June’s Planetary Activity

June will prove to be a very active month with some of our major Planets rapidly nearing the end of their reign in one sign, and in mid-July moving on to another. We are cognizant of the fact that as a Planet nears the 29th degree of a sign it appears to build up a little extra karmic energy and oomph. As if reluctant to leave the sign without giving some notice of having been there! It seems to need to show one and all that they have had command of this sign for some time — in Jupiter’s case, the sign being Cancer for a year-long stay, makes it more likely that its parting fanfare will bring emotions to the fore, perhaps happy tears, or news of a long-awaited wish coming to fruition. Mars will progress from Libra into Scorpio — its parting shot may include a renovation of your home, a beautiful wedding, or an emotional meeting or separation.

With the Sun in Gemini until the 21st. there will be a spritely and fun-loving aura in the air. However, there will be a glitch in the fact that Mercury will begin its Retrograde Mode on June 7th at 3 degrees of Cancer, and won’t end until July 1st at 24 degrees of Gemini. There will understandably be a few bumps in the road throughout our month of June whilst we deal with Mercury’s quixotic and capricious profile. Communication, transportation, writing, news, and contracts are all under Mercury’s realm — so a little awareness will go a long way in helping to prevent any unexpected difficulties manifesting. Check your car, oil, tires, etc., if you have travel plans be sure to double-check that you are correct on flight or train times, and be sure you have everything packed that you will need. Express exactly what you mean in any correspondence or verbal communication, if signing a contract be sure all the t’s are crossed and all of the i’s dotted. Err on the side of being cautious and you will help to prevent any angst over any unexpected turn of events. On a positive note — during an Rx Mercury transit, we often get a do-over with things that might have gone awry earlier — so if you need to correct or renew a past error, transgression, renovation or delayed travel plans — now might be the time to work on fixing those things.

Now we also throw another curve ball into the Retrograde mix with our Planet of illusion, secrets, and mysticism also joining the group — Neptune will turn Retrograde on June 9th in its own sign Pisces at 7 degrees. Depending on your sensitivity to this Planet and/or sign, you may find yourself in flux — a bit scattered and not using your best intentions or mental acuity. Just try to be aware that you may not be thinking as clearly as usual, and try to keep an eye on those everyday tasks we all do without really thinking about. You may find that there is a bit of forgetfulness and your daily schedule will suffer when certain jobs aren’t performed up to par or on time. Try to see this Universal capriciousness as if a naughty sprite were messing with your “head”, and you are in thrall. Try to be flexible and forgiving of yourself and others when the usually competent flow of daily business has a few setbacks. Those few days around the Planet turning Retrograde will be the most onerous — awareness is the key to smoothing out any rough edges, and a sense of humor can work well also.

Our Full Moon this month will be in the sign Sagittarius at 22 degrees of the sign on the 12th, stirring up controversy and perhaps a desire to get away from the daily stressors. A weekend trip or a few days away will help to restore one’s equanimity and will physically and mentally be refreshing. If you can’t get away — set some time apart for yourself to just “be” — tune out for a while and breathe in the vibrancy of the Universal ether — play your favorite music, dance by yourself, allow yourself a special treat. Be good to you!

The New Moon will crest in Cancer at 5 degrees of the sign on the 27th of the month — our emotions will be high, and we will want to connect with our loved ones. It might be a good time to attend a family reunion, wedding, or other festivity wherein all will be in good spirits. Children may be at the forefront of your mind because of a special trip or a long-awaited milestone — graduation, empty-nest, or a new addition to the family. You will have a window on what the meaning of our lives here are all about — connections with others, evolving into a higher and more empathetic human, and offering our knowledge and help to our fellow-man. We will begin to “see” our true pathway and the legacy we will eventually leave behind. Take a moment to feel the substance and importance of your life. How would things be different if you were not ever to have lived? Believe in your place in the Sun — and experience the joy of your being.

The latter part of this month is mellow and will bring us some gratification that we are doing our job — we are being appreciated, and we are important. Bask in the knowledge that you are exactly where you should be at this moment in time. Be in this moment and be thankful for all the moments in your life. Live, Love, Laugh! And if it is appropriate — laugh out loud! Enjoy this life you have — appreciate your being — give thanks for all the love you have garnered throughout your time here. You are unique and irreplaceable — what more can we ask but that we are allowed to flourish on this small blue Planet called Earth — Peace!


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