July’s Planetary Activity — 2014

This month will bring in some big Planetary changes as Jupiter moves from Cancer to Leo — and Mars moves from Libra to Scorpio. These variations will make a subtle difference in the Universal harmonics that have been ongoing for the past year. Jupiter in Leo is a different and more robust animal than it was in Cancer. Mars going from an air sign to a water sign will be a huge adjustment! Of course, we always find a way to use the energies that are expelled into the ether from our Galaxial neighbors, and given time we will be able to fine-tune these changes to our benefit.

The Full Moon crests in the early dawn hours the 12th in the sign Capricorn at 20 degrees — shaking up the status quo with the Cardinal clash of Sun and Moon. Since it is a weekend day — perhaps we will all be able to sleep through this dynamic time-span — the Moon does oppose Jupiter later in the day at the karmic 29th degree — if there is a connection to your personal chart, you might want to be a bit more wary of what is going on around you during the early evening hours.

Here in New England and across America, we will be celebrating our Fourth of July! There will be barbeques, parties and lazy days by the lakes, ponds and ocean. Of course, food will be a big part of our entertainment along with catching up with friends and relatives in a casual and enjoyable way. If we are in the midst of a steamy heat-wave just be sure all of your foodstuffs that should be cold are truly cold and the heated components well done! And if you are seaside or lakeside, be sure there are lifeguards and appropriate safety measure in play. These few extra precautions will allow all of us to enjoy our holiday weekend celebrations to the max.

The Planet Uranus goes Retrograde on the 21st in Aries, lasting until December 21st — throwing another roadblock into the mix — we can use this time to reflect on past behaviors, unexpected difficulties we might still be dealing with, and finally eliminate any negative habits we may have been trying to change. We can use these Rx periods for a mini-makeover. Work with the harmony of the Galaxy and find your bliss!

Previous to the New Moon in Leo on the 26th are some dicey aspects that might make a tense situation go out of control — keep your wits about you and be the calm amidst the storm! Defuse any angry words with your wisdom and perspicacity. The New Moon will give us the opportunity to breathe a bit of fresh air — and will begin a new cycle for those whose birthdays coincide. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd following in Jupiter’s footsteps making for an active over-the-top day!

The month ends with a Venus/Pluto opposition on the 28th — so we will have to beware of any jealousy, envy or resentment we might be holding onto. Allow yourself to dig deep into your psyche to find a way to avoid these negative emotions. Look at how debilitating these feelings are to your own persona — probably having little effect on the object of your ire! Cleanse your inner being of all anger, hatred or bitterness. These negative emotions only serve to make you unhappy and they erode your spirit. Find a way to release all negativity and you will become healed. Your whole life will brighten up and fill with the positive emotion of loving kindness. Given time your whole outlook will change for the better. I know it isn’t always easy to let go of whatever affront or wrong that was done to you — but to move on with your life you must give way to love.

Life does seem like a roller-coaster ride at times — but we must use the excitement of the ride and still remember that it will soon be over! Enjoy your own personal journey whatever and wherever it brings you! Live, love, laugh — and pay it forward if you can — the rewards are ten-fold!

Happy Fourth of July to all — may your life sparkle like the awesome fireworks displays we love to watch, full of sound, fury, color and a magical beauty. Peace!


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