Slo-Mo World — Staying in the Now — Jone Victoria — November 23, 2008

Discovering the ability to stay in the now, the practice of total awareness, gives you a one-way ticket to the Slo-Mo World.

Years ago my karate instructor used to say in class, “Focus, stay in the moment.” I would furtively glance at the clock and think, “Class for twenty more minutes, then off to Eldio’s for pizza and beer.” As I picked myself up off the mat, after he kicked my legs out from under me, it was obvious I was Not in the moment.

Staying in the now is work. It means being mindful of what is going on in your life at that moment. As I type these words, I’m not allowing my mind to drift and think about the bedroom I need to clean or the smell of brownies, warm from the oven, calling my name. Oops! The now is now gone. That was quick.

When you eat a meal, focus on the food you’re consuming, think about who grew the food and mindfully chew each bite. Silently bless the farmer’s efforts so you can enrich your body. If you use paper napkins, think of the trees that were sacrificed as you wipe your mouth from the food stuck on your lips that was grown by the farmers. You can see how this practice could become a meditative version of There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.

My initial reaction to staying in the now was akin to psycho-babble. Then I did it.

If you feel like you’re being pulled in too may directions and not being productive try staying in the now. I challenge you to try it for one day, heck — make it one hour — and let me know your results. Extraneous thoughts will be a thing of the past. Quiet your mind and enjoy your renewed status as a resident of Slo-Mo World, where the only thing that matters is the current moment.

Residency Application for Slo-Mo World:

Everything you do is mindful.

If you are eating, eat.

If you are reading, read.

If you are talking, talk.

If you are listening, listen — don’t talk or think about what you are going to say next.

Be mindful of what you see, hear, touch, and taste.

Although Jone became a learned teacher and mentor to so many, she also had to learn the basics of enhancing one’s abilities in the moment. All of us can employ this method to begin to truly live our lives optimally. Using Jone’s method to get in touch with your inner and outer being is so important to enhancing every minute of your day. It becomes rote after a while and you don’t even notice that you are practicing this way of life — you are aware and into every emotion, touch, taste, sensation — and you are alive and living your life to the fullest each and every moment. Immerse yourself in the Slo-Mo World and find your bliss!


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