Arise to the Occasion — A Hallowed Week

After the confusion and angst of our Lunar Eclipse on the 15th, we enter the special time of the Passover Seder and our Easter celebrations. There are some especially poignant and helpful aspects that can help us traverse this passage with kindness and love. However, we should all be aware that the Cardinal T-Square with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will crest on the 20th! This confluence has the potential to stir up controversy that has been smoldering on the back burner of our lives — and there could be a potential dust-up if we aren’t using our most loving ideals and highest traditional standards throughout this time span.

First the good tidings — on the 17th the Moon goes into the sign Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter it raises our good feelings about our fellow men, and uplifts our spirits to embrace all of mankind in a loving and understanding way. We can use the spiritual, knowing, and loyal aspects of this sign to help us accept the good-will that abounds. Venus in Pisces in good aspect to Jupiter, also helps us to impart our most loving feelings towards others in a magical and ethereal manner, to encompass all who enter our realm. As Venus moves on to an encounter with Uranus we become more able to allow a sense of exploration to surround us, and we can feel the frisson of energy that will enhance our mental acuity. Moving on to the Venus encounter with Pluto we plumb the depths of our familial relationships and embrace our humanity with an open heart and an open mind. The Moon’s positive encounters with Mars, Mercury and the Sun throughout our weekend will enhance our abilities to enjoy and embrace the ideals and history of these exceptional days.

The only caveat will be the Cardinal sign T-Square that might ruffle a few feathers throughout the 20th –however with faith in your ability to surpass any negativity all will turn out well. Calm any rancorous or irate outbursts from others with a composed and serene manner. Allow the true lessons of these celebrations to encompass every cell of your being, and you will be the guiding force in allowing peace to reign. Believe in the lessons of history and mankind at his finest and most beneficent, knowing that any trials will turn out for the best. Family bonds and loving ties will bring assurances of safe passage, a renewal of faith, and the knowledge that we are always secure in the tender care of our nearest and dearest.

The practical Moon in Capricorn on the 20th will help us coordinate our efforts into a celebration of honor, faithfulness, and overcoming any odds. We will be made aware of our strengths, our commitments, and our loyalty to our families, friends, and to our humanness. Enjoy the closeness and loving ties of your journey here, now, in this place. We do not travel alone on our pathway throughout this lifetime, but are joined with those who will do the most to allow us to evolve into our greatest and most loving selves. Peace!


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