September’s Planetary Activity — Full Moon in Pisces – September 8, 2014

I am here at my desk, shaking my head and thinking “Where did the summer go?” Our few truly sunny and warm months have seemingly flown into the future and now fall beckons. Although we are experiencing a late waft of hot and steamy weather — the pool looks refreshing amid the falling leaves and acorns dropping like stones upon the unwary. Still there is an edge to the breeze, a slight hint of the coolness to come. The air smells different too — earthier, filled with the scent of the autumn flowers — the allergy-triggering ragweed pollen can be seen floating on the wind, and the summer blooms are fading, allowing the russet colors of asters and mums to take over the vivid and riotous display of petunias, impatiens, and begonias. The change of season often brings a feeling of loss, of sadness and displacement. However we soon begin to be refreshed by the burgeoning new colors of the autumn displays, the smell of burning leaves that have been carefully raked off of yellowing lawns. Our bodies respond to the chill in the night air, the early darkness of the sun lowering in the west as it dips precipitously and quickly behind the horizon. New chores await — warmer clothing must be brought out of storage, and those light and wispy cotton frocks are put away! The autumn is on its way — soon followed by the cold New England winter — we who live here choose to enjoy these passages of time — we embrace each nuance of each season. The Equinox will come — and our energy will be restored with the crisp air of autumn and with an infusion of hope for the future!

September may prove to be a very active month — it’s Full Moon cresting on the 8th at 16 degrees of Pisces at 8:38 PM EST (add one hour for DST). With Mars, Saturn and Neptune also in Water signs they will be in opposition or square to the Sun and Venus while they are transiting Virgo. This may bring up emotional issues for both men and women as the Full Moon approaches and crests! Opposite the Virgo Sun we are made aware that our feelings aren’t always appreciated by all we encounter. A lovely trine aspect between the Moon in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio after the Full Moon crests may help to restore some semblance of balance — still we always must remember to keep our wits about us during the Full Moon time span and to deter any anger or upset that occurs with alacrity. Watch out for distracted drivers (which seem so prevalent now with cell phones and texting being done while at the drivers wheel) — let’s all try to get to our destinations safely by driving defensively! It is all too easy to allow our minds to drift off and become unaware of the activity surrounding us — driving is not the time to chat, text, or do anything other than drive purposefully.

As Venus enters Virgo on the 5th it will bring a more down-to-earth pragmatism to our relationships — we will begin to see our loved one in a more practical light. Also with Mercury’s transit of Libra most of this month we will be able to monitor our words in a balanced and even manner — we must tap into these aspects willingly to further our relationships with honesty and openness. The Planet Pluto will turn Direct on the 22nd and remain so until April of 2015, allowing the more positive vibrations of this Planet to assist us with our plans. While it has been Retrograde, we were more likely to seek inner sources of knowledge, now with its forward movement we can move outwardly with what we have learned and project our new-found knowledge into our plans and ideas for the future. Pluto in Capricorn is above all more aware of our shortcomings and will help us move ahead in a measured way. Bring your deepest dreams into the light, ponder your next moves carefully, and find those who will be able to help you bring them to fruition.

The New Moon will crest on the 24th, at 1:14 AM EST at 1 degree of Libra bringing some balance back into the picture — however earlier in the month there are some frustrating aspects between Mercury and Uranus that may trigger some upsets. We may have to keep our thoughts to ourselves and not talk about our personal business. If you need some financial advice, seek out a professional to discuss your future holdings. You may feel that you are experiencing a heightened and clearer sense of where you want to go or where your personal journey is leading you. Be aware of your insights and see if you can’t incorporate your new ideas into your current lifestyle. Mars and Venus aspects to Neptune can be confusing and bring some over-the-top ideas that you will have to allow time and common sense to help clear up.

Jupiter will be in positive aspect almost all month long with Uranus — especially at the end of the month, so we will have energy and a fiery enthusiasm for all of our plans. Just be aware that although this kind of aspect can bring unexpected moments of good luck, they are often fleeting and we have to be open to take advantage of whatever good will is coming our way. Keep a positive outlook, and draw those folks to you who have your best interests at heart. Forgive the naysayers who try to bring you down, and don’t allow them space in your realm. Believe in your abilities to forge your own future with the strength of your love, honesty and true grit. Allow yourself to “see” your future unfold with all positive outcomes. Thoughts have power, validity and strength — feel the power in you and work with your innate intelligence and vivacity. You can be the hero in your own saga — believe in you!

As the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd, we become aware of how good life can be — how abundant is our Earth. How beautiful our lives can be with our ability to enjoy the bounty that is so freely given — the incredible miracles that happen every day bringing us joy! An ample harvest, a plethora of the finest produce, clean and clear runnels of water coursing throughout the land, a new born babe bringing happiness and delight, renewing our commitment to our humanity and our species. We are blessed with the wonders of our realm every day. Immerse yourself into the rhythm of the Earth, of the Galaxy and of the Universal harmony to truly live each moment to the full.

Allow this month of seasonal change to refresh your body, your mind and your spirit with the ultimate enjoyment of what it means to be human — feel your humanity and embrace every fiber of your being. You are the wonder of the Universe — Be!


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