New Moon in Cancer — June 27, 2014

Our New Moon is cresting at 3:09 AM EST (add on hour for DST) in its own sign of Cancer at 5 degrees. The Moon — ruling our emotions and all things feminine is at home and comfortable in Cancer — bringing family, loved ones, and children into focus. We can envelop our closest and dearest in our loving embrace throughout this transit of the Moon. We should be made aware that our existence here and now is because of the urge to care for, nurture and raise our young, the most vulnerable and neediest of our species. The sign Cancer evokes all manner of motherliness, the ability to inspire, reassure and encourage all those under their care. Our emotional attachment to our Mothers is all encompassing as newborns — we are bonded with the most soul-enriching contact of our lives.

I believe in many ways we choose our families and our existence here on Earth long before we are born. Our lives are filled with Karmic and ancient ties to our species, our families and our friends. We have danced this dance before, we have evolved, and we return to further our growth and enlightenment. There are no mistakes in who we are and where we are when born — we are with those who will lovingly inspire and urge us to be our best selves throughout our time here. Of course, most of us are also here to encourage and mentor others with our own wisdom. Just as we have been tutored before — we bring our past knowledge, understanding and acumen with us to use to better our own lives and the lives of those we come into contact with every day. It may be a lifetime commitment, a brief encounter with a stranger, or a contentious exchange with friend or foe. Still — we are always showing others how to live. What is the example that you are showing? Is your life one of giving, caring and love — or one of anger, jealousy and envy? Don’t we all want to be better, more loving and aware? This is your life folks — don’t you want to make it the best it can be — to have the most intense and loving relationships, the kindest most respectful interplay with all you meet along the way? Now is the time to draw toward you those who have your best interests at heart. Garner all of the love, respect and bounty that is your due — don’t settle for less! Enjoy your time here on Earth — it is such a short timespan that we have to make our mark — to embrace all that being human means. Open your heart, mind and spirit to the beauty and abundance of what life here on Earth can bring.

We are still in the throes of Rx Mercury (now in Gemini) until the 1st of July, and this will probably have us in a quandary about why things seem to be going awry. It’s time to just breathe when you are faced with a myriad of little annoyances, and try to see the humor in all of them. I, myself had one of those mornings when everything seemed out of control — my email wasn’t working, I ran out of a few necessities (so frustrating) and when I went to shower, the shower curtain rod came crashing down — I could have cried — instead — realizing that somehow I was being guided to slow down — and although quite perturbed — I had to laugh, make the best of it and move forward. Even now I can “feel” my frustration that day! But, like all things — it too has passed. Rx Mercury is still having sway over day-to-day activities and I often have to remind myself to just go with the flow. There is a Mars in Libra opposition to Uranus in Aries on the 25th — we should all be aware of any negative activity near us and be proactive in driving defensively, Mars can create danger, and Uranus will exploit the unexpected — be mindful and alert to any danger. Especially those involved in construction, flammables, or explosive devices — must use all of their consciousness to avoid accidents.

Now to a more positive and optimistic outloook — our New Moon affirmations, dreams, wishes and goals. With the sign Cancer ruling the roost this month — we should concentrate on those things under the realm of this sign. Of course emotions, empathy, and caring are all things we should aspire to have. Also on a more mundane level, we might be looking for a new home or selling an old one — keep emotions under control to help handle any unforeseen glitches, you may want to connect to loved ones from afar, your self-esteem might need an upgrade so you will feel more in control and respected, all of these can be yours. Meditate on just what you want to occur in your life, envision it as if it already has happened — try to imagine how you will feel when your wish comes true — immerse yourself in the moment and make it real. Write out all of your affirmations, dreams and wishes all day and night of the 27th — keep your mind focused on each wish you are writing — concentrate your inner spirit and power to help to magically manifest these desires. Allow them to flow freely into the ether — where the Universal forces will enhance them to make them come true.

We all have the power of love at our fingertips — we must share our kindness and caring, we must evolve ever higher to new planes of existence. We are all on a journey here on Earth to learn, teach, comfort, encourage, and nurture one another. Let your most loving spirit bring forth your truest light. Allow yourself to shine like a beacon of hope to others less fortunate. Embrace the whole of Mother Nature’s realm here on Earth and protect, defend and guard all that is blessed and sacred. We are honored to be in this place here and now — our duty is to maintain and cherish all that is decent, respectable and honest, that life has to offer. Peace!

I have a last minute request for one and all — my grandson Zachary was involved in a serious automobile accident and will have to face many months of recovery — please keep him in your thoughts and prayers — thank you, Nancy


6 comments on “New Moon in Cancer — June 27, 2014

  1. Susie says:

    Prayers for your Grandson, so sorry this happened to him.

  2. JBGal says:

    Prayers and thank you for this wonderful post.

  3. anne says:

    Prayers & light sent for Zac.

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