Summer Solstice — June 21, 2014

At 5:52 AM EST (add 1 hour for DST) on June 21st, the Sun moves into the sign Cancer awakening the ethereal energy of our Summer season here in the New England area. Solstice — the word elicits a feeling of timelessness, of standing still and sensing our surroundings. It seems to engender a calmness within us, a moment of ancient time that we can hold on to year after year, century after century. Solstice — a mere flicker in the massive celestial timespan of Earth’s existence. The Sun briefly hesitating in its journey for that nanosecond of reflection, giving us our longest day here in the Northeast — a breathless magical moment of suspension that will open the season of warmth and affability. Indeed — our Summer Solstice brings us the hot and dazzling weather we have been looking forward to for months. Having survived the harsh Winter storms, the wet and windy Spring weather, we breathlessly await the return of our short Summertime. Now we can begin to enjoy the friendly, loving, happy, and karmic reunions with kith and kin.

We barbeque, grill, picnic, sit by the pool, lake or ocean with loved ones, to celebrate holidays, catch up with those from far away, and attend parties, weddings, and reunions. How good is life? We affirm our connections with the Earth, our loved ones, and ourselves during these lazy days of Summer. We celebrate life!

Solstice — engendering a time of wonderment, fantasy, magic and invocations — appealing to the Universe to bless us with the gentle kiss of a bountiful harvest, of brotherly love — allowing us to believe in the goodness and evolution of mankind. We journey here but for a short time — for many just one revolution of Uranus’ orbit spanning our charts through each of the houses — 84 years to complete all of our goals during this lifetime’s pathway. Many get less time — some much more — still — we complete our personal voyage as we must. And as the Earth turns, our days begin to shorten and the pattern returns again and again. Like a carousel we go round and round on our yearly quests, urged on by what each new season brings to us.

But — Solstices — give us time to capture the silence of our souls — to reflect on the validity of our existence and the beauty of each and every one of us. We suspend our cynicism, our anger and our bitterness to forgive and be forgiven. We bond with the harmony of the Earth’s cadence in our dance with life. We begin to understand our place in the World, the Galaxy and the Universe — nothing we do is unimportant — it all has meaning. Blend with the music and rhythm of the ethereal mists of time. Sway to the sounds of the natural order; waves crashing ashore, wind in the trees, rain on a window — smell the fecund earthiness of the flora and fauna that surrounds you — awaken your spirit with the beauty and timelessness of now!

We can create, build, construct so much of our lives — yet we are still guided and formed by the forces that Mother Nature bestows upon us. We cannot build an igloo on the equator in the tropical mists — or sit outside enjoying the weather at the north pole in mid-winter. Yet we endure in spite of the environment that surrounds our homes. Harsh, arid, bitter-cold, stormy, flooded, snow-covered, humid, tropical, wet or wild — we humans exist because we have the fortitude and creativity to endure. We suffer, rebuild, and overcome adversity with the determination, zeal, and will to survive. Our ancestors brought us to this evolutionary milestone — now we must decide whether we are to continue to grow in wisdom, create in beauty, or descend into the agonies of war and destruction. It is our choice — our karma — our lives at stake here and now. I choose peace and prosperity — loving kindness — harmony and celestial blessings for all mankind. My spirit cries out for all that is good in this world to continue and flourish. Allow this Summer Solstice to awaken your innocent inner-child, your highest ideals, and your purest spirit. Peace!


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