New Moon Reminder — June 27, 2014

The New Moon in Cancer cresting at 3:09 AM EST at 5 degrees of Cancer, will pique our nurturing and caring instincts about all those for whom we love and care. Our interests and those of our loved ones are intimately entwined during our lifetimes here. From our first bonding encounter with our parents, siblings and other family members — our lives are a part of a larger whole. We learn what is expected of us within the realm of our family dynamic, who we can trust, and who truly loves us and has our best interests at heart.

Our daily interplay from our earliest baby steps to our dotage is immersed within our family’s ethics and traditions. We are raised among those who have chosen to bring us into this world, and they have taken on the responsibility to cherish and care for us throughout our lives. Our parents learned from their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, elders. They followed the rules and traditions of their tribe, clan, group — they learned from those ancestors who struggled and toiled to make sure that we would have a strong and moral base on which to live a good life.

We in turn replay these scenes that have become the foundation of truth, responsibility, caring and love that we live by today. We sacrifice some of our dreams to allow our offspring to flourish with a better education, more of the good things in life, and we do it with no thought of recompense. Still, in the light of all that is good about these relationships, there is that feeling of duty and obligation to our families that we honor. As our parents age, we take note of their diminishing abilities, and our concern allows us to help them without impinging on their individuality and personal space.

In a perfect world — our relationship with our nearest and dearest would be one of balance between giving and receiving. Yet this often cannot be the case, in today’s world there is often great distance physically between parent and child that keeps a certain detachment and makes interplay difficult. Still, how many of us carry our parents, children, siblings in our hearts every day. We cannot separate ourselves from our first human encounters so easily — we are in an emotional embrace that cannot be broken, that is a forever attachment.

So — with the New Moon energy cresting in the sign Cancer — our thoughts may go to our families, our children, and all of our loved ones. Create your wish list with love — use this moment in time to enhance familial relations — bring those who might be estranged back into the fold. Allow yourself to forgive and be forgiven — open your heart in order to see that everyone is trying their best — we do fail, we make mistakes, and we atone — still, we love with all of our heart and soul. We are mere humans — fragile, needy, flawed, strong, loving, devoted, selfless and immortal.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable to loving kindness — raise yourself to the highest realm of humanity. You can reach the epitome of what it means to be a human being — Peace!

I want to thank everyone who sent prayers and good thoughts to my grandson Zachary — he is on the road to a full recovery — and I know that every prayer helped. Bless you one and all.


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