Full Moon in Capricorn — July 12, 2014

This month’s Full Moon crests at 20 degrees of Capricorn, at 6:25 AM EST (add one hour for DST). The Full Moon in Cardinal signs carries a lot of energy as these two clash in opposition. As stated in an earlier post — anyone working with flammables, explosives, at or near construction sites have a greater chance of a mishap without proper safety measures being observed. The early morning hour may ease some of the issues of safety, however, it will not be good to let down your guard if employed in any position that requires hard hats to be worn or caustic chemicals or volatile substances to be used.

Our usual caveats also are in place, drive defensively, be aware of your surroundings and avoid those who seem out of control or in the mood for conflict. There might be some family issues that are being debated that will need monitoring so that things don’t get blown out of proportion. Everyone is responsible for their own behavior, and buying into someone else’s dysfunctional behavior doesn’t bode well for anyone. Observe with discernment, and keep your distance from those who would yank you into their angst.

Later in the day at 8:57 PM EST. the Moon opposes Jupiter at 29 degrees of Cancer, which seems to be a tipping point of sorts — perhaps bringing a karmic kick in the pants to those who haven’t been following their true paths. You may have to reestablish a new definition of your goals. Use the knowledge you have garnered from your journey so far, and reimagine your future. Just being aware, following the rules of social behavior, and keeping yourself above the roiling discontent, will go a long way in allowing you to ride the frenetic tides of the Full Moon without any distress. Eventually you will achieve your karmic vision.

We are all trying to be our best, to do the right thing, and just get along — however, there are often outside influences that try our souls — and we must attend to all of what life throws our way with the best of intentions and wisdom. Just allowing that nanosecond of time to elapse before hurling invectives or spewing angry words can make all the difference. Rise above the fray, and allow your best self, your wisest being to come to the fore. May the force for good always be with you! Peace!


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