New Moon in Gemini — May 28, 2014

Our New Moon this month crests at 7 degrees of Gemini, at 1:40 PM EST (add 1 hour for DST). I love the gaiety, quirkiness and optimism of a Gemini Moon, especially the New Moon. It piques our imaginations, and it enhances our creative and inventive depths. Gemini is all about living in the moment. Be aware of Now — not later in the day, not tomorrow or next year. Of course, we cannot always live without knowing or planning for our future. However, just being — breathing — invoking the aura of this very minute and making sure you are totally present, will go a long way in increasing your awareness of all the moments in your life.

This New Moon will be especially strong for those born on or near the New Moon date (say a couple of days either way). It is a new cycle for all of us but especially those whose birth dates coincide. We must look to our charts to see what area is being highlighted with our Gemini Moon — each house has its own personal profile, and although quick moving — our New Moon will be enhancing that area of our chart. Gemini brings a lighthearted élan and a bit of whimsy to our lives. It is usually joyful, upbeat, maybe a bit flaky, but always smiling and ready to accept those they meet along the way. Their eyes sparkle as if with knowledge of a secret only they know. Mentally acute and active, they often are overwhelmed with input from every angle. Aware, alert and able to “see” the true face of those with whom they come into contact, although there is a bit of naiveté that always wants to believe the best. Awesome in their zeal with new projects, somewhat lagging in follow-through. They are our joyous companions, fun friends and sparkling family members. How sad it would be, not to have a Gemini or two (pun intended) in our lives.

Now that Mars in Libra has turned direct — so many things that have been put on hold can once again start moving forward. Our Gemini New Moon is within orb of a positive aspect to Mars so it will have a little more of a fiery spark to implement our New Moon affirmations, wishes, and desires. How lucky are we?

There will be a build up of tension because our forward moving Mars will trigger a grand square with some heavy-hitters, i.e., Jupiter, Pluto and Uranus — lasting throughout the month. This has more dire implication on a world-wide basis for conflict, however we personally may also have some intimate issues to be resolved. Just allow yourself those few moments to ponder, reflect, and breathe — before going off on a tangent of frustration and ire. You will have a better picture of the situation, when you allow yourself time to alter a knee-jerk reaction.

Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury — we know it has a lot to do with communication, transportation, siblings, writing, and education — now we add Mars to the mix and we have more energy to expel, a need to take chances, and a tendency not to think about consequences! Slow down! Carefully select your next move — Gemini rules the arms and hands, so be cognizant of any danger of injury to those appendages and with Mars along for the ride — any injury to the head area. Awareness is the key — this can be an upbeat, fun and flexible New Moon period with a little foresight.

Now to our ability to influence our own lives and the lives of our loved ones by writing out our affirmations, dreams, and wishes to put them into the ether to become manifest. We have the power in our own hands — especially with our Gemini Moon! Think carefully about what it is you want to happen in a positive manner — allow yourself to meditate about your needs and desires. After carefully perusing your agenda — sit in a quiet spot — perhaps enhance the area with some lavender essence and soft lighting — and calmly begin your list. Be clear and precise in your explanations, name names, interject plans, see colors, feel the Universal harmony singing in your soul. Bring all of your abilities to the fore and allow your spirit to guide your words. Feel the power emerging from your fingertips as you express your deepest and most heartfelt desires. Believe!

As always the best time to write out your affirmations is as close to the New Moon time of 1:40 PM EST — however, the energy is in the ether for several hours — so all afternoon and evening on the 28th will be the prime time to write your personal list. Be in the moment and have confidence that the Universe is listening and absorbing your requests. Bring the power of your innate being to enhance your own life — dig deep into the recesses of your psyche and find your true core and pathway. Feel the fission of electricity in your entire body as you write out your own truth.

Have the life you deserve, become the fulfillment of your most positive karma, believe in the magic of your own abilities. Bring all of your consciousness into being — evolve into your highest self in this lifetime. Be the epitome of the miracle that you are! Human being — spiritual, magical, and eternal. BE!


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