Jupiter enters Leo — July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015

Jupiter our jolly giant and Planet of expansion will leave the sign Caner and move into the sign Leo on July 16th, 2014 at 5:31 AM EST (add one hour for DST). Moving from a water sign that encompasses feminine issues, familial obligations and domesticity, and going into a fire sign that rules big business, social advancement and those in authority will create a huge need for adjustment. Jupiter will be a bit happier in Fiery Leo than it was in the Water sign Cancer, however there will be a period of refinement needed as we attempt to live with this new placement of the massive dynamism of Jupiter.

We all enjoy the idea of the “lucky” Planet going into our sign — it gives us the hope of improvement, of growth and development within our realm. Those Cancer folks who didn’t find the bounty of Jupiter in their sign to be the panacea of largesse that they expected may find there is still a chance with Jupiter in Leo because we often have planets in the sign following our Sun sign — and Jupiter in Leo will encounter those placements. So be of good cheer and keep only positive thoughts for your future well-being and forward motion. Much of the “Luck” we feel we have had has been because of our own positive thoughts, our hard work, and our optimism in drawing toward us the best that life has to offer. And, of course, some of those brilliant strokes of luck that come out of the blue can be generated by a positive happenstance in our stars! We can always have hope — but we must mix it with common-sense and our own work ethic.

Jupiter in Leo will truly expand our minds with thoughts of rising up the social scale, becoming grander and reaching our loftiest goals. Our egos may expand (possibly without substance) and could find us feeling let down because we are not being acknowledged in the way that we feel we should be. We all must remember to keep a clear head and sound mind in all of our actions to avoid becoming too full of ourselves as this transit moves through the year ahead. A both feet-on-the-ground approach will be the best way to handle any over-reaching of Jupiter in Leo’s inflated ideas of our being the best, the smartest or the most important folks around.

All that said, we love Jupiter in Leo — it will be fiery, exciting, expansive, bringing a fun-loving, joyous and upbeat feeling to all of us — look to your chart and find where Leo lives — it will be this area that will be most impacted by Jupiter’s bounty and abundance. Work with the positive vibes of Jupiter in Leo in order to refine your lifestyle in the manner to which you wish to become accustomed. Jupiter in Leo can give us that boost of confidence to take a chance, however, it will be best not to throw caution to the wind. Give yourself the time to ponder on the positive and negative aspects of any project you wish to get off the ground. We must also be aware of thinking that we have all the answers. Jupiter can instill confidence, but also a false sense of grandeur and one can become overbearing if there isn’t the foundation to back up your ego or over-confidence.

Also — Jupiter has reign over the law, religion, court systems, higher education, and our moral quotient. There may be those so inspired by Jupiter’s enthusiasm that they overstep their normal boundaries, and become boastful, fanatic in religion or politics, and start to feel superior to others. Do not let your good feelings or newly acquired knowledge turn you into a buffoon full of hot air, conceit and vanity. Under Jupiter empowered by Leo’s ego and its need for acceptance, there is the possibility of going to the dark-side of the realm. Just be aware of your own needs and basic wants, and only move forward when the opportunity is at the right place and the right time. Too much, too soon is as negative as having too little. Like Goldilocks in the “Three Bears” it has to be just right before you move on!

But let’s look at the positive side of Jupiter in Leo — Leo being ruler of the 5th house of the Zodiac has lots to do with children — perhaps an addition to your family, or a child doing well in his/her career — also the 5th house has reign over speculation, gambling, creativity, and romantic encounters. Now we must use this bounty of Jupiter in the most positive manner. A new project could come to fruition if your timing is right, you might find that your talent has become a source of income, and you might meet that special someone through friends, at a fund raiser, or attending an art show or gala. Jupiter opens doors, and opportunities will abound, but as always — we must use our common-sense to be sure that they are as they appear — we can go off on a tangent with over-confidence. Jupiter will be in good aspect to Uranus (Planet of the unexpected and unusual) several times — once in late September, then again in March and June of 2015! Try to work with the magical forces that are propelling you forward. We all love the Jupiter vibrations that pique our imaginations, our psyches, and our creativity. Make your plans now for the next year ahead to grow your ideas into reality. Jupiter is in Leo to help you understand and appreciate all of the talents and wisdom within. Take Jupiter in Leo to heart and believe in its abundance. We will be able to “see” the bright side of life with the help of Jupiter in Leo — using our innate wisdom and highest ideals, we will be more informed, better equipped to move forward on our pathway, and we will have garnered good-will from those with whom we have come into contact during this transit of Jupiter. Believe in your ability to enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones with the positive energy of Jupiter in Leo and you will reign supreme!

