Full Moon in Scorpio — May 14, 2014

We have a very strong and unpredictable Full Moon in Scorpio this month, cresting at 23 degrees of the sign at 2:17 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Shortly before the Full Moon crests there is a square aspect between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that may raise the ire of sensitive individuals. The Moon energy piques our emotions, and as with any Full Moon those whose charts are being influenced (having Planets or aspects near the degree or opposite the degree of the Full Moon), will feel the impact in a more personal manner. Also — later in the afternoon, there are some difficult aspects we will encounter — altogether making for a disorganized and possibly upsetting day. However, the Moon goes void of course after it crests, taking some of the sting out of the equation. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:45 AM EST on the 15th, which will be a much better day to plan on any activities you may want to go smoothly.

Scorpio has rulership over regeneration, taxes, wills, poisons in the air, renewal, and all manner of hidden agendas. Think not just deep waters, but the abyss — not just the underworld, but all of its devious inhabitants, not just death but the aftermath both here and in the hereafter. Deeper, darker, eerier, more unseen and unfathomable to most of us. Our secrets can be revealed, our fears brought into the light, our deepest desires exposed. A bit on the heavy side, so what about the alternatives. We can choose to harmonize with the positive Scorpio traits — renewal, transformation and rejuvenation! Think of the best that can be achieved, and believe in the deepest and most honest core of your body and mind that grand things can be possible. Yes the Full Moon is usually a challenge for us, but it can also be an opportunity to be greater and more in tune with the vibrations of the Universe if we use our moral compass to find our true pathway.

Err on the side of loving kindness, openness, and honesty. Use your utopian ideal in viewing everything and everyone around you. Issues at home — coming at a problem from two opposite viewpoints? Allow some space between honing your own opinion, and try to find just one point that you might be amenable to — work with that tiny atom of agreement, and perhaps a door will open to new conversations and opportunities. Give yourself a chance to work out any distress or disagreement with the aura of pure love, caring and possibility entering your realm. Believe in yourself and believe in the wonder of miracles!

Our usual caveats are still in place for any Full Moon — be aware of your surroundings, drive defensively, avoid anyone who seems out of control or is aching for a fight. Unplug for a while and really “feel” who and where you are in the moment. Allow yourself to go with the flow of the Universal harmony — choose to stay outside the fray. Be true to yourself and reveal how amazing your spirit truly can be. Respond to only the positive vibrations of your own true path. See how far you can go without angst, anger and fear. Feel yourself surrounded by only pure white light — protected, engulfed in the highest love. Prepare to be astounded at your abilities in drawing only good toward yourself. You are the star of your own life — make it the life you dream about — make it a life of harmony and unlimited enchantment — find your true bliss!


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