Jone’s Chronicles — Death is Life — January 24, 2009

This post is by Jone Victoria, please read my introduction to her teachings and life.


Yesterday, my brother called me with absolutely devastating news. My niece lost her fiancé in a tragic construction accident. My brother was distraught, his breaking heart clearly heard through the phone lines.

How do we comfort others when a life ends so unexpectedly?

Creating this website is my vehicle of communication. My goal is to share personal experiences as it relates to topics that stretch conventional thought. No one is required to blindly accept what I write, but if you pause long enough then know I have an expectation that you’ll question certain events within your own life and seek an openness that may not have existed previously.

My take on death:

The word itself feels heavy when spoken. Death suggests an ending to a quality of living. If the word “death” had been called “love” then the word love would be a dark cloak avoiding to be worn.

I have an unshakable belief that death is the dimension to a higher realm of life. I believe that death reveals the hidden meanings as to why we could not continue in the physical body. In times of loss this belief has become my life-line.

The agony of losing someone we love creates a broken fissure we feel in our heart and suffers us to question the meaning of everything we thought was solid and sure. We feel disconnected and in a state of panicked free-falling. We’ve lost our centerboard of what is fair, and the question of “Why, God?” is a mantra repeated over and over.

I believe in the Divine Plan. It doesn’t matter by what name I call it, like death. It’s only a word. The Plan is a cycle of regeneration: life, death, ascension and re-birth. It’s in everything with genetic coding: plants, animals, people — but how do you pick up the pieces and begin to heal?

Healing begins with knowing that the physical is not the sole dimension of life; that death brings a transformation of physical energy into light. A light of infusion for the heart as it fills the fissure of loss.

Honor their life.

Say their name out loud.

Hold their photo.

Tell of their accomplishments.

Celebrate their birthday.

Ask that they give you a sign that they are ok, without time limits.

Play their favorite music.

Allow family and friends to be with you and share your grief.

Healing has no time-frame. You will know your heart is healing when you open your eyes from sleep and the sinking feeling throughout your body is a nanosecond less than the previous day.

And if you have a moment, please send thoughts of healing, love and compassion.

This tragic accident was alarming enough to make the local news coverage — but how little it said of the great loss for this family — a young man in his prime cut down in such a mindless manner — his fiancé left devastated and saddened. We don’t know “The Plan” — we must in some cases accept our karma and try to move forward with whatever our pathway will bring. Jone felt the loss deeply and mourned with her family — yet she understood that this young man was on a new path. We can only endure this kind of pain, and hope that our loved ones are evolving. Jone understood that we will all meet again.


2 comments on “Jone’s Chronicles — Death is Life — January 24, 2009

  1. I lost my sister the year before last and I did a lot of the things you mentioned here. Its so important to celebrate and honour that person. I do believe their essence lives on as part of your soul and they live on in another dimension. True love is infinite, it embraces everything, it never endsl

  2. My sincere sympathy on the loss of your sister, but you have got it right — true love is forever!

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