Jone’s Chronicles — Original First Post — October 29, 2008

These posts are by Jone Victoria — you can read my introduction to her teaching and life I opened Jone’s Chronicles with her “take” on death to help explain her innate beliefs about death and the fact that she believed in our “surviving” physical demise. Now I offer you her first post when she shunned the frenetic business world and began to concentrate on her true pathway during this lifetime.


After decades of terrorizing people in the corporate world, I’ve decided to leave it all behind and begin where I started as a young adult. Teaching others to “Reclaim Their Light”. My focus is to empower others using psychic (common) sense, and relying on my stellar life experience and training. While my first plan was to have an incredible website with full flash, I quickly realized that the benefits of utilizing the New Moon’s energy was today. So it begins, baby steps, i.e., my blog. THEN the website, THEN world peace! OK — world peace is unrealistic, so I’ll start with one person at a time.

STREET CRED October 30, 2008

Street credentials are big in this business. It denotes trust, integrity and honor. I have met several excellent psychics, healers and teachers throughout the years who demonstrated remarkable abilities when they worked. If you seek to have a reading, healing, chakra alignment, or have the bones thrown to the four winds — then please, I beg you, ask the questions of your practitioner. Where did they learn their craft? Who did they study with? Do they have testimonials that you can readily access? ASK QUESTIONS. It reduces quackery and eliminates people who claim titles and degrees they do not possess. How long have they been doing their work? What resources can they name so you can research this practice or method? Are they “spiritual” when talking to you, only to cover up the mouthpiece of their phone as you hear “Shut up brats!” coming from the other end? Do they tear apart their ‘competition’ and profess to have the “real” answers for you. If yes, then run away and regroup.

Lastly, each of us have the innate ability to discern truth for ourselves. If your gut reaction to ANY practitioner gives you an uneasy feeling, listen to it and thank your inner self for working on all cylinders. First rule of psychism: your gut is never wrong.

As my site grows, I’ll be posting links to people who are highly regarded in the healing arts, along with diverse exercises you can try on your own to increase your psychic abilities.

Jone’s last line was for those who have questions about certain practitioners “street cred” and she offered her help. Always fair, always concerned, she was able to help so many throughout her lifetime.


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