New Moon in Sagittarius — November 22, 2014

Our New Moon on the 22nd this month, crests at zero degrees of Sagittarius and peaks at 7:32 AM EST. For me the New Moon in the sign Sagittarius engenders warm feelings that bring us into our holiday season. With Thanksgiving being celebrated on the 27th this year, our families gather together to celebrate their gratitude for the blessings in their lives, we have a moment to reflect and recall all of our loved ones and the good things we are able to enjoy. This day is the calm before the storm of the usual holiday crescendo that will ensue for the next few weeks — ending with our celebrations of gift-giving and family reunions. I so enjoy the Feast of Thanksgiving — our traditions are alive and well, as we join together in family groups to count our blessings. We talk about our heritage, our past holidays, missing those loved ones who live far away, and recalling those who are no longer with us except in spirit. We feel deep down into our souls the many who have gone before us, who have given us the customs and traditions to carry on with our lives. Whether it is a massive turkey dinner with all the “fixin’s” or just a simple repast with a couple of friends — we stop a moment in our frenetic lives to remember how lucky we are to have people who love us — who care about us — who allow us to be ourselves!

On the 16th of the month the Planet Neptune turned direct from its retrograde motion of the past few months bringing us a more positive flow of intuition, prescience, and awareness. While retrograde you may have experienced vivid dream states and had some obscure feelings of angst. However, with its forward motion we can use Neptune’s spirituality and psychic dimensions to tune in to our surroundings and feel the aura of those around us. If you have Neptune in a strong house position, be sure to try to find the illusory beauty and positive inner spirit within yourself — and keep a protective aura of white light surrounding you and your loved ones. Neptune rules Pisces and is the higher realm of Venus — so we can immerse ourselves in fantasy very easily — not seeing the reality of our existence. A negative Neptune can turn to mind altering substances if not properly under control. It behooves us all to only tune into the positive and optimistic side of Neptune’s deeply sensitive and psychic gifts.

When the Sun and Moon are riding together on the 22nd in Sagittarius we are impelled to move forward with elan! The sunny nature and optimistic outlook of our Sagittarius brethren will begin to make us look forward to our holidays with ecstatic glee. The New Moon propels us towards a new cycle of growth and development. Especially those who are born within a few days of the New Moon will be presented with opportunities to move forward on their pathway through this lifetime. Prepare yourself to take advantage of the offers that are appearing — whether a promotion, new job, the prospect of traveling, or as in my own case a husband who will be retiring from a job he has had for over 58 years. The changes will need time to be absorbed into our psyches, and we will have to make allowances for our individual schedules, finding ways to blend our time together with the time we need to be alone and quiet. We all must be open to taking a chance to move ahead with proper consideration of all the ramifications these changes will beget. Flexibility, consideration and respect will be necessary to traverse these changing times — and with a little humility and a lot of humor we will endure and even thrive in our new and unfamiliar situation. Allow yourself to ponder any new prospects that come your way — even if you don’t act on them immediately — you will know that there are other possibilities available to you to take advantage of in the future. Enter your version of a “Brave New World” and push the envelope to become the best version of yourself!

As always our New Moon presages the time to write out our affirmations, dreams, wishes and hopes to put them into the ether to manifest into a new and better reