New Moon Reminder — October 23, 2014

The New Moon crests at 4:57 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at zero degrees of Scorpio on the 23rd — which also brings a solar eclipse, enhancing the already intense energies we expect with the sign Scorpio. Tailor your requests and affirmations to bring out the highest power of the sign by moving with the flow of Scorpio’s intensity and depth!

Pluto rules the sign Scorpio and is the higher octave of Mars — so we can plumb the depths of our deepest desires whilst writing out our affirmations. Regeneration, transformation, and rejuvenation are all covered by Pluto’s aura — also the underworld, poisons, insurance, taxes and death come under its realm. Scorpio has the deepest feelings and understanding of the weaknesses of mankind, but also knows the heights to which he can aspire!

Allow yourself to renew and regenerate your life with a few well-chosen wishes written after the New Moon crests and all the rest of the evening. Do you long for a fresh breath of air to enter your realm? Do you want to feel the intensity of every moment of your day in order to make the most of them? Can you imagine yourself in control of your own life? Scorpio can bring us to the peak of honesty, integrity and our highest ideals. Work with the energy in the ether to enhance your chances of success in putting your affirmations out into the Universal flow. Are you being held back by jealousy, envy or resentment — (all under Scorpio’s reign) — ask to be released from these lesser feelings, and empower yourself to rise above petty peevishness. Realize how unimportant some of your issues truly are — and allow them to dissipate into the mists of renewal and transformation. Concentrate on how you can move forward with a positive and optimistic attitude — Scorpio can overcome any dark feelings of despair. Choose the higher powers of Scorpio — the Eagle and the Dove — and embrace their lofty dignity and message of peace! Do not dwell in darkness — darkness perpetuates depression and desolation. Look to the Light of loving kindness — and tap into the deep feelings Scorpio can engender with a positive attitude of openness and optimism.

With the strength of Pluto and Scorpio you can and will overcome any negativity in your life — with the energies of the New Moon in Scorpio, you can begin your journey anew with your strength of character, elan and grace.

Happiness is the silver lining around the dark clouds — waiting to shine its Heavenly light down upon us, if we but allow it into our hearts! Find Happiness! Allow Happiness! Be Happy!


One comment on “New Moon Reminder — October 23, 2014

  1. Tim says:

    Good luck tomorrow Nana. I’m thinking of you. Love Tim.

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