New Moon in Virgo — August 25, 2014

The Virgo New Moon crests at 2 degrees of the sign at 9:13 AM EST (add one hour for DST). As the Summer months wane, our Virgo New Moon spurs us on to awaken from our vacation-like stupor and urges us to begin to prepare for our busy autumn season ahead. Children are trying to get the last few weeks of school-free fun packed to the full with outside activities and waterside sport, and parents are beginning to think about the returning students and their needs. New shiny shoes, warm sweaters for the cooler mornings at the bus stops, backpacks filled with new pencils, crayons and notebooks — (OK, I’m a little out of date, let’s add iPads, calculators, tablets and phones). Alas — I long for the simpler times when the most advanced technology was a ball-point pen! Yes — I remember inkwells on our desks!

College-aged students are carefully packing up bedding, TV’s, microwaves and charging all of their technological “necessities”. Such a different scene from just a few years ago. Still — exciting times ahead — new adventures — friends — schedules and opportunities.

Our precise and practical Virgo New Moon will help to create just the right atmosphere for getting all of our ducks in a row. Virgo is above all pragmatic, and a stickler for not forgetting any necessary detail. List making is NOT optional — ticking off each item is thrilling for our Virgo friends as they complete their chores to their very high standards of perfection.

Their mantra might just be “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time” — sigh! Many of us just cannot live up to the heights of Virgo’s ideals. Still we all need that impetus to get us going and to make sure we don’t forget anything really necessary. Our Virgo components will insure that all of the details are completed in ample time.

But let’s not forget this is a fun time of growth and expansion, and Jupiter in Leo is beaming its golden rays down upon us bringing big ideas, confidence, and a sense of beginning a new quest. A new journey beckons us with expanding our minds, our psyches, and our possibilities for growth. We look forward with anticipation and a bit of angst at starting anew — our schools filled with eager students, new classes, new and old friends, teachers, professors and schedules. We breathe in the scent of newly polished and varnished floors, freshly painted walls, and clean and empty desks — ours to do with as we will. Heady with the excitement of these moments we immerse ourselves into the fray of crisp new clothes, newly sharpened pencils, iPad. tablets, but especially that thrill of a new beginning, a new chance, a new day, month, year of learning, growing, and finding your tempo in the larger scheme of life.

While still in the midst of our last Summery month here in New England, there is optimism, vitality and a sense that time is on our side. As the lazy days of sunshine and warmth are waning, we seem to appreciate more the short time we have for our outdoor activities before the chilly autumn, and eventually the frigid cold of winter. These special days of sunshine and clear blue skies beckon us to enjoy each and every moment we have before the winds of change sweep in, and we must start our preparations for the long colder months ahead.

The New Moon in the sign Virgo is just perfect for us now — allowing us to tap into the precise and efficient aura that are all things Virgoan. Time to clear out the closets, clean up the summertime detritus and attend to the tasks at hand — especially as we near the end of this month. Mars our Planet of energy and passion connects with Saturn in Scorpio on the 25th and will tend to enhance the already frenetic energy of the New Moon — try to use this combination to clear up any issues that have been long-standing and use your words carefully to say exactly what you mean. Sincerity will go a long way in easing any angst about those difficult conversations. Be aware of the feelings of those around you and try to put yourself in their place. I am never averse to a big hug that brings warmth, heartfelt love, and kindness along with it. Chiron the healer in the sign Pisces will be within close trine aspect to Mars and Saturn on the 25th adding another layer of caring and the ability to heal.

Since our New Moon is in the sign Virgo — our affirmations, wishes and desires will be better served if in line with all of those things that Virgo so enhances. We might find this a good time to revamp our diets and health routines — after a long summer of barbeques and burgers — it is probably time to wean ourselves away from these tasty treats and start adding those fresh veggies from our gardens or our local produce purveyors. Find a new way to spice up your exercise routine — take a brisk walk at lunchtime, wake up a half-hour early to get a short workout in to jumpstart your day, be aware of your posture and your daily activity levels. Virgo also is a sign of service to others — perhaps you can find an outlet in volunteering or mentoring that will bring you satisfaction. Of course, anything is on the table when wishing on the New Moon — especially since the Moon is in Virgo — be as precise as you can in writing out your affirmations, name names, write out end dates, add any detail that will augment your plea. Be bold and daring in expanding your ideas and keep positive thoughts while writing your list. Breathe == meditate — feel — taste — see — yourself receiving your dreams come true! Believe in your innate power to change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better — it is in your hands, your heart, and your spirit to influence your life throughout this journey here on Earth. Begin now — with the energy of the Virgo New Moon helping you to manifest the changes you want to make. Simply put — the Force is with you — in you — and awaiting your call.

The best times to write out your affirmations is all day on the 25th and the 24 hours that follow — this is the optimal time — but the energy persists for the next few days. Give yourself the gift of hope, wonder, and revelation — be!


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