New Moon Reminder — July 26, 2014

How best can we use the abundant energy of our Leo New Moon — indeed, we must look to the persona of the sign to inspire our most ardent wishes. Leo — a fixed-fire sign that rules ego, royalty, pride, love, showmanship, ardent feelings, offspring, family, speculation, control, generosity and élan. We can tap into any or all of these and more interests of our Leo brethren.

On July 26th at 5:43 PM EST the New Moon power in the sign Leo explodes into our realm with the help of mighty Jupiter in Leo — it is our time to write out our affirmations, wishes, desires and needs, in order to have them expelled into the ether, to join with the galaxial mists and then become a tangible factor that can influence our life here on Earth. Thoughts have substance and meaning, they become a basis for drawing toward us a positive flow of energy that can become our reality. We can tap into this enormous power of our Universe to help ourselves and our loved ones have a better chance of having the good life we deserve as part of our humanity. We are not just chaff to be thrown by the winds to settle in a cloud of dust and debris. We have a specific journey to complete in this lifetime, and we can make it a positive and useful passage with some purposeful forethought.

Sit in a peaceful place — meditate or just try to quiet your racing thoughts — breathe deeply and slowly until your body is at one with your spirit and only then allow your mindfulness to think about what you truly need or want at this point in time. Dig deep into the recesses of your inner being and truly find those quests that will enhance yours and your loved ones existence now in this time and place. Only then — put pen to paper and write from your soul those affirmations that will bring the most satisfaction and bliss.

We can use Leo’s bold persona and wish for material goods, social advancement, occupational honors — all within Leo’s purview. Or you can tap into Leo’s familial depths and bring more closeness, love and togetherness with your loved ones and all of your acquaintances. You can ask that your ultimate soul-mate come into your life — and that you will recognize the depth and connectedness with this person. You can wish for anything at all under Leo’s positive vibration — especially as Jupiter is also riding alongside the Moon and expanding the power and energy within.

Bring all of the wonder, goodness and joy of life into your own realm — become the star of your own life and reign supreme with loving kindness. Live your life to the fullest — make each day your own! Be the embodiment of Love — be!


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