New Moon in Leo — July 26,2014

This month’s New Moon crests in Leo at 3 degrees of the sign — at 5:43 PM EST (add one hour for DST). All those whose birthdays are within a few days of the New Moon are starting a new cycle of growth and evolution. It’s as if a breath of fresh air is stirring your spirit and enhancing your abilities to connect with your surroundings, your loved ones and your inner self! Embrace the voluminous energies of this Leo New Moon to proactively start a new chapter in your advancement throughout this lifetime. We occasionally get a burst of positive input that can help us “see” our true pathway — immerse yourself in the Universal flow of this Leo Moon to truly find your passion.

We all can benefit from the energies expressed by a Leo New Moon — it is a joyous, buoyant, and elevated vitality that can influence our entire persona — it can jump-start our mental capacities, our emotional quotient and our physical being. Use the power and dynamism of our Leo New Moon to enrich your life in every way. Look to your chart to see where Leo lives, and this is the area that will be most influenced by the vitality of this Leo Moon. Allow your being to be enveloped in the positive harmonic vibrations of our New Moon, and you will find yourself feeling stronger, more empowered, and better able to manage your own identity and individuality. Become your truest self — allow the stars to help you find your inner hero/heroine, and grow into the totally evolved human you are meant to be! Leo can help bring out the champion from within.

Uranus in Aries joins both Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn in retrograde motion on the 21st, this allows all of us a chance to look deep within ourselves to find our innermost desires, needs and aspirations. Give yourself this time span to meditate on your journey — are you where you want to be? have you accomplished your goals to your satisfaction? are your relationships on track? where do you see yourself in 10 years? Ask yourself the important questions that will enable you to move ahead on your path or make a correction if you find you are heading in the wrong direction. The Universal flow is always giving us the chance of a “make-over” — and encouraging us to figure out just what our pathway is during this lifetime. Each New Moon will have its own lessons and advantages — it is up to us to move with the ethereal flow in the direction that is the most appropriate and uplifting. We can reach our ultimate evolution and become that light of reason, truth and love that we are meant to become.

Saturn in Scorpio will also be helping us out by going direct on the 20th — bringing a more positive and congenial mindset about our friendships and our more intimate connections. With Mars moving into Scorpio on the 25th, there is an extra emphasis on our closest relationships. Your passions will be enhanced, and you might find that your significant other is ready to commit to a lifetime connection. Since feelings are so elevated, allow yourself time to find your true lifetime companion — some new acquaintances might seem ideal — but the relationship might be too steamy not to combust when Mars moves on to Sagittarius. Working with our stars is the best way to find our most precise pathway. Our stars will impel us towards our most positive, optimistic and progressive existence now — in this time span.

We all have the opportunity to enhance our lives and the lives of our loved ones during the emanations of positive energy expelled by our New Moons — especially golden is the Leo New Moon with its passion for life. Bring the power of the Universe within your realm by writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires during the evening of the 26th and the following 24 hours! The Leo New Moon crests at 5:43 PM EST — Leo rules all of our personal desires — our need for affection and approval, our children and families, and our egos! Bring the happy, upbeat, loyal, and cheerful vibrations of the Leo New Moon into your life — think about what you want that will enhance your life. Write out each wish in a clear and simple manner — elucidate each quest with exactly what you want to happen. Know that the force for change is within you and you have the ability to initiate reforms and improvements for yourself and your loved ones.

Merge with the Universal harmonics and find your true bliss — employ the fundamental ideals that are your right to find the epitome of your highest evolution. Unburden yourself of all negativity and stress — immerse yourself in the Light and move forward with confidence that your journey during this lifetime will be one of harmony, usefulness, humanity, and loving kindness.

Be in the moment — feel the essence of your highest spirituality and love. Be the ruler of your realm, the hero of your own saga, the embodiment of goodness and light — Believe!


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