Autumnal Equinox — September 22, 2014

As the Sun moves into the sign Libra on the 22nd at 9:29 PM EST, we celebrate our Autumnal Equinox. Equinox means equal, and our day is supposed to be an even 12 hours of daylight and night — however here in New England we don’t get to have as many daylight hours, as our Sun dips early into the western sky shortening our day. If you live closer to the Equator you have a better chance of this equality of day and night. Still this day is a kind of reckoning, a look back at the production of our farms during the verdant Summer months, reaping the harvest of fruits and vegetables we have grown. Reflecting on how we spent our Summer — on vacation, remaining at work, or a little of both. Missing those lazy days of Sun with the heat that sent us to the beaches, lakes and ponds to cool our bodies and refresh our psyches. We yearn for a few more days of Sun and sand, another round of fun, to enjoy our outdoor activities just a little while longer.

But the inevitable reality is that we are on the verge of change — our seasonal Autumn will bring days of long shadows, cooler mornings and nights, riotous foliage of orange, gold, red and russet — punctuating the bluest of blue skies. The air filled with the new scents of fall, earthy, pungent and ripe with the tang of burning leaves that have carefully been raked off lawns. Sounds seem to be more acute in the frosty air — ducks and geese are flying overhead in vee-shaped patterns heading for warmer climes, honking and quacking to keep in touch with each other. Other birds are leaving too — grackles, robins, starlings, and the tiny hummingbirds will all be heading south. However we have found that our Carolina Wrens will stay with us all through the snowy winter, as do the Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, Goldfinch, Sparrows and Woodpeckers, keeping our back yard active and alive with life throughout the cold snowy months. Change — welcomed by some, disturbing to others — but inescapable for us all. Better to embrace what is coming, bow to the foreseeable future and prepare for the new challenges, the new obligations, the exciting adventures to come.

The Equinox have been celebrated for centuries throughout the world — depending on the area, there are harvest festivals or spring rituals, thanking the Gods for their bounty or praying for a better time to follow. The Pagans celebrate Magog in ceremony and invocation — but we all have our ways of commemorating this time of change. Farmer’s markets spring up offering their produce, there are festivals to celebrate the Moon, in every case there is the expectation of what is to come and perhaps a little anxiety about whether we will be up to the tasks at hand. Still the seasons come and go and we endure whatever befalls us with aplomb and grace.

The Equinox is the entryway into our holiday season — the children are back to school, but looking forward to the joyous celebrations to come — we are back on our workaday schedules and begin planning our busy shopping, cooking and gifting days ahead. The Equinox is the time of long shadows as the Sun slants further and further in the sky — the Earth looks and feels different now — we feel the chill in the air in the early morning hours. Refreshing, clean and clear, it’s apple picking time and we know that soon the wafting aroma of hot-baked apple pie will fill our senses. We recall the past and realize we have been here before — we have succeeded in traversing these changing times, and we will once again. Whatever comes we will face the issues with our usual “can-do” mentality. We will not only manage to endure — we will thrive!

A HEADS-UP for all those who find a Retrograde Mercury a bit of a struggle, the Planet will be in Retrograde mode from October 4th until October 25th 2014, in the signs Libra and Scorpio — make sure that any plans are made before this period, and if traveling, allow extra time for any glitches along the way. Also make sure communication areas are up and running smoothly, and your car has been checked for any issues. It is never a good time to sign contracts or buy new items — if something of this nature is unavoidable — double and triple check any legal or important items thoroughly to avoid upsetting surprises. Forewarned is as always forearmed!

Enjoy this Autumnal Equinox with Elan and grace — breathe in the freshening breezes of change and go forth with a sense of adventure, wonder, and curiosity. Allow yourself to be open to all new experiences and happenings — your bliss may be right around the corner — don’t miss out on what might prove to be the opportunity of a lifetime! There will be magic in the air and wonders to behold — Believe!


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