How will Jupiter in Leo affect each of the houses in our charts? Let’s pursue a few ideas about this positive and expansive Planet’s unique way of influencing each of the Zodiac Houses…

Jupiter in Leo in the First House — How lucky are you to have Jupiter moving through your 1st House of hopes and wishes, leadership and your outward appearance. Jupiter will expand your ideas of what you truly want — it will broaden your mind’s eye to the wonder of all the opportunities you have at your fingertips. We sometimes don’t see what is right under our noses — the benefits that are in our own neighborhood, our work places and our homes. Open your heart and mind to imagine where you want to be by the end of this Jupiter transit in Leo and start to make your plans accordingly. Are you in a dead-end job, relationship, or rut? What can you do to move forward to better your life right now? Jupiter will be bringing opportunity and new prospects for you to ponder. Need a new look, a better attitude, more money — the largesse of Jupiter can bring all of these into your realm. Most of us are perceived through our ascendant, now might be the time for a makeover, a sprucing up, or a serious revamping of our outward appearance. Have you lost/or gained weight lately? Now might be the time to tune up your own personal “look”. If you have been feeling frumpy or just worn out — Jupiter will enable you to refurbish your style, fashion and panache! You must do the groundwork however — it is your own resourcefulness and ingenuity that will enhance your chances for success. You might be surprised by the attention your new look is getting — it might be the start of something wonderful. Awareness is the key for you to personally achieve your goals — the opportunities will present themselves throughout this transit, being ready and able to take advantage of them is your responsibility. On the down side of Jupiter in the first house is when it traverses your ascendant, you may find it difficult to maintain a stable weight — too much food, drink and good times may impact your ability to remain fit. Just be faithful to your health and fitness routines — use moderation in living La dolce vita and all will be well. Jupiter in the first house is a bonus — your star is rising, make the most of this banner year ahead.

Jupiter in Leo in the Second House — This could be a monumental year for all you folks with Jupiter transiting your 2nd house. The second house rules our money and how we use it. This house also rules the way we budget, spend and channel our resources. It can be an exciting and profitable year ahead with Jupiter in your corner. You might find a new source of income, you may be able to enhance the value of your business, and you could be lucky in any real-estate dealings. You also may be in for some monies or property from a loved one’s estate — just be sure to get honest financial advice on any activity that might come your way. We all work hard for our income in order to support our families — and using it wisely, meeting our obligations, and helping ourselves and our loved ones is paramount. You can reach your financial goals this year using the generosity of Jupiter in Leo. The Leo signature is one of style, elegance and opulence — so our only caveat here is not to spend too lavishly — keep your rainy-day funds in a safe place — make sure you are properly funding any pension or 401K plan you might have, and mete out any extras with some common-sense and practicality. A little foresight will go a long way in allowing you to reach your lofty goals, with a tidy sum in your bank account. You can go on that longed for cruise or vacation, of course, but be fiscally responsible — perhaps a “round-the-world-tour” isn’t in your budget — but a Caribbean cruise will fill the bill. You might even find that special someone who will be in your life for years to come. Enjoy within your means, and Jupiter will reward you with money to spare. Don’t fall for any “Get rich quick” schemes — it’s really not your style — be precise in choosing what to do with your income, and make the best decisions for now and for your future. The world is your oyster — if you follow sensible guidelines. You can end this year of Jupiter in Leo with more money, more assets, and more confidence in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Jupiter in Leo in the Third House — Jupiter in the 3rd house will give us opportunities close to home, will help to better our education, bring us closer to siblings and may allow us a short sojourn to revitalize our persona. Community, communication, and commitment are all going to be stimulated while Jupiter is ensconced herein. We may find ourselves involved in some neighborhood or school projects that will enhance our area. You might want to continue with your education by taking on-line courses in your favorite subject or perhaps you want to pursue a talent that has been dormant while you attended to children or an elderly parent. Now is your time to fly! Prospects will abound and you might have trouble choosing just one area to pursue. Tap into the deepest recesses of your psyche to find your bliss — ready yourself for doors to be opened and an easy path readied for you to follow. Preparation is key in being able to use whatever Jupiter bestows. Keep your mind open to the new, unusual, and unpredictable — you might find a true companion just around the corner. There are so many ways for Jupiter to manifest in the 3rd house, you may find that you are an empty-nester, an elderly parent might need extra help, you may find you need to earn extra income, or you finally finish that long-awaited educational goal you’ve been working toward. This can be a year of multiple successes for those who are aware and in tune with their karmic pathway. You also may find that you are asked to speak at some public function or will be asked to write an article on a subject you are knowledgeable about or proficient in doing. Open your mind to any and all requests, pursuits, and invitations you receive. Broaden your list of acquaintances and friends. People will be willing to go that extra mile for you during Jupiter’s reign here. Brush off any old and tired habits you have and prepare to extend your knowledge and abilities. Allow yourself this time-span to follow your dreams — the happier you are, the happier your loved ones. Be emboldened by knowing that you have abilities and talents that others do not. Your quest is able to be reached — believe in yourself and you will be astounded by your “luck” at the end of this Jupiter year!

