Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries — October 8, 2014

A surfeit of energy in the ether is propelled by the coming Lunar Eclipse and the Grand-Trine of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus all in Fire signs stirring the eddies of the Universe. With the Sun in Libra there will be a need for us to find a balance within the surging waves of these powerful aspects. The Full Moon in Aries is conjunct unpredictable Uranus but trine powerful Jupiter in Leo! These interactions are propelling us into action — so we must take a step back and observe whether our actions are going to have a positive result or will they create controversy and dismay.

Anyone who has the Sun, Moon or any Planets close to 15 degrees of Aries will in some way feel the impact of these combined connections. Those whose birthdays are within a few days of October 8th are within the orb of these excessive energies, as are those whose birthday is near April 3rd through the 8th! Allow yourself to be aware of the swirling energies surrounding you this first week in October. And with the Planet Jupiter in trine to the Full Moon degree, I feel that Jupiter brings along a safety net of sorts, an area of protection. Look to the house where Jupiter in Leo is currently residing, and there you will find your safe harbor! For those whose birthdays or Planets are close to the degree of this Lunar Eclipse, there will be changes in store for the next few months ahead. Choose to move forward with courage and an element of adventure rather than one of fearfulness and dread! Attitude goes a long way in creating and drawing more positive energies and helpful folks towards you. There are already signs of overwhelming stress and angst in the world today — but we always have the choice to look for the silver lining amongst the clouds. If we all create a safe-haven in our minds and psyches, our outlook will improve and the outcome will be better for ourselves and our families.

We can have the best of all possible worlds just by allowing our inner-light to shine through! Be clear in your own mind — and be at one with your spirit, know that you deserve all good things in life. You are a child of the Universe — born of the stars — created in love — and you are the hope of the future of mankind.


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