate Easter and Passover — let bygones be bygones and look to the long term goals that you are pursuing. Leave despair and anger in the dust of the past. Look to the light of a burgeoning future full of joy and anticipation. Live in the most positive mindset you can engender, and let any minor issues fall by the wayside in the wake of your forward passage.

On a most positive note, our Planet of Love Venus will be riding along Neptune in Pisces from the 6th until the middle of the month — this time will be well spent in connecting with our loved ones, finding a way to enhance your familial relationships, and renewing your deepest feelings of love that may have been ignored in the daily grind of eking out a living. Take this time to acknowledge how lucky you are to have your nearest and dearest in your life. Allow yourself to be immersed in the harmony of your love. Breathe in the essence of compatibility and companionship that is so necessary to we humans, and give thanks for those who support, comfort and sincerely love you for yourself.

When sprightly Mercury meets up with quirky Uranus in Aries mid-month, your mental acuity will be piqued, your thinking processes will be innovative, and you may find you are thinking outside-of-the-box! Use this time as a springboard of opportunity in creating a new pathway for further evolution. Allow yourself to find unique ways of sorting out your problems, finding new solutions to old issues, and believe in your own ability to fulfill your dreams. Draw in the positive energy of Mercury’s vitality and élan. Tune yourself in to the rhythm of Universal harmony. Keep ahead of the crowd in preparing for your future and the happiness you deserve.

With the New Moon Eclipse in Taurus ending this volatile month — only our best intentions and awareness will be enough to move us in a positive and forward direction. Money issues may come to the fore, be circumspect with any financial dealings. Be conservative and careful of your privacy and any monies that are to be distributed. Keep an eagle eye on your personal financial statements and income. Be on your best game — play to win — but remember your humanity at all times. We don’t traverse our lives here alone — even the most insignificant encounter can bring the greatest joy. Be aware, be vigilant in your quest for the best life has to offer. Be that person all others look up to — create your pathway in this life to reach the highest of moral integrity, the most empathetic of human caring, and the greatest gift of all — love!


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