October’s Planetary Activity — Full Moon Lunar Eclipse — October 8, 2014

October may prove to be a very spirited month because Retrograde Mercury will start on the 4th in the sign Scorpio and will last through the 25th in the sign Libra, having sway on our day-to-day activities. As always with a Rx Mercury in play, we must be aware that things can go awry — plans should be double checked, contracts will have to be vetted closely, and our transportation will have to be monitored. A little foresight will go a long way in helping us to traverse this month with as little irritation as possible.

We also have a Full Moon lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of the sign Aries close to the Planet of the unexpected Uranus! Look to your charts to become aware of what this aspect might mean for you. Of course, emotions will rise and there will be tension in the air — your chart can reveal just what is in store for you, depending on the house where all of this activity takes place. The Full Moon and Uranus are still within the orb of a trine to Jupiter — I feel that Jupiter brings some form of protection into the fray! In Leo Jupiter is generous and lordly — and will help to modify the unpredictability of the Lunar and Uranian duo — still it is best to be conscious that there might be fractious on-goings that will be sudden and unsettling. The best advice is to keep a cool head, and try to avoid those folks who might be out of control, or in a pugnacious mood. Allow yourself to be super aware of your surroundings and if you observe anything out of the ordinary — take action to sidestep any danger.

Volatility is in the stars — so all those working with any dangerous chemicals, explosives, construction machinery or other elements that are hazardous will have to be especially careful. Also first responders will have to take special care not to be taken unawares when answering emergency calls. I always feel that the few days prior to a Full Moon are especially fragile, and unforeseen circumstances can prevail. So from the 1st of the month — keep your “Spidey” senses on alert! After the Full Moon crests on the 8th at 5:51 EST (add one hour for DST) we will be gearing up for the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 23rd at 4:57 PM EST (ditto the one hour for DST), at 0 degrees of Scorpio! The New Moon will conjunct Venus enveloping us in its aura of beauty and love! You may find that you are moved to tears in a happy way, you might find yourself being more imaginative and inspired to create beauty around yourself or for your loved ones. Be prepared to alter your course in light of new information or conditions that will impact your forward movement. Try to use the energies of the New Moon to move forward in your true pathway — allow yourself to “see” all of the beauty that can be garnered from this Earthly existence. Immerse yourself in the “here and now” — be in the moment! Breathe in the positive vibes that emanate from the Galaxy and renew your commitment to your dreams and ideals.

The celebration of Halloween should be fun and quirky as the Moon will be in the sign Aquarius, in sextile to Uranus early in the day raising excitement and in trine to Mercury at dusk keeping in tune with the capriciousness of trick and treating. We will see all manner of unique costumes and treats will be sure to be plentiful. The only caveat is to be discerning when faced with the bounty of those candy treats gathered whilst Halloween reigned — there will indeed be the tendency to overindulge in all things tasty and sweet!

A busy, exciting and perhaps challenging month (with Rx Mercury) and Halloween piquing the zeal of children and adults alike! Go with the flow of the Galaxial momentum — be open to the new and unusual, and be aware of any incipient issues arising that were unexpected. Allow yourself to enjoy each day with its ebb and flow of activities throughout this busy month and tap into your inner-child to bring back the awe and wonder of our Halloween celebration — feel the exhilaration from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! Hold on to all of the glee that was once yours — enjoy the glitter and glam of fairies, pirates, super-heroes, ghosties, and goblins bounding throughout the land! Breathe in the aura of Halloween’s past and look forward to the new celebrations — remember there is always candy corn!

Blessed Be!


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