August’s Planetary Activity

August will prove to be an action-driven month with Jupiter in Leo creatively carving out his new realm with a monstrous roar and a lash of his Leonine tail. The Sun (until the 22nd), Mercury (until the 15th), and Venus on the 12th (through the end of the month) will all be riding along with Jupiter to help spur him on his way into the royal sign of Leo! Our heads will be spinning with the fiery burst of energy being expelled that will be stimulating our psyches, and bringing a flash of new ideas and thoughts about our next moves in business and familial situations.

We will want to connect to those we love with a heartfelt and genuine need. We may feel it necessary for some carefree time to just be with our families — parents, partners and children. A long planned-for vacation or just a picnic in the park will all fill the bill, if we take the time to be in the moment. Allow yourself to be immersed in the dynamics of your family — feel the love, the connections and the unbreakable union of your clan. We are all here with our loved ones wrapped in a karmic bond in order to enhance and ensure our humanity and our evolutionary growth. Embrace your karmic ties and know that your purpose here is to entwine your consciousness to theirs and be joined as one within our Universal synchrony.

The Full Moon on the 10th is in the sign Aquarius at 18 degrees — this as always, is often a time of stress and perhaps drama. In Aquarius our minds are a little off-kilter in opposition to the Powerful Leo Sun and Mercury — we may speak without thinking, or with Jupiter within the realm, we might bite off more than we can chew when engaging in conflict with others. A calm mind will go a long way in diffusing any angst. It is a time to “Just let it go” — no matter the issue — this is not a time for confrontation. Walk away from those who may be out of control — and give wide berth to any dangerous situation. Drive defensively, and without rancor or rage, just allow yourself to go with the flow. Breathe in the aura of sensibility and sanity — don’t give in to any annoyance and all will go smoothly.

The New Moon on the 25th in the sign Virgo at 2 degrees will prove to be an interesting day — there are two dynamic planetary meetings with Saturn in Scorpio — first Mercury in Virgo will sextile Saturn, making our words important and if promises are made they must be kept. Next, Mars will be conjunct Saturn bringing a stalemate of sorts for a while. If you have any important work to be done, or contracts to be signed during this time span, be sure of all the details and do not give in to anyone rushing your agenda. Stand firm and you will overcome any opposition. The Virgo New Moon gives us the chance to renew our affirmations and wishes once again with the influence of Virgo’s need for discernment and accuracy.

The Water-sign trine of Neptune in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio will bring us an abundance of emotional moments during the first week of the month, and especially on the 7th of the month when they meet. Try to prepare yourself for truly connecting in a spiritual or perhaps karmic manner with those you meet along the way — feelings will be heightened and you might not know where your knowledge is coming from during this time span. Allow yourself to sense the atmosphere around you and around those you are near. Send loving thoughts outwardly, and try to evoke only noble and ethical thoughts. Draw positive vibrations into your heart and spirit, and sense the love that surrounds you. Also, this aspect may enhance your dream states — bringing answers and perhaps awareness to you. Be open-minded about your feelings, your ideas, and use your innate intelligence. Thoughts have weight and significance, and can be felt through all of your senses. Open your heart and mind to new opportunities, experiences and visions.

When the Sun enters the sign Virgo late on the 22nd — our focus will become more attuned to the practical and mundane. Our minds will be on the busy autumn activities that are usual at this time. We will be gearing up for the return to school or college — the summer’s indolent mentality will abate and we will ready ourselves for the season’s changes and challenges. We all must go with the flow of our own schedules, our own agendas, and our own lifetime itinerary, still being aware of the cosmic emanations that are always guiding our steps.

As this end-of-summer month wanes, we must be sure that our house is in order — our relationships are on track, and our goals are in line with those of our loved ones. We do not traverse this Earth alone, we are intimately entwined with our families, friends and acquaintances, who indeed foster and mentor our evolution as we do theirs. Peace and Love!


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