Jupiter in Leo in the Fourth House — In the Forth House we deal with our foundations, restoring and rebuilding any fragile relationships, family ties, and also actual physical foundations — our education, our home site and any issues that are long term might be able to be solved during Jupiter’s passage here. You may be renovating your home, returning to school, or looking for a job now that your children are grown and out of the house, or a parent has crossed over, allowing you to now have more “me” time. It can be a time of renewal and optimism — using all of the knowledge you have garnered throughout your days on Earth. Young or old — it is your experience and intuitive sense that will pique you to move forward. Real estate issues may be in the fore — and you might have a decision to fix up or sell a home or cottage. Your attachment to your home will be tethered by many memories of happy times gone past. The physical necessity to sell, move or restore will probably be difficult because of the “life” that was lived in that abode. Realize that Jupiter is bringing you to a better way of life. Shaking off even some good memories and times is often heartbreaking, but necessary to be able to move forward on your karmic pathway throughout this life-span. Be emboldened and look to the positive and wonderful changes that this move or restructuring might bring. Also — some might find their jobs have moved to another area, and are in a quandary about whether to move on or stay and find a new method of earning a living. With Jupiter’s help there will be opportunities as long as you don’t hide your light under a bushel. Show people what you have to offer, don’t downplay your experience and craftsmanship. Open your eyes to the various possibilities you have — choose carefully those that best fit your own ideas of purpose, enjoyment, and satisfaction. You also may find yourself helping a family member to move ahead — this will be a year of building on what you already have and know. Use this year ahead to build a firm foundation for all that you want to accomplish. You also may have to end some long-term relationships that are detrimental to your own best interests. Be optimistic and hopeful, and by the end of this Jupiter transit in Leo — your life will be on a firmer base, you will have found a niche for your talents, and life is good!

Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House
— This house is Leo’s natural Zodiacal placement — it is at home here and you will find many avenues to pursue in your forward movement to your goals. Your imagination will be stimulated by Jupiter’s promise here, and you can be catapulted into the limelight if your stars align! This house rules speculation, romance, children, your own agenda and helping loved ones. This house is a house of the promises you’ve made to yourself and others. It can be a banner year for you if you are aware and in tune with your own karmic path — if you have been ignoring roadblocks, upsets, and limitations, perhaps the Galaxy is trying to tell you to restructure your past behaviors. Have you been taking too many chances with money, allowed relationships to waver and wane? Now is the time to take responsibility for your own actions, repair any wrongs you may have had a hand in, get a firm hold of your finances to improve your bottom line, fix those relationships that are important to you now! This may be the year to change all of your negative and self-indulgent habits. Stop smoking, gambling, spending above your income, blaming others for your own mistakes. It is time for you to dig deep into the recesses of your psyche to find your true mission here on Earth. You have talents galore — friends aplenty — and opportunities will abound. But you must clean up your act to be able to take advantage of any and all those new adventures and experiences that await you. Been slogging along without much in the way of reward? Your year is here — be prepared to amaze yourself and your loved ones with your ability to rise above the crowd and become the “you” that you know in your heart-of-hearts you can be. Your dogged determination throughout your lifetime here will pay off — you must gather all of your wisdom and be ready to seize the day! Be that person who will reap the bounty of Jupiter in Leo to enhance your lifestyle, start to live the life you choose, and share your good fortune with your loved ones. This year can be a pivotal year for you — and you will breathe easier when you have found your true bliss!

