Mars Transits from July 25, 2014 in Scorpio to January 11, 2015 in Aquarius

Mars in Scorpio — July 25th to September 13th 2014

Mars our Planet of energy, passion, war, zest, intensity, strength and strong appetites will change signs, going from the Cardinal air sign Libra and moving into the Fixed water sign Scorpio on July 25, 2014 at 9:25 PM EST (add 1 hour for DST). This is quite a change for Mars, moving from airy Libra with its sense of beauty, its subtle energy and its need for balance — to the watery abyss of Scorpio’s depths. You can almost hear the spontaneous sizzle of our fiery Mars hitting the cold, deep and dark waters of our zealous and ardent Scorpio. These two elemental opposites will vie to be the leader, heating up the atmosphere with exaggerated and intense extremes. Mars likes to rule the roost and to be able to control all phases of any ongoing issue — and in Scorpio will try to wrest the power with its dynamic zeal. These two powerful war-like entities are going to clash in so many ways. Mars wants what it wants — NOW! Scorpio also wants what it wants — but needs time to be sure there are no impediments in its way! Not Mars style at all, so there will be a push and pull whenever there is some disagreement about how to get to one’s goals.

Mars wants to jump right in — no holds barred — Scorpio on the other hand will put the brakes on — listen to its inner voice — and wait until all is planned and ready to be enacted. There will be power struggles whilst Mars is ensconced in Scorpio. Still we can use this combination to our advantage if we realize that fire and water create steam! Steam can be used to move engines — so we must use the ignition of Mars in Scorpio to our own advantage by utilizing the energy being expelled in whatever form. What we must not do is buy into the angry and volatile emotions that this excessive energy can bring. If you have Mars in Scorpio, you already know the power within — although not shown outwardly — you can seethe with passion. Feelings will run high with this combination and we must hold on to our tempers if we are to get through this transit without hurting the feelings of others and saying inappropriate things at improper times. We will have to “mind our tongue” as my Mother used to say. Our feelings will be deeper and more sensitive, and any angry outbursts will have consequences.

On a positive note, Mars in Scorpio is even more determined to reach its goals. The watery Scorpio will throw a wet blanket over some of Mars impetuosity — but in the long term these two will form a union of sorts with their zeal and passionate grasp of life’s important moments. You will feel more intensity, think deeper thoughts, and assimilate more excitement about what life can be like. There can be an almost psychic blend that simmers just beneath the surface that will give us an exuberant zest for living each day to the fullest.

Mars in Scorpio Love Style

This is a passionate duo that can be obsessive at times — allow yourself some time to truly know the other person — under these two ardent suitors there will be plenty of sparks in its initial phase — however, any secrecy or untruths will out with Scorpio’s nose for digging deep and unearthing everything that isn’t honest and aboveboard. Mars will seethe with adoration and want to move as quickly as possible, Scorpio although equally besotted will choose to “see” the object of their affection with a cool and calculating eye. This combo can be a “Happily Ever After” relationship — with respect, honesty and true love!

Use this period of Mars in its out of element sign of Scorpio to plumb the depths of your psyche, your passion and your deepest dreams!

Mars in Sagittarius — September 13th to October 25th 2014

What a difference a day makes — Mars in Mutable sign Sagittarius is a happy camper! Both fiery and full of explosive energy that can be coordinated when these two get going. Both will look for adventure and after spending some time in Scorpio — Mars is ready to party! This combination will bring many an invitation to parties, reunions and family occasions — you will be called upon time and again to be part of a joyous occasion. Of course, this duo isn’t without its stressors — indeed Sagittarius really, really loves a good time — and will put work aside to be able to join the crowd — however — Mars idea of fun is often to work hard and get all of the minutiae out of the way before letting his hair down. So there will be some times when jolly Sagittarius just wants to have fun — but dogged Mars will insist on cleaning up any work that needs to be done in a timely manner.

Still — this is such a good combination — we will have energy to spare to get to all of our chores done and still have time for fun. Planning may fall by the wayside with the quick and eager haste to get to where the excitement is going on. So don’t ignore those niggling nudges from your conscience that are telling you to pay attention to detail. Be sure to get those necessities completed in work or at home before going off on a junket of unbridled joy! There will be plenty of fun times to be had — pick and choose the most important functions to attend and all will go smoothly. It will be easy to indulge with these two having reign — so be sure to avoid any major transgressions that you will have to answer for at a later date.

Mars in Sagittarius Love Style

Here we have a fun-loving duo that has passion aplenty, but Sagittarius might just want to have fun (at least for now) — it takes a lot to get a Sagittarius to settle down — they are always open to new experiences and meeting new people. Mars will add a more serious note to Sagittarius usual live and let live philosophy — still — unless the stars align it is better to just go with the flow, and enjoy a lot of good loving, and living on the edge! Mars can make a commitment — but with Sagittarius eagerly pursuing the good life — you might have to wait for Mars to move on into Capricorn before your frisky Sag will be ready to seriously settle down.

Play with, enjoy, and ultimately allow yourself some freedom to live life to the fullest under the tutelage of this combination — just remember Monday mornings will always arrive — and reality will rear its mundane head!

