New Moon Reminder — September 24th, 2014

For those who aspire to write out their affirmations, wishes, desires and dreams with the celestial and magical energy of the New Moon in Libra — the 24th is the day! Since the New Moon crests so early in the morning, all day is auspicious for writing out any of your requests and affirmations. Libra ruled by Venus covers all things beautiful, loving and bonding — but always looks for balance in all circumstances. Physically Libra’s realm is the lower back, kidney area, the skin and the sense of touch! How important is it to have that ability to physically “feel” the touch of someone we love? Babies especially need that skin-to-skin contact to bond as a human being, as a sentient being, as a being with five senses. A soft caress, a loving pat, an arm around one’s shoulder in times of stress — we all need to connect to our loved ones by touching them and feeling the warmth emanating from their body. Their compassion, their empathy and their love is felt through a hands-on connection. Libra can enhance our ability to communicate through the sense of touch! Sometimes just holding someone’s hand will give them the confidence they need to move forward — the first day of school, the first loss of a pet, whether the moment is good or bad — touch is the method we use to allow our feelings to be communicated when words are simply not enough. How beautiful to be able to tell someone how you feel by merely touching them, holding them, or hugging them.

Of course, the sign Libra has much more to offer — the sign that rules marriage and partners, our physical beauty (which is in the eye of the beholder), our surroundings that show our own personality and elan. Always striving for balance — so important — we need balance to physically move about — but also to keep us on an even keel mentally and emotionally throughout our lives. We look to the sign Libra to bring us beauty and balance, bounty and love! Libra is a Cardinal sign so has a great deal of impact in order to get us started on new projects. Have a new redecorating or makeover in the works? Libra can help you get going with amazing results!

Use this moment in time to work towards your own agenda — any area can be tapped into — be clear and concise if there are specific requirements you desire — or make sweeping statements about life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and love! Your own words are the power that is needed to get the ball rolling — think carefully about what your needs and desires are right now at this time. Give yourself this gift from the Galaxy, and write out your wishes with the energy and magical essence of the New Moon in Libra — believe you can move mountains with your thoughts and be amazed at the outcome of your own innate power. We are so much more than the sum of our parts — we are sentient beings with abilities beyond our ken — believe in yourself and the gifts the Universe bestows upon you. Our thoughts have substance and significance when written down, and especially when we mentally emit them out into the ether. Our affirmations and wishes can take form and begin to manifest into actual changes here on Earth. Don’t lose faith in your own abilities — with the help of the stars you will begin to see your world changing for the better, and you and your loved ones will benefit from your sincere desire to make this a kinder world for them.

Use the wonder of your inner child to wrest the enchantment and truth from your soul/spirit to reform your life into the journey of love and beauty it was meant to be — be inspired by your most ardent desires, and the magic and wonder in the ether will help to manifest your dreams. Now go on out and hug someone — find your bliss!


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