Jupiter in Leo in the Sixth House — Our sixth house will be blessed my many advantages with Jupiter holding court herein. The sixth house has sway over our health, our daily work, our pets, our dependents, our co-workers, our interactions with health professionals, and our fitness routines. It’s all about “you” — Jupiter will bring a certain protection against illness, and will try to make us aware of what we need to do to keep ourselves healthy and fit. With Leo reigning in this area we will be made more aware of our outward appearance and our need to improve our stamina, activity, and all-round physical well-being. Have you been ignoring a health warning — any pain, swelling, confusion, dizziness, vision issue, etc. Do not ignore any signals that your body is giving you to make you aware that there may be a health problem. Have your physical check-up and be honest with your Doctors — don’t try to “tough it out” — take care of your body and it will take care of you. Burning the candle at both ends — always tired, no stamina, cranky, out of sorts — have that annual check-up now! Listen to your body, your mind and your spirit — they are your lifeline to staying well and having the energy and oomph to live your life fully! Now — that said, listening to what Jupiter in Leo is saying to you will enhance your chances for a very good year. We all know you can’t take care of others if you, yourself aren’t in top physical shape. Be sure to attend to your own health, and then you will be able to work, care for, or help those under your roof. You may get a new pet this year, or an elderly pet may need extra assistance. Loving others is our reason for being in many ways. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to the vagaries of life and opening our hearts will bring us to our eventual karmic goal. We are not here alone, and our interplay with our loved ones, our pets, even our co-workers is integral in bringing us to our own fulfillment. Maintain your individuality but integrate your life with the lives of those nearest and dearest. We have a symbiotic need to engage with our fellow men. If you are looking for a new job, this year could bring you into an area you never imagined, but find fulfilling and captivating. Keep an open mind and listen with your heart to offers or ideas others bring to you. Being of service to others brings a positive and rewarding payback into your realm. You might never have thought “Wow, I can do this” — and your future will be assured. The power of Jupiter in Leo is boundless — tap into the emanations around you and this year will bring you to your forever future.

Jupiter in Leo in the Seventh House — This is such an important house for all of us in that it covers partners of every ilk — business, marriage, companions, duos of every sort. Often we can see the kind of person we will be able to work with effectively by checking in on what other aspects or oppositions might impact the 7th house ruler. When Jupiter in Leo transits this house we have a plethora of new and possibly exciting options brought before us. Indeed, with Jupiter’s penchant for expansion, we may have more than just one worthy suitor, many earnest business partners from whom we will have to choose, or fun-loving companions each with a slightly different appeal. It can be too much of a good thing — and depending on the Planetary aspects that can modify or alter a Planet or Light that lives in this house, we will have to make decisions on which will be the best for us to choose. Our public persona is also going to be highlighted here and we might find ourselves in the public eye at some time during Jupiter’s transit of this house. Social standing is usually found in the 10th house, however, these two can work in concert to create our whole social profile. This house is opposite our ascendant (first house) — and we are often perceived through the sign of our 1st house cusp. If our chart is without intercepted houses, and our 7th house is Leo, then our ascendant will be Aquarius — so our usually royal and elegant Lion might be viewed by some as a bit quirky, pushing the envelope, and on the cutting edge. The complexities of one’s chart are boundless. If benevolent Jupiter is transiting your 7th house you may be making some big decisions in your life during its reign here — marriage might be on the agenda (or at least the consideration of living with or bonding with another), a partnership in a business setting could also be in play and you will have to decide on the most compatible contender. And you may be in for the time of your life when invited to join a group that you have been vying for — a country club, an elite business association, or you might be picked to be the choice for a town or city political office. All within the realm of our generous Jupiter. Be open and aware of all offers on the table, and peruse each new opportunity with dogged interest. Be sure to know all of the ramifications of each and every proposal and cherry-pick only those that will help you to move forward to fulfill your karmic pathway. This can be an exciting and eventful year ahead for you with positive changes in your lifestyle, your environment, and your personal agenda. Use all of your abilities to bring forth the highest and most moral of companions and business partners, and you will find at the end of Jupiter’s transit here that your life is on the fast track to success and happiness for you and all of your loved ones. Rise to the occasion and bring your “A”game to the fore and you will be in the winner’s circle of life, fulfilling your lifetime dreams.

