New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus — April 29, 2014

I enjoy the Moon in Taurus — it’s Earthy, determined, and loves the good things in life! Since this is an Eclipse there will be a lot more power harnessed when our two lights meet up at 8 degrees of Taurus at 1:15 AM EST, remember to add one hour for DST. This Eclipse of the Sun will only be able to be viewed from the southernmost areas of the Earth — Antarctica, Cape Town, and parts of Australia. Although our last Full Moon Eclipse on April 15th could have been viewed from the USA — our stormy weather here in New England made it impossible — Alas!

This lunation will begin a new cycle for those Taurus folks born in the last week of April, and also those Scorpios born opposite the New Moon in the last week of October. Use this power for your own advancement, tune in to where you are now, and think about where you want to be by the end of the year. Are things in flux, disorganized, or haven’t been moving you in the right direction? Now is the time for you to organize your life, find wherein the problems lie, and make definitive plans that will propel you forward. There is a flow and harmony in the Galaxy that can be synchronized with what is going on in our lives. Have the willingness to clearly see your life as it is today — and if you need to change a few things to make life better for yourself and your loved ones — use the timing of the astral movements to enhance your chances of getting on the right track.

Our New Moon in Taurus will bring a practical, down-to-Earth realization that we must be aware of our finances, and we must be cognizant of how we distribute our weekly or monthly monies. Are we paying our bills in a timely manner, saving that “rainy day” cushion for emergencies, and creating some plan for our future needs and wants. Taurus will help us contain our over-enthusiasm for just breaking the bank for any willy-nilly trifles we want, and will make us realize that our long-term desires are where our monies should be heading. We all have ideas about what we want, however, we must have a logical outlook and a pragmatic view about just how far our income will take us. Getting deeper into debt is never a good idea for most folks — and keeping our yearly financial house in order is paramount to living life without turmoil and worry. This New Moon can help you take charge of your personal economy. Make it your job this month to go over your budget, and make a serious plan for your spending for the next fiscal year. Put aside what you can to save for your future — and try to live within those parameters you set for yourself. At the end of the year you may find yourself without debt, and on a positive, practical and productive path to a financially worry-free life.

Now Taurus does love the finer things in life — good food, fine clothing, and lush surroundings — so it won’t curtail your need for those things you feel are a must in your life! But it can help give you the tools and common-sense to strive for those items in a steady way. Patience and persistence are Taurus’ bywords and they almost never give up — so tap into the energy of this powerful lunation and decide to bring into your life the basic and mundane application of gradually but consistently heading for your goals.

Sounds a little dull and dreary perhaps? However, so much of our angst here on Earth has to do with our financial woes. Putting your finances in order will go a long way in creating the comfort-zone you need to fulfill many of your innate desires. Not having to worry about paying the next bill will help to free up your mind to allow your true talents to shine through and be manifested in the real world. Give it a go this month, open your heart and mind to how much your financial turmoil is limiting your creativity, love and spiritual growth. Rid yourself of that ball-and-chain of debt, and a whole new world will be open to you.

Taurus also has a lot to do with our appreciation of the arts, our love interests, and the way we want to lead our lives. Yes the area where Taurus lives in our charts will give us a heads up as to where we want to live, spend our money, and keep our love secure. Learn to work with the Universal power that is within your grasp and you will find life easier, more fulfilling, and you will begin to “see” just where you fit into this lifetime’s pathway. I realize many are struggling in this difficult economy and often see no way out — but the Universe always has a secondary plan, an alternate path, or an unexpected reward for those who are trying their best. Always try to keep a positive outlook, and draw towards yourself only positive people, experiences and understanding.

Now to our New Moon affirmations, wishes, requests, and desires — under the umbrella of our steadfast Taurus, we can focus on getting out of debt. Or try the other route and affirm that you will be able to attain enough capital to take care of all your expenses, and have a bit left over for the nicer things you desire. Perhaps you want things to run smoothly in a new relationship or want to repair one that has been in turmoil of late. You may realize that your inflexible attitude has been interfering with your relationships and you want to be more amenable to others ideas and plans. Some might just want to wish for money to come to them in a happy way! Others might need a new job or employment opportunities within their corporation. All of these will come under a Taurus Moon — on the more artistic and appreciative side of the Taurus coin — you may just want to learn how to enjoy those moments of bliss just being with a loved one. Or if you have the interest, you might want to start an art class or learn how to create beautiful flower displays. There are so many ways to manifest the beauty of Taurus and also the practicality of the sign during this time.

The best time to write out your affirmations, dreams and wishes will be all day on the 29th, and for the next 24 hours especially as this is a Solar Eclipse with extra oomph! Take the time to think clearly about your goals, and your hopes for the future and draft your list in the order of importance to you. Include your loved ones in your quests because they are an integral part of your pathway here. Be steadfast, loyal and loving in all of your dealings — be bullish about reaching your goals. Peace!


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