New Moon in Scorpio — October 23, 2014

Our New Moon crests in the sign Scorpio at zero degrees on October 23rd this month — at 4:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST). This is also the day of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at zero degrees. All those whose birthday is near the cusp of Scorpio or Taurus will be in a brand new cycle — also — those who have Planets that are conjunct these degrees will have an opportunity to find new outlets for their plans. Depending on the house location, you can determine what kind of effect this dynamic duo will have that can spruce up your agenda. The New Moon always gives us a kind of breath of fresh air during the month — it has the ability to clean out the detritus of all that has been swirling about in the ether and presents us with new alternatives. It may just be a new way of looking at our issues, or it might be a total renovation of what we thought was necessary for our happiness! Every New Moon is a new opportunity to renew, refresh, and restore our ideas and our ideals.

With the Moon in the sign Scorpio we will sense a profound depth of being able to feel everything in a heightened emotional state — our feelings will be enhanced and our innate sense of fairness, truth and honesty will be brought to the surface. We will be able to look our demons, our fears in the eye with a clear and precise idea of what we truly want and how we want to get it. We can begin with a clean slate — allowing any negativity, oppression, or pessimism to fall by the wayside. We can, if we wish, renew our psyche with the optimism that tomorrow will be a better day! Not in a Pollyanna/saccharine manner, but with the clarity of knowing that we are on our true pathway throughout this lifetime. We can draw towards ourselves those positive vibes, people, and situations that will enhance every moment of our day and allow us to rise to the heights of our fulfillment here on Earth.

Also on the 23rd there will be a beautiful conjunction of the Moon with Venus in Scorpio and it is soon followed by a lovely trine on the 24th to Neptune in Pisces — all of this activity will be enhancing our sense of beauty, love, and that hidden sense of mysticism that resides in all of us (acknowledged or not). We will be feeling every little nuance of the auras that are swirling around in the ether and within our own spheres of activity. It will behoove us to take notice of those we love and care for within our families — we will need to reinforce our commitment to others and will need them to recommit to us. We will be more aware of how much our loved ones mean to us, and how dependent we all are to one another. We will want to become even closer and more committed to those we love in a happy and healthy way. Our journey here is intimately intertwined with those who are closest to us, and we must realize that to successfully conclude our days here upon the Earth with completeness and cohesiveness, we need each others input and loving kindness to help us on our way. We also will be helped to move forward when Mercury turns direct at 16 degrees of Libra on the 25th — use the forward motion and positive power of the Planets to keep the flow of your life going in a progressive and optimistic manner.

The sign Scorpio is so diverse and covers so many areas that almost anything can be on your affirmation/wish list — transformation, hidden depths, power, sex, the courage of your convictions, physical strength, life and death, seeking a higher power, renewal and strong feelings. Keep your thoughts on the greater good that emanates from you — allow yourself to concentrate on those ideals that you would like to see come to fruition. Meditate, cogitate, and negotiate with your inner being to find those desires that will bring the most positive changes into your life and the lives of your loved ones. We do not journey alone on this Planet, we are intimately involved in communicating with our fellow man — it is our duty to find answers to life’s questions through our familial connections and our friendships. We all must teach, we all must learn, we are all in this lifetime together for a reason — to evolve into our highest being. Do not negate the lessons we must learn from others — there is an ebb and flow to our lives here that brings us to the eventual culmination of our life here on Earth. We want to have flourished, been enlightened, and been loved and loving throughout our time here to reach our full potential as the most fully realized human being we are meant to be. We can only accomplish this feat by interacting with our friends, loved ones and families and perhaps our nemesis and foes also. Whatever this journey encompasses — love, hate, envy, jealousy, kindness, adoration, fun, happiness, silly times, heartbreak, loss, illness, joy, profundity, and awareness — all of these and more are our human way of connecting to one another and growing in truth and light.

Make this month’s affirmations and wishes count towards your evolving into the person you know you can be, that you want to be, that will reflect your true self. Arise to the occasion of being the best of humanity and feel the centuries of ancestors that have gone before you in order to breathe in the essence of the ancient knowledge that has genetically been passed on to you. We all have that moment of “knowing” something that has no Earthly emanation — we just know! Allow yourself to just know. Believe in your knowing!

The New Moon in Scorpio crests at 4:57 Pm on the 23rd — all evening and the following 24 hours will be apropos to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires — don’t lose this opportunity to have a positive effect on your own life and the lives of your loved ones. Do this for yourself to enhance your life here and now. Once your wishes are entered into the ether — they have the ability to manifest into your own reality and bring you a better quality of life and love. Allow yourself to believe in the power of yourself and the Universe to be a positive force for good. With the best qualities of humanity we can and will endure, flourish and indeed thrive in loving kindness. Be that force for virtue — be an inspiration to all who know you — be that spark of love that ignites all that is good in this world — be!


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