Jupiter in the Eighth House — The Eighth House is such a karmic area that we often don’t want to address — it rules death and taxes, estates, other’s monies, regeneration, rebirth, jointly held accounts, and hidden agendas. Jupiter in Leo will highlight all of the above depending on your personal Chart makeup. It will certainly begin to make you think about your lifetime here, your mortality, and any financial dealings you might have with others, and any estate matters that may be pending. Jupiter will bring attention to any secrets or shady dealings that are ongoing and will help to clear the air and allow you to see the truth. Also Jupiter can often bring a windfall of monies from others, a keepsake from a loved one, or make you aware that your financial house is not in order. From the mundane to the mystical, Jupiter will open your eyes to the true meaning of your lifetime here. Possibly you have been wavering about an investment and need some solid facts to move ahead — Jupiter will bring clarity and perhaps break down the separate interests into easily understood sections so you can safely and with confidence use your money wisely. You may also find yourself needing to help with the care of an elder who has been more fragile of late. With Jupiter in Leo’s help in this house you will be successful in finding more than adequate help and assistance with this concern. Make sure you, yourself are in good physical shape in order to take on any extra chores and services that might be required. In fact anyone who has Jupiter crossing this house should take note of their physical well-being in order to maintain their stamina and ability in getting through their everyday chores. Be aware of any changes in your physicality — and do see a health professional if you have any questions about your health needs. Now would also be a good time to increase your own personal holdings, especially if there have been any losses. You will find ways to increase your income, find other sources of money, or maybe even hit the lottery (but don’t “bet” on that!) Learning to manage your own accounts will help you to become financially secure by the end of Jupiter’s journey herein. Bring your most ethical mores to the fore in facing any monetary or familial issues you might have — do the responsible thing and your pathway will progress with karmic blessings. Meditate and cogitate about your true pathway during this lifetime — do you feel you are on the right path? Read, assimilate and research facts to prove or disprove any truths you might be concerned about. Ask experts, counselors, those in religious service to help you understand the why of your existence here and now. Your instincts will aid you in “knowing” when something is indeed true — even if there isn’t substantial scientific facts to prove it. Allow yourself to peruse otherworldly ideas and unexplained phenomena during Jupiter’s reign in your 8th house. You will find you are more aware, more knowledgeable and more centered in your beliefs and philosophical ponderings. You will evolve into a higher plane with the right knowledge. Believe in your humanity, strength, and the continuity of your existence.

Jupiter in the Ninth House — Our Ninth House is a busy sector of our charts having rulership over higher education, the law, sports, religious views, long journeys, bankers and politicians. Now we add Jupiter’s robust persona in Leo and we can have a conflagration of events. Are you trying to finish that elusive college degree, or planning a life-long dream vacation, have legal issues that are ongoing, or perhaps you are in flux about just where you’re heading for the future. Long-range planning is a part of this house — so it behooves anyone who will be experiencing Jupiter here to prepare and plan so that at the end of its reign here you will have solid and definite accomplishments to keep you moving forward on your karmic pathway. Having a vision of your goals uppermost in your mind this year will go a long way in drawing toward you those things that will help you to achieve your degree, your dream vacation, succeeding in winning your legal case, or just having things work out to your advantage in all areas of importance. It is better if you have a definite plan — but Jupiter in Leo will bestow blessings in any case. Also, you may have family that lives distantly that you will visit or vise-versa they will visit you this year. All variety of good can come your way with a little foresight and some ground-work to set up a positive and forward moving plan to achieve your dreams. You may be questioning your childhood beliefs, looking for a new way of worshipping or a different method of expressing your own individual spirituality. With the help of Jupiter’s largesse, you can find a highly moral and wise individual that can help explain things to you in a basic way that makes perfect sense. Don’t go off on a tangent with someone offering unattainable rewards either here or in the afterlife — use your common-sense to separate the wheat from the chaff by investigating all programs or services supposedly rendered by whatever group you find attractive. There are a plethora of charlatans out in the world who are only after your money or your total devotion to a shoddy scheme. Use this favorable year for enhancing your abilities, your intellect, and perhaps broaden your knowledge of other lands by traveling. You may be entertaining visitors from out of town or from a long way off — your hospitality will be rewarding to both yourself and your lucky guests. You also might be renewing your wedding vows at home or in a tropical locale, attending your own or your child’s long-awaited graduation, receiving a local/town award or be elected to some committee that will effect your environment, or you might be in attendance at your favorite teams finals in a national or world-wide contest! This can be a wonderfully rewarding year for you and your loved ones if you keep true to yourself, your goals, your moral compass and draw only positive people into your realm. Stay on the road that you know will lead to your dearest dreams, your ultimate goal, your true karmic destiny.

