New Moon Eclipse in Taurus Reminder — April 29, 2014

Today is the day to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires in order to put them into the ether where they can manifest into reality! Don’t miss this powerful moment in time to write down exactly what you want to happen to improve your life right now. All day today will be the most potent time to write out your wishes, but the next 24 hours can also be effective.

Taurus is determined (perhaps stubborn), persistent, loyal, loving, and enjoys all of the good things in life — they are willing to go step-by-step in a steady manner to reach their goals. Use this positive time to help yourself and your loved ones in an easy and joyous way. Keep your mind concentrated on those things that mean the most to you, and with honesty and humbleness ask for the flow of positive energy to be drawn to you so that your affirmations will be made whole. Everything is on the table — be sincere, be sure, speak straight from the heart.

Some things may be more difficult to manifest, yet given time — the chances are that all will be brought within your reach — be sure of your desires, be committed to your goals, and the magic of the Universal spirit of love will manifest in your life. May love and light enter your realm — and let all of us pray for those caught up in the devastating tornados in the Southern tier of the States in the last few days. May they find safe harbor and peace!


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