Full Moon in Sagittarius — June 12, 2014

A Sagittarius Full Moon will bring lots of frenetic activity to our realm — our Full Moon crests at 22 degrees of this fiery sign, at 11:12 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Opposite our Gemini Sun this Full Moon has energy to spare and we may find our thinking caps are askew! We might just want to have fun, and not think about how our actions will have consequences that we will have to face up to in the morning! So if you are out and about in the late evening hours of the 22nd, try to keep a steady and even mindset wherever you find yourself. Stay out of the way of any who seem out of control or are looking for confrontation.

We can use this Fire/Air combination to have fun, enjoy a social and friendly night out, and we can let our hair down! Make sure you are drawing only positive energy towards yourself and your friends wherever you are and look out for each other — is someone a bit tipsy or getting argumentative — you can be the friend who can defuse any ire and make sure everyone will get home safely by calling a taxi for anyone who is impaired. Common-sense folks goes a long way to insuring that a joyous celebratory night doesn’t end badly.

Sagittarius folks always seem up for a good time, and welcome any adventure — under the foment of a Full Moon they may throw caution to the wind to help celebrate a friends good luck, birthday, or new job. Those whose birthdates are around mid-December may be most influenced. Indeed, have a good time, celebrate and be of good cheer, but keep your wits about you — sometimes easier said than done. The Moon does go void of course after the Full Moon crests — and on the 13th when the Moon enters staid Capricorn at 12:05 PM EST, things will become more calm and will have quieted down.

Use the Full Moon energies to enhance your life, add zest to your realm — always maintaining your innate moral compass. The 24 hours ahead of the Full Moon are usually the most intense — just being aware that this aspect is stirring up our usual complacency will go far in allowing you to stay on course. We should all use the daily variants of the Universal flow to help us work toward our highest goals. We can all use the vibrancy and oomph of the Galaxy to our best advantage if we are tuned in to the magic of the harmony that surrounds us. Allow yourself to feel the vibrations both positive and negative — and make your choice to go with the loving and empathetic forces that are within your realm. Choose to be your best self now — and your future will take care of itself. Believe in loving kindness — believe in your heart and soul that there is a plan. Allow the stars to show you the way — draw positive energy into your being — and find your bliss. Peace!


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