Full Moon in Aquarius — August 10, 2014

Our Aquarius Full Moon this month is at 18 degrees of the sign and crests at 1:09 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This opposition is always a mighty one as the Sun in Leo is not prone to any naysayers. The Leo Sun is bolstered by Mercury, Jupiter, and on the 12th Venus riding along in the sky in the sign Leo. Our Aquarius Moon will try to stir up some controversy — but if we are aware of these tactics, we can avoid embroiling ourselves in the fray. Aquarius loves the unique, quirky, outside-the-box activities that arouse high emotions and bring a breath of fresh air into the realm. However, this isn’t for everyone! We all enjoy that frisson of energy that makes us take notice that something special is in the air — but not all of us want to face changes in our lives. There are those who actually try to avoid any change or new direction at all costs.

Aquarius is a fixed-air sign — but somehow seems to have a duality that borders on the mutable signs ability to switch course at a moments notice — although — anything learned at a young age — work ethics, truth telling, caring, being loyal — all will be entrenched in their persona. So although not as flexible as the mutable signs, we do have a stimulating character that is willing to take a chance on their own intelligence, learned lessons, and wisdom from within. They have a natural instinct about what is right for themselves — and are not willing to compromise a whole lot. Loyal, caring, dutiful, hard-working and loving, our Aquarian friends, family or acquaintances bring a unpredictable and perhaps unusual outlook for us to ponder. They bring a joyous love of life, a sense of adventure, and a need to accept the curious or eccentric. They are as awesome as they think they are — perhaps bringing some of their opposite sign Leo’s ego along for their ride here on Planet Earth.

This Full Moon period will enhance our need for expressing ourselves and creating our own unique realm — we will want to employ all of our abilities into making our life more exciting and rewarding. Offering our help to others in need or volunteering for some charitable campaign will appeal to us now. Use this time frame in a positive manner and you will find a satisfying fulfillment. Also allowing your creative juices to flow — bringing out your innate artistry and skills will find a fertile field that will nourish your creativity.

On the down side of our Aquarian Full Moon — there could be some previous unseen prejudices that come to light — creating a rift between friends and partners. Take the time to monitor your words and only then, if you can speak calmly and without hurting someone’s feelings say your piece. But be aware your ideas may not be popular among your peers. The unexpected can always occur during a Full Moon period, so our usual caveats are in place, drive defensively, avoid conflict or those who seem to be looking for trouble, and stay away from places that cater to volatile or over-the-top behavior.

Learn to savor the various transits throughout the month — find your own rhythm within the Universal harmony and flow of life here on Earth. As you ascend to a new understanding of your own need for balance, attention, approval and love, remember to give forth the same empathy that you yourself expect. Become one with the ethereal synchrony of the Planets and you will find your own place in the karmic scheme of things.

Allow yourself the ability of being present every moment of your day — inhale the precious essence of your own life! To live long is an exquisite gift — to live well is a joy of priceless measure! Peace!


2 comments on “Full Moon in Aquarius — August 10, 2014

  1. Uncle Tree says:

    An Arbor Aquarian I be. 🙂 Thank you so much for the informative update!
    Speaking of creative juices (if you don’t mind a quirky Uncle Tree) 🙂


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