Fond Memories of Jone Victoria

I hope you have found my new posts that will record my friend Jone Victoria’s Chronicles in her “Reclaim Your Light” writings — it has been a journey of enlightenment and transformation throughout my time with her.

Jone and I met about forty years ago at an astrology class at the areas high school — it was a pretty full classroom, and our eyes met at once and she quipped “Don’t I know you?” We both knew we hadn’t met — but I responded, “Hmm, I think it was in 3000 BC in China, wasn’t it?” She looked surprised, but smiled in her Cheshire way. We both looked forward to those classes, and our teacher — an MIT engineer who had definitely gone beyond the boundaries of the earthly laws of physics, was our mentor. After the class ended, a few of us decided that if Ben would teach us more, we could meet at my home to continue our astrological education Those nights were magical and informative, bringing knowledge, interest and friendship along the way! The classes eventually ended, yet we stayed in touch with Ben, and Jone and I remained friends until her demise. We had so many good times, family times, alone times, distressful times, funny times (she was simply the best at returning puns) I always said “Harrumph — a pun is the lowest form of humor!” And she would just laugh in her joyous way — and said “That’s OK — as long as we can laugh!” Bright, witty, deep, curious and a light in my life.

Jone’s untimely passing wouldn’t make any sense to any of her friends or family — someone so devoted to helping others, who sat with cancer patients and their families to help lessen the pain, who used her psychic gifts to alleviate the burdens of so many, who became a vegetarian long before it was trendy, who was a voracious reader, questioner and teacher. She was an astute business woman who traveled internationally, created her own line of holistic creams and lotions. She gardened organically, and became an intrinsic member of a Native American drumming group. She mentored many aspiring folks who had similar special gifts as did she. And her optimistic spirit always shone through in her quick smile, and always original ideas. NO — this simply could not be in the cards. Yet this disease was her karmic path — I never heard her bemoan her fate, no “Why me”, or “This is wrong”, just a willingness to fight the good fight, and when there seemed no way forward, an anguished acceptance at leaving her family — her most beloved and precious possession. As the end/beginning neared, she made a point of calling all those folks who were important to her to let them know that She would be alright. Her son and daughter (who was her constant companion on this journey) were by her side as she slipped away. I am sure she was aware of their presence, their love, and their fortitude in seeing her off this mortal coil. They never wavered in their commitment to her needs — physically or emotionally — they were her rock.

I remember one of her writings wherein she mentions how those who have passed over try to connect with those left behind — and one of the ways was with interfering with electricity. Especially electric lights — and one night not long after her passing, I was talking with her daughter Wendie in my kitchen — reminiscing, crying, holding on to her spirit when — suddenly, my overhead lighting fixture — a dimming unit with three separate bulbs started to go dim. First one light went out, then the next, and then the next — all of the other lights in the house burned brightly without a blink! Now that would have been quite the notice for me that she was with us — but then, the lights returned one by one in the order they went out. Wendie and I looked at each other in disbelief (well kind of) and said “Hi JV” — I have checked with those in the electrical field, and they assure me that could not have happened in that manner! Well — it did!

The hair on the back of my neck stood up as the air in the room seemed charged with energy — we both were nonplussed by this event, and Wendie soon went on her way — we both had to digest what we experienced in our own way! I, myself felt encouraged and moved by Jone’s ability to influence the environment. She had amazing powers when alive, and apparently carried them with her in death. A remarkable friend, mentor, mother, and human being. I miss her still.


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