New Moon Reminder — August 25, 2014

Tomorrow is the day to write out your affirmations and wishes with the influence of the New Moon in Virgo at 2 degrees of the sign! We all have the sign Virgo in our charts and it behooves us to find out where it lives so we can best use this energy for our betterment. The sign Virgo allows us to perfect any area with its need for accuracy and its ability for finding better ways in which to attend to any problem. Draw the New Moon energy while it is in Virgo to dig deep into any difficulty or issue you may want to solve or change. With Virgo’s perspicacity you will be able to open all of the hidden and confusing areas that now befuddle you.

Virgo loves to create order and neatness, it enjoys solving puzzles that others cannot fathom, and it is that part of our chart that keeps us creating a safe and secure place where we can find our own personal well-being. Where Virgo lives we will be aware of our health, our vitality and our physical persona. Here we can bring our best game to keep us safe and well and in-touch with our inner being. Use the forces of our Galaxial surroundings to improve your time here on Earth.

Since the New Moon crests at 9:13 AM EST — all day will be advantageous to write out your affirmations and wishes. Take the time to believe in yourself and the importance of your being here, now, at this time and in this place. Be outrageous, bold and single-minded in your quests — allow yourself to stretch your imagination to push the envelope of possibilities as far as imaginable. Dream big dreams and don’t hold anything back! You deserve to be here, to be happy, to have love, and to reach your goals.

The quality of your life is in your own hands — bring your A-game to the fore and reach for the stars! You are a karmic child of the Universe — you are a unique miracle of Nature — allow yourself the blessings of wonder, awe, respect and hope. Amaze yourself — soar into the infinite heights of your bliss!


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