Full Moon in Taurus — November 6, 2014

The Full Moon crests at 14 degrees of the sign Taurus at 5:23 PM EST on November 6th. In the early morning hours of the 6th there are some pleasant aspects that will make us eager to face the day. The Taurus Moon sextiles Neptune in the wee hours after midnight, bringing some interesting dreams states and wishful thinking — then as we are waking up the Moon trines Mars giving us energy to spare and an upbeat attitude in looking forward to our day ahead — next around noon we have the Moon in good aspect to Pluto — giving us the desire to dig deep into any issues that are imminent or perhaps just making us look forward to a hearty lunch!

As the Moon proceeds to its Full state tensions increase, and we are propelled into some intense feelings — the atmosphere becomes a bit more heavy and we are pressured to respond. Remember to allow yourself to remain calm whatever is swirling around you — try to keep out of the fray! The sign Taurus can increase our determination to have our own way — so it might be best not to push your own agenda too harshly. Taurus, ruled by Venus is prone to enjoy the sweeter side of life — and this is the side one should tap into during the blossoming Full Moon. Taurus above all are loyal to those they love and care for, and they will always be there for their families.

Since the Full Moon crests about the time of our usual “rush-hour”– it behooves us to remain calm, not engender any road rage, and bide our time in getting home or to our destination safely. A few minutes more or less won’t make that much difference especially if the outcome is that we arrive safe and sound! Ignore those who would challenge you in any venue — and avoid any confrontation during this time span.

The only other caveat I would mention is that Taurus has a hearty appetite, and when frustrated or exasperated they can find food a calming influence. Don’t overindulge in any comfort foods or sweets and you will feel a lot better the next day in knowing you successfully traversed the Full Moon energies, and were in total control of all of your appetites! Of course, that leftover Halloween candy might be calling you — just remember moderation in all things and you will be fine.

Safe travels to all — Peace!


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