Jupiter in Leo in the Tenth House — the Tenth House is where the world “sees” us — it holds our social standing, our professional reputations, and our place in our communities. Our face to the world as it were, is here in the Tenth House — it is where we can influence our brethren, find honor in our community, and rise in the corporate world. It also usually rules our pre-eminent parent/guardian — that person who is/was primarily responsible for our attitude and philosophy in life. It is here in the Tenth House we find our worldly ambitions, our drive and our need to influence our peers. We can develop our persona with the help of Jupiter in Leo during this coming year with the confidence that this transit will bring us. However, Leo can be a bit pompous and overbearing whilst still having a great need of appreciation. This can be a difficult combination when you find someone in power who is not aware of his shortcomings and is belligerent to his underlings. The corporate world is full of such bullies, and we should strive not to become so self-important under this phase of Jupiter in Leo that we fail to keep our sense of comportment and humanity within us. Don’t be that blowhard that has everyone shuddering in fear when they appear on the floor — you will find you get better performance and loyalty by allowing folks to pursue their agendas with some autonomy and space. If you are working for a bombastic individual — you will have to appear humble and fawning to get ahead — and if that isn’t your style — start preparing yourself to be useful and knowledgeable in the area in which you wish to be hired. Use your time well where you are to learn any and all phases of the business you are interested in pursuing. You can use this year to become more sure of where you want to be, where you want to go, and the best ways for you to assure your upward mobility. Jupiter in the Tenth House will bring opportunities your way — but you must be well prepared in order to feel comfortable in accepting these offers. Do the ground work that will assure that you know your field well, and can be an asset to whatever company or business is courting your services. Are you prepared to take on more responsibility? to move to a new area? to travel, work long hours, and be at the beck and call of higher-ups in the company? If not perhaps you should rethink your plan. Also take into account how your family and loved ones would fare if you were away from home for long stretches of time. The dynamics of your family and the needs of the business must mesh like a well-oiled machine — each part working in concert to enhance the whole. Now if you are just starting out in the business world, you may be willing to sacrifice your time, energy and stamina to get to your goals — however — when you have others to think about you must take the entire picture into consideration. This can be your year — just be sure you know what you are taking on under all circumstances, and be aware of your own limitations. When you have decided that moving into a higher realm is your choice — go for the gusto! You can reach the summit in your chosen field this year with the auspicious help of Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter in Leo in the Eleventh House — The Eleventh House has reign over our hopes and wishes, our friends, acquaintances, our social and fraternal organizations. This house also rules larger animals, new ideas, reforms and humanitarian goals. You can look forward to a busy year ahead with Jupiter in Leo on board — Jupiter will bring an abundance of new acquaintances, some of whom may become long-term friends, it will increase your social calendar with invitations to many different kinds of parties and celebrations. You might find yourself the center of attention at some of these gatherings because of your reaching out to help others. The stakes might be raised in your quest for seeking out that special someone, and your chances of meeting them will increase with every party or gathering you attend. This could be your year to shine amongst your friends and colleagues. You might be included in some charity event because your company is a sponsor for a particular group, and your work within the organization will be noted. Also you may be chosen to join a prestigious fraternal or business club that you have been courting. Just be sure you are joining or being included for all of the right reasons. If you have some new ideas or even an invention you want to promote this might be the opportune time for you to bring it into the open. Make sure any “bugs” have been worked out of this new system, item or idea — and when you are sure it is perfect — go for the gold! Since this house also rules large animals — you might be inclined to take horseback riding lessons, or even to contemplate buying your own horse. Maybe you are just considering getting a very, very, large dog! That would also fit the bill this year. Use your instincts and your psyche this year to find your true pathway — if you are between jobs — think about what you really want to do with the rest of your life and plan to make yourself worthy of consideration. Study, research and learn all you can about the field you wish to enter. Take the time to immerse yourself in the environment of the trade or industry you want to join. When you feel confident you will be an asset to a company — start your search. With Jupiter’s help you will find you can be lucky with friends and colleagues you have come to know, and who know you would be of benefit to the arena you aspire to belong. You can renew your journey and take the positive karmic path that will bring you to your ultimate dream!

