Apha-Awareness for Children — Jone Victoria — November 7, 2008

Somewhere in the 1970’s my cosmic soul-friend Nancy and I decided to write a small book called Alpha-Awareness for the Very Young Child. While this idea did not go further than her kitchen table and endless cups of coffee, it did produce a few awareness exercises to teach your child. I’ve listed one here.

The point of this exercise is to increase positive visualization and self-realization. Simply put, it begins to connect a child with the energy field that surrounds them. i.e., the aura. Children often see auras naturally. If you’re an aware parent and attentively listen, children will tell you that Aunt Minnie makes them feel safe, and the bully at school makes them feel like they are drowning. An appropriate time to start a child’s awareness development is once they can verbalize their feelings.

The physical body has an outside energy field. It’s the auric field. The aura contains our many levels of consciousness. Let’s say you broke your arm when you were eight. An adept energy worker can feel the break when working on your energy because first the auric field was broken, then the physical body. All memories, past, present and future are stored in the auric field along with physical injuries and medical problems.

The following exercise would typically be done for one minute as your child is in bed and preparing for sleep.

Ask your child to inhale for the count of four and exhale for the count of eight. You should count this out loud for the very young and do it for a minute or so. If the counts are too difficult to follow for the very young skip it until they can grasp the concept of the 4:8 count.

Say to them:

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sitting inside a beautiful pink bubble. The bubble is all around you. Over your head, and under your feet. Think, “everything wonderful comes to me, everything icky goes away from me”.

As your child matures and understands the concept of positive and negative, change the dialogue to “everything positive is attracted to me, everything negative is repelled from me”.

This was my version of a nightly prayer for my children, I encouraged them to be self-sufficient using techniques of protective energy and how to listen to my voice when I wanted to “call” them without using my voice.

I’ve been doing this exercise for forty-six years, using the image of a white light that surrounds my entire body and I still say to myself “everything positive is attracted to me, everything negative is repelled from me”.

Nancy told me that when her kids became teenagers, she would visualize a protective aura of white light as they got into a car to go out partying with their friends. One evening I was sitting in her kitchen and two of her daughters came home. Excitedly they told us they could not believe what happened to them. A car had nearly hit them head-on, and at the last second the oncoming car swerved and they were safe. It shook them up. Nancy and I exchanged knowing glances as she made another pot of coffee.

I’m just saying…..

Jone’s abilities to connect with her children, grandchildren, and others was amazing to behold. Her sensitivity to their feelings and fears allowed her to comfort them, and always made them feel protected. I have also used these methods in connecting with my own children and grandchildren and extended family. I indeed, still use a protective white aura over my entire family when I know they are out and about. I know for sure there have been several instances when this simple method worked to protect one of my loved ones throughout the years. It is such an easy thing to do for those you love — just close your eyes and using your own thoughts — see your loved one surrounded by white light. Believe they are protected by your love and energy — feel the connection that you have with your loved ones as a physical entity. Feel yourself embrace them in your protective arms. Ask that their guardian angels or spirit guides be with them in times of danger. Breathe as you allow your own power to connect with their spirit and auric field. Attract all positive energy into your heart, mind and psyche as you envelop your loved ones into the protective and beautiful white light of Universal love and safety. Such a simple but effective way to keep connected to your nearest and dearest, and help to keep them safe within the realm of your love.


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