Jone’s Mission Statement –Reclaim Your Light

Reclaim Your Light — A Post by Jone Victoria
Posted November 6, 2008

You Are Light

When born you were filled with Universal Light and upon the first verbal sounds that uttered from your baby lips the Light was within you. The connection of this Light can be seen through the eyes or sensed in the auric field. It defines the “awake” people from the walking soul-wounded.

When my daughter Wendie was born it took two weeks for this Light to emanate from her eyes, I walked into the nursery and there it was a brilliant yellow white light shining from her eyes. Her personality was jump started; rebooted. She was connected to the Light. When my son was born the Light was instantaneous like a laser beam. I always wondered why the difference between my two children? Was my daughter’s higher consciousness weighing the values to stay or go from this earth plane? Was she thinking, “Oh, No! Not this blue planet AGAIN!” This profound discovery of what I had experienced left me in awe for years.

There are those who are awake and those who are not. We see the non-awake people in the shopping centers, work, in our own circle of family and friends. We see it in the faces of alcoholics, drug addicts, abused children and women who have been the victims of domestic violence. Fractured. Has the Light been stolen by someone else, or is it hiding, waiting to be reactivated as it was at their moment of birth?

This is one reason why I created this site. I wanted to identify and help people find their Light again. I wanted them to know that it’s possible to Reclaim Your Light.

Are you feeling there is a void in your life? As if your flame has been extinguished? As if you are slogging to pull yourself through each day?

First get yourself a good physical check up with a Doctor you can trust. Follow the advice and give it due course.

Still feeling the same? Then explore a wide variety of complementary and alternative therapies in journeying, sound therapy, Soul-Retrieval, energy work. Be educated. Google, read, talk with your confidants, join groups. Use verbs! Take action! Heck, read my blog!

Being awake with Light sustains the creative process and allows you to fulfill your authentic mission for being on this planet and why you are here. It’s a responsibility to yourself to find the Light if you’ve lost it, and to use the Light once you have it.

Note: As you can see, Jone was passionate about those who have lost their Light. She helped many reclaim their light through her abilities as psychic, seer, reiki master, and caring human being. Her abilities were amazing to we lesser folk — yet she felt we all had the ability to connect to our core with our own insight. Her mission was always to help, to heal, and to raise others to a higher plane.


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