Jupiter in Leo in the Twelfth House — Our last Zodiac House is a complex and often Karmic area that we struggle to understand. With Jupiter in Leo in residence here we will be urged to try to understand our own limitations, our fears, and our demons. Our opportunity here is to become better attuned to our fellow humans, to understand our deepest psyche, and to begin to move toward our definitive goals. Jupiter will help to open our eyes to our own ego, our own failures and mistakes, but also will allow us to appreciate our own unique abilities. We can become better and bigger than we ever imagined when we clean out the dusty cobwebs of our inner fears. We must open the windows to our soul and peer into the abyss to find our true calling. Are we our own worst enemy — our own nemesis? It’s time to clear out all of the old bad habits of self scorn, belittling ourselves, self-deprecation. Why do we so often think disparaging things about ourselves? What drives us to hide our light, our intelligence and our humanity? Sometimes we do carry a past-life legacy that impinges on our current life. It is time to shed yourself of all vilification. You are human — you are unique, beautiful in the eyes of the Universe, able to achieve all of your hopes with a positive and honest review of your achievements during your lifetime. You must remove all of the clutter and negative input you are often surrounded with, and emerge into a new clean and unspoiled landscape. Renewal, recovery, and responsibility will be your mantra this year, as you grow into the caring and confident human you were always meant to become. This is your year to erase any negativity in your life and move forward into a new realm of kindness, love, and true compassion for humanity and especially for yourself. Dust off the unhappy persona and become that positive and confident human being you know in your heart you can be — rise to the epitome of all the best in this world. It can be yours for the asking — believe in your truest self and there is nothing to stop you from reaching your ultimate goals.

Traversing the Zodiac with Jupiter in Leo is a tour-de-force when considering all of the vagaries and complexities of our planetary make-up. You must consider what Planets are in each house, how they are related to other Planets and the Sun and Moon, and then take into consideration all of the life experiences we have had. These are truly only tiny thumbnail sketches to whet your appetite for the journey of Jupiter in Leo throughout the next year. This giant Planet will bring luck, excess, exaggeration, bounty, joy, abundance and often too many choices for us to make. We must use our basic knowledge and senses to keep from any out-of-control activity we might find enticing! Jupiter is all about more, expansion, greatness, ego, and multiple choice! Leo will bring us confidence, ego, attitude, luxury, good-taste, love, neediness, a love of children, and a need to feather our nest with luxury. This combination can be over-the-top in a “bigger is better” attitude. But Jupiter is generous to a fault, and Leo is all about living the good life — we can make this our year for all good things to come our way — but we must do it with decorum, decency, and wanting to share our good fortune. Be generous, kind, loving and bring your “best” self forward during this fateful year and all will be well — we all can end this Jupiter in Leo year with the karmic blessings of the Universe. Peace!


4 comments on “Jupiter enters Leo — July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015

  1. adrienelea says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Great post! Lots of info and fun to read.

    Do you recommend a site for reading ones daily horoscope?

    Also, how do I know if my sign Libra, will be affected by Leo?

    Thanks so much!


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thanks for your nice comment — Libras will be in “sextile” to Jupiter in Leo a mildly positive aspect — all good! Daily horoscopes are usually done just by Sun sign alone — you may have more information by looking at the sign of your ascendant also and combine the two for more clarification. Good luck!

  2. Marnie says:

    Interesting! But how dont know which house Jupiter relates to personally, I was born 6\8\1961, can you please tell me?

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