Full Moon Eclipse in Libra/Aries — April 15, 2014

The Full Moon Eclipse this month is in the Cardinal sign Libra at 25 degrees, and crests on April 15th at 2:43 AM EST (add one hour for DST). This is a powerful and energetic Full Moon, and for this reason I am posting a bit early because I have found that much of the activity stirred up by the Full Moon phase begins a few days before the actual opposition of the Moon and Sun! To me it is kind of like watching an accident almost happen — the peak of emotion is just before either the “hit” or the “miss”. Once the actual incident is over either way — the emotional impact starts to wane a bit. The aftermath of either situation begins to lessen — handling the issues of a fender-bender — or allowing the adrenaline that has built up to slowly drain away.

So for our purposes — being aware of the coming Full Moon is especially important in noticing any risks, unusual activity or threat to your safety. NOW — most of us will sail through this sensitive time period with little notice. However anyone who might have the Sun, Moon or a Planet at 25 degrees of either Aries/Libra axis is urged to be a bit more attentive to what is going on around them. Avoid those who seem angry or out of control, watch out for distracted drivers (so much more prevalent with the advent of phone calls and texting), and generally use common sense in all of your interactions with others.

The positive news about this Lunar Eclipse Moon is that the Moon goes void of course after it crests and the Moon enters the sign Scorpio at 11:21 AM EST. This change will thereby help to disperse the combustible energies of this Full Moon as much as possible, by literally throwing a watery Scorpio blanket over it. Still there may be some unfinished business or feelings still ruffled by the earlier intensity of the Lunar activity. For most of us it will be best to hold our tongues, keep a low profile, and just allow any adversarial ongoing to pass over us. Getting into the middle of any controversy will have the potential to become larger than its original issues. So use your “Spidey” senses, all of your instincts and if a situation seems to be unraveling and getting out of control — remove yourself and any others you deem to be in jeopardy. Forewarned is forearmed, and we can use our common-sense to avoid any drama that might be taking place! This time span also hosts Jupiter squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto (Cardinal T-square)– which will be exact on the 20th roiling up the already combustible confusion and unexpected happenings.

On a positive note, weather permitting, we here in North America will be able to view the Lunar Eclipse throughout its totality. We also have Mercury our Planet of communication meeting up with Uranus during this coming week, and we will be able to use our creative minds to understand any disconcerting situation with our enhanced mental acuity. Venus in Pisces will for a brief time be trying to help us see the beauty and emotional depth of our commitment to our loved ones, and will soften our responses if challenged unfairly.

The Moon rules our emotions, and hence a strong Full Moon will increase our anxiety and our concern when there is controversy or uneasiness. Look to the swift thinking of the Mercury/Uranus merger, and the loving kindness of the Venus/Neptune match-up to garner the kinder, warmer and more loving emotions needed to keep an even keel throughout these few days of disquiet.

We can sail through the rough waters of our Lunar Eclipse Moon — if we but keep our heads, listen to our inner voice of calmness, and send out only loving messages of concern and acceptance. We all have the ability to influence our own lives — we can avoid calamity and bring balance into our realm. Be the guiding light of knowledge and understanding — a beacon of Universal light!


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