November’s Planetary Activity

With the Sun in Scorpio until the 22nd of this month, riding along with Venus until the 16th and with Mercury when it enters Scorpio on the 8th, we will experience stronger feelings coming to the fore. If there are underlying issues that haven’t been explored or examined, this intense time-span will thrust them to the fore. Be prepared to discuss any familial or partnership concerns that have been on the back burner or totally ignored. Prepare to be able to defend your position and be sure to know all the facts, allow yourself to calmly present your side of the situation with a clear and open mind. Listen to the concerns of others without interrupting or campaigning for your own ideas. There should be a give and take approach in all discussions — if the conversations seems to be getting a bit heated — back off and try to defuse the situation before things get out of hand. It may be a good idea to arrange a neutral time and place to clarify any long-term problems. The Full Moon in Taurus is on the 6th at 14 degrees of the sign, cresting at 5:23 PM EST — Taurus is noted for its determination and perhaps stubbornness — so it may be best to avoid any talks on this particular day.

Also — any hidden secrets could be brought out into the open — any shifty business dealings will be brought to light. If you are aware of any underhanded ongoing, be advised that it will be uncovered and there will be consequences. Honesty and truth will out — it is always best to remain on the side of sincerity and morality.

The New Moon this month is on the 22nd at 7:32 AM EST at 0 degrees of Sagittarius — this sign always seems to me to bring us the joy of entering the holiday season. The sign Sagittarius often seems to be looking to the future with optimism — and we can use the upbeat nature of this sign to begin our journey through the busy, hectic season to come. We are energized and there is a breath of fresh air wafting in the ether that will help to keep us in a positive and hopeful attitude in order to get us through our busy days ahead. People appear to smile more easily, are more accommodating in their day-to-day chores and work, and the overall effect is infectious and brings more and more joy and good feelings to all.

With the Full Moon on the 6th in Taurus bringing some stubborn insistence on our own ideas, and a conflict later in the week between Mars, Pluto and Uranus in the air — there is the danger of tempers flaring for little or no reason, and overstating the issues. Keep in mind that these aspects will dissipate in a few days — keep your mind on long-term goals and allow any minor nuisances to just slide — don’t get involved with minutiae! Walk away from those who would involve you in an angry tirade.

A more upbeat and creative time-span will follow, so if you have some unusual or innovative ideas on the back burner — now will be the time to put them forth. With the help of Mercury in good aspect to Pluto your novel plans can be put into action with unexpected help along the way. Our only caveat will be not to exceed your budget as we enter our busy holiday frenzy — keep to your budget and plan out all of your purchases with thoughtfulness before hitting the stores where there are always tempting “bargains” to be had. Stick to your lists and ignore the hype and fanfare — you will feel good about getting just what you wanted, and won’t be facing buyer’s-remorse when the credit card bills come in over the next few months.

On a positive note, the Planet Neptune will go direct in the sign Pisces on the 16th and will help to awaken all of those dreams or imaginings we have been thinking about for the last few month while it was retrograde. Our psyche has been piqued and we have a better understanding of what we need to do to move forward on our journey here on Earth. Neptune has been tweaking our imaginations with what is possible, not necessarily what is practical. Our job is to blend the two into a whole — take the innovative ideas you have been pondering and be realistic in determining how you will bring them into fruition. Be brutally honest with yourself about your ability to evoke change and when you are sure you have the answer move forward with determination and elan!

Toward the end of the month, Mercury will enter Sagittarius along with the Sun, and we will feel a sense of renewal and optimism. Our energies will be able to be spent wisely and we will look forward to the coming family-oriented days ahead! Move ahead in knowing you will be enjoying those reunions, parties, and festivities that are the traditions of your kith and kin. Ours is a never-ending renewal of faith, love, and connection over eternities. Immerse yourself in our human interactions of friends and family — it’s why we exist — why we endure — why we believe!

Be true to yourself — believe in you — BE!


2 comments on “November’s Planetary Activity

    • Hi — This was last year’s post for November — the latest (2015) November posting is under the heading “November’s Astrological Activity” — this year the New Moon was on the 11th in Scorpio! The Full Moon is on the 25th in Gemini — sorry for any confusion! Nancy

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