Retrograde Mercury Reminder — June 7th to July 1st 2014

We are in for another round of minor annoyances and unpredictable delays with Mercury in Rx mode for most of this month. Starting at 3 degrees of Cancer on the 7th, and ending at 24 degrees of Gemini on July 1st. If you are going to be entertaining or making vacation plans for the 4th of July holiday — remember to double check all of your arrangements. There will be hiccups along the road — whether because of human error or Mother Nature throwing a few roadblocks with unseasonable weather at us.

This particular period will have the most impact on those born early in the sign Cancer (June 20th – 23rd), and those Gemini folks born (June 14th – 20th). But we must remember we all have these signs in our Zodiac charts, and we should look to that area to see what impact this Mercury aspect might engender. The sign Gemini is whimsical and sprightly and may involve parties, get-togethers or reunions. Make sure you have the times and dates correct — otherwise you may show up a day late or at the wrong place! The sign Cancer rules women’s issues, water, emotions, and family. So beware of swimming in areas with no lifeguards or safety measures being honored — be aware that you may be a little more sensitive to others, and let go of any familial angst if attending parties with extended family members. Try to keep a positive outlook and before hurling any negative verbiage at an old rival or adversary — breathe in and count to 10 or 100 if necessary to get by that moment of irritation. Smile — it will make folks wonder what you know or what you are up to — and can defuse a tense situation.

It really just takes a little common-sense to avoid most of the issues we know are impacted by Rx Mercury — communication, transportation, contracts, hasty actions and mental acuteness. Slowing down can help, as will being hyper-aware of all the details involved in your schedules and the tasks at hand.

I find that the most onerous times are when the Planet is slowing to begin its Retrograde motion — so prior to the 7th there might be more delays, more ineptitude on someone’s part and just a period of missing the point. Also, as it begins its forward motion on the 1st of July — you might find another spate of bothersome issues, as Mercury begins to speed up after its ponderous backward movement. However, on the bright side — we often get to resolve issues that have been sidetracked earlier in the year. For some magical reason — the Galaxy seems to smile as it helps us correct those exasperating times that ended unsuccessfully. Rein in your frustration and ire about any petty problems that arise and put your thinking cap on! There is an answer to all of our daily concerns that can be resolved with a little logical thought.

Be determined to get through this Rx Mercury period with élan and grace — rise above any trivial difficulty, and you will be stronger and more in control throughout this time span. Rise to the occasion and be the hero/heroine you know you can be. Believe in yourself — Peace!


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