Mars in Capricorn — October 25th to December 4th 2014

Another about face when Mars enters Cardinal sign Capricorn — these two Cardinal signs are used to being in charge, so there will be friction. Mars does like Capricorn’s way of sticking to detail and getting the job done — however — Capricorns plodding style is not for Mars quick and agile persona. Capricorn will try to get Mars to put his nose to the grindstone and work, work, work. Mars will have other ideas — it will get the job done but will want to do it in a flamboyant and dramatic manner. These two have sort of a dance macabre relationship. Each vying to be the chief honcho. Mars will probably eke out the lead by sheer volume of fiery energy expelled in voluminous gusts of flame — and Capricorn will eventually just go along for the ride. We can use the conflicted powers of Mars in Capricorn to start our holiday shopping, plan our festivities, and look forward to those invitation to parties and events that will surely be in the mail.

Working with the ebb and flow of the Universal energies will help us to make the most of our time here on Earth. We can look to our Charts and see where Mars energy is surging, and we can tap into this dynamism to enhance our own abilities. Mars in Capricorn is a force to be reckoned with on a day to day basis, check in to see if you have a Planet that changes or modifies their vast impact. The house position is also important in that it, too, will affect how this duo will work together. Capricorn needs routine, and Mars wants everything NOW! It will be a challenge to mix and match this combination to get the most out of Mars being brought down to Earth with Capricorn’s ethics and respect for the letter of the law.

Mars in Capricorn Love Style

Let’s talk — this combination of Mars in Capricorn will prove to be a tough nut to crack! Mars is all about the passionate and deeply loving feelings for their significant other — Capricorn — not so much! Not that Capricorn hasn’t got passion and love in their hearts — it’s just that their feelings are all tied up in their sense of duty, devotion, and dedication. These are all good things — but where is the fire, the sizzle, the abandonment? Well — with Mars in residence there will be more than usual, making Capricorn quite uneasy with these overwhelming feelings. Our usually staid Capricorn will be a little tipsy with the adoration that Mars can “impose’ upon their loved ones. They truly may not know what has hit them in this love arena. So — you might find that your Capricorn interest is backing off a bit — a little intimidated by their own deep feelings being unlocked! It is best to take a slow and easy approach — even with Mars egging you on — you don’t want to scare off your “salt of the Earth” possible future mate. Be patient and supportive and you will find your Mars in Capricorn companion!

Play with the power of Mars, but allow Capricorn’s Earthy nature to help rein in Mars impetuosity and this time period can be used to fulfill your dreams.

Mars in Aquarius — December 4th 2014 to January 11, 2015

Mars in Fixed sign Aquarius — now this can be a turn on for sure! Mars; energetic, bold, passionate, and zealous — attached to our quirky, joyous, humanitarian, funny, and artistic Aquarius! Be ready to go on the roller-coaster ride of your life! These two can complement each other in a rather off-beat manner — Mars explosive and high-energy persona will bring a feeling of adventure to our Aquarian brethren. Aquarius will bring to Mars its unique view of life, love, and living each day to the full. Artistic, innovative and always looking for a fun escapade — Aquarius will make Mars dance to its own cutting-edge funky music. Mars will be quite disconcerted for a while, and it might take a few days before he wakes up to the new rhythms of Aquarius tune. When they do join together, it will be with each offering the other a new and unusual experience!

Mars with the help of Aquarius will venture forth into new areas of learning, knowledge and wisdom. Aquarius will stimulate Mars latent talents in digging deeper and finding new ways of viewing the world. Art, literature, music and beauty in any form will be brought to Mars attention in a new and unique way. Mars will enhance Aquarius desire for a better human experience here on Earth. These two can bring out the best in each other when in harmony and can allow us to use these diverse energies to better ourselves. Unique, quirky, fun-loving and always aware of our humanity — Mars in Aquarius will expand our minds, our hearts, and our compassion for all mankind.

Mars in Aquarius Love Style

Don’t expect a traditional courting — this will be high-energy, other worldly, and an adventure from beginning to end! Mars in Aquarius will be anything but ordinary — don’t really seem attracted to each other, they will find that they both enjoy adventurous undertakings, outrageous junkets, pushing the envelope in every way. Mars will increase the Aquarian need to take chances and find new areas to explore. Aquarius will pique Mars curiosity and desire to exceed the boundaries of his comfort zone. This duo can reach the heights of passion, connectedness, and acceptance. It might indeed be a match made in Heaven if the stars align. This combo could bring together a higher and more compassionate and empathetic view of humanity, than either could establish alone. They can find a mystical and karmic connection that will bring each other to the peak of their Earthly fulfillment. Of course, this also could be an intense and over the top romance that fizzles as soon as Mars moves on to the next sign. Enjoy the frission of energy that tingles throughout your body but be aware this too might pass!

Mars in Aquarius will insist we look to our humanity to help others less fortunate, it will bring us a deeper understanding of ourselves, and it will eventually lead us to new paths of generosity toward our fellowman. Use this time well and become wiser, more compassionate, and more open to all of our brethren.

Mars motivates us to work hard, play even harder, and to live our lives to the fullest. Mars is a kind of “all or nothing” Planet — striving to reach the epitome of our limits. Allow Mars to bring you to your most “alive” self — aware, able, competent, useful, using all of your talents! Mars can help us be more than the sum of our parts — Mars can bring out our noble and most gallant being — find your Mars quotient and reign like the supreme warrior you are inside and out!


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