New Moon in Libra — September 24, 2014

Our New moon this month crests in the sign Libra at one degree, on September 24th at 1:14 AM EST (add one hour for DST). It seems after the Equinox we are ready to face the challenges of the new season with zeal and energy, and the Cardinal sign Libra will be egging us on to clean up, clear out, and unclutter our living space and our lives. We all seem to have too much “stuff” — sentimental, needed, enjoyed — all good — then there is the other “stuff” — clutter, old unused clothing, souvenirs, ancient keepsakes, baubles, old bill receipts, letters, “junk” — drawers, desks and closets filled to overflowing with no longer needed items.

Our Libra New Moon can help us cut through the trash and treasures, and more importantly will help us delineate between the two! Libra loves balance, beauty, neatness and simplicity. When we work with the sign Libra, we find our lives are more aligned and in tune with what we really need, and more importantly what we should toss, trash and jettison into the realm of oblivion. Remember how good it feels once you clean up your desk top, your closet, any area of chaos — what a burden is lifted off of your shoulders! It’s as if a wave of enlightenment swathes us with the ability to be free — free of those annoying areas of our life that are holding us back — making us lazy, and allowing us to just bob along on a tide of distraction and lethargy.

This time period may also allow us to evaluate our personal relationships, are there toxic people in your life — always putting you down and nay-saying your plans. It might be the right time to break away from those who always make you feel less than yourself. You know who they are — and it is your right to eliminate those who always bring you down. Make the tough decisions to clean up your personal life along with your physical world. It is time for a clean slate to be written upon, and only you should be writing the story of your own life! Make it your personal chronicle, your narrative, your own epic saga!

On the 25th (activated all month long) Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus in Aries — this is a positive dynamic duo with fiery energy and surprises in store! Especially if you have Planets in these signs at the 15 degree point. Look to your chart to see where the impact of this combination will bring opportunity and prospects. The energy of these Planets will last into October — enjoy the boldness and uniqueness of the awakened desires and ideas this aspect engenders.

We will have the added bonus of Pluto turning direct on the 22nd, allowing us to integrate all of the inner and outer knowledge garnered over the past several months, now able to be implemented in order to keep us moving forward on our true pathway here on Earth. Pluto in Capricorn is bringing us a more practical and sensible way of looking at our lives. We can live healthier, bring more harmony, and capture the elusive spirit of our entire being into stasis by listening with our hearts and minds to our physical bodies integrated with our spiritual life-force. Allow yourself a moment to really connect all of your senses, insights and perceptions in order to find your true self. Feel your body and mind connections as a physical regeneration to your psyche. Embrace the real you! Celebrate your uniqueness and immerse yourself in the essence of your own reality.

This months New Moon crests at 1:14 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — and this and the following day will be the best times to write out your affirmations, desires, wishes and dreams. Since the Moon is in the sign Libra we can use this sign’s need for balance and beauty to enhance our requests. You might be thinking of a new hair style, or complete makeover — and this New Moon can help. Perhaps you need to renew your living space with an updated look — you can get the help you need this month from those experts in the field. Also Libra rules marriages and relationships — this time span could work in your favor if you need to have a conversation about how you will move forward together. Balance, beauty and bounty can be yours with the help of the New Moon in Libra. Think carefully about your wants and needs, and balance the two in order to form a perfect affirmation that will enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Family and friends, companions and cohorts, partners and pals — all of these relationships can be made better with a few well-chosen words of comfort, caring and kindness. What can this Libra New Moon bring into your life — Love!

PS. Retrograde Mercury is in place from October 4th to the 25th in Scorpio and Libra, so make plans accordingly.


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