May’s Planetary Activity — 2014

Here in New England we look forward to the Month of May with an eager optimism that Spring will finally arrive! So far we haven’t seen the warmth that we might have expected as we are well into our astronomical ‘Spring’ season — indeed, we have had a spate of raw, windy and rainy weather that has dampened our spirits a tad! However, we are hearty souls and will persevere until we see the flowers start to bloom, and the trees display their lacelike tracery of new leaves. Right now my forsythia is in full bloom and when I look out my kitchen window the brightness of these flowers almost makes it seem as if the Sun is shining!

May opens with the energy of our Taurus New Moon Eclipse at the end of April still wavering in the ether. Venus enters Aries on the 2nd and that will keep our passions lively and full of hope! A little intimidating for Venus, still she can handle the pressure and will bring us amazing chances to find love and any of our hearts desires. Venus meeting up with impulsive Uranus on the 15th will bring surprising opportunities. These will be fleeting moments of unbridled delight, enjoy these sweet instances of pleasure and build on the excitement that they bring to you. You may find a moment of charm and you will savor the memory. The afternoon of the 15th is full of wonder and hope. We can connect with our loved ones in a positive and creative way to smooth any rough edges that may have been annoying. Bring your best self to the gathering and party on!

There is also a wellspring of power expelled early on as Mercury in Taurus opposes Saturn, making us aware of our fiscal responsibilities. The Taurus/Scorpio axis will bring us the reality of our indebtedness and our need to get our financial house in order. As we move into the second week of the month, Mercury entering Gemini gives us a breather of sorts, freshening the air with its quixotic and lively spirit. You may be getting that letter you’ve been waiting for, or that delayed telephone call that could bring positive news your way! Communication picks up, and lively conversations will abound. Listen carefully — you might hear a bit of news that will bring you the answer to some of your questions. Try to keep your mind clear and calm — not easy with Mercury in airy Gemini stimulating all of our thoughts. Connect with close loved ones with an air of confidence and élan.

Jupiter in Cancer is having sway over much of the activity being engendered, along with Uranus in Aries! These two titans are stirring up the atmosphere with unchecked energy that can be stimulating, inspirational, or downright dizzying with massive overload. Our job is to be able to choose what opportunities are the best for us and our loved ones, for opportunities there will be. Choose carefully and don’t overcommit yourself to a plan that is amorphous and vague. Make sure there are definite and detailed ways to get to your goal in any offer, idea, or deal that is presented to you. However, be attuned to the welcoming aura of those who have your best interests at heart.

Finally, Mars in Libra will turn direct on the 19th bringing a more positive and active energy into our realm. Many plans and ideas that have been on hold will start to come to fruition if you have worked out all of the “bugs” in the system. Restart your efforts to move forward with renewed assurance and a heightened sense of accomplishing your tasks, with the help of Mars once again moving forward everything has a better chance of coming together in a cohesive manner. Don’t miss this golden time to pursue your agenda, but remain balanced and sincere in your quests. Mars in Libra can be charismatic and approachable. Still — this is Mars and it is a bold and mighty Planet with definite ideas and a strong will. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is a softer and more malleable version of Martian power — it just has a pretty face! And we all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Full Moon is in Scorpio on the 14th of the month and may unearth hidden secrets and strong feelings that have been buried for some time. Find where Scorpio lives in your chart and you will have some idea of how this will affect you personally. As with any connection to Scorpio — secrets will out! Our New Moon in Gemini on the 28th will bring a fresh look at all of our ideas and plans, and will make us want to get moving with new inspiration and an eager outlook. The Moon in Gemini is a bit too quick to act, so perhaps it is better to wait a couple of days to implement any major changes. Still I think we are ready for change and renewal!

The month ends on a positive note with the spritely Sun in Gemini in good aspect to vibrant Mars in Libra, this airy combo will enhance our mental abilities, stimulate our zeal, and rev up our physical abilities. We feel good, we want to be in the winner’s circle of life, and we have hope that the future will be bright with possibilities. It’s a good time to renew your relationships, your abode, and to get the cobwebs of winter out of your mind. Think flower gardens, fresh paint, and color everywhere! Joy abounds!

May is a month of contrasts here in New England, one day dreary and gray, the next has the Sun shining in a cloudless sky — it can be a roller-coaster of despair, hope, disappointment, and optimism. Ultimately — the Sun will shine its life-giving warmth upon us — it will brighten our lives with anticipation and eagerness, and we will thrive in the positive vibrations of Universal harmony — if we but listen with our hearts, minds and spirits! Peace!


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