Affirmations — Jone Victoria — November 10, 2008

AFFIRM: to state or assert positively, maintain as true.

Affirmations are the Cliff Notes of prayer. Used as a positive mantra, they directly align your intent with Universal Energy. Writing out an Affirmation is a snap with a rewarding snap-back. I prefer writing them out. Writing helps me to concentrate on the words and makes my thoughts more concrete.

Be clear on your intent.

Choose one that is brief and to the point.

Write it out the same time each day. (I write mine 18 times a day in an interference free environment.)

After writing your Affirmation forget about it for the rest of the day.

There are plenty of Affirmations to choose from on the internet, books, or just make one up. Here’s a few to get you started.

I live in Supreme Light.

My life is in Divine Order according to the Master Plan.

I accept what Higher Consciousness Grants Me.

I release those who are not meant for my well-being according to the Divine Order and I am released in return.

Wealth and Success.

My mind attracts inspiration from all positive sources.

I place myself within the Highest Realm to divine answers and solutions to my problems.

All answers are within myself.

I am an irresistible magnet attracting _______ to me.

As you can see — Jone believed in the power of Affirmations, I usually encourage people to use the energy of the New Moon to write out their wishes because the positive emanations during these times are so positive and helpful in getting your ideas into the Universal ether where they can manifest. Keeping positive thoughts and feelings uppermost in your mind is helpful every day. Writing out your deepest desires will help them become reality. Our mind is the fertile ground for all of our ideas to grow and flourish. Try Jone’s method of getting your word out there into the Galaxial mists. You may be pleasantly surprised at the results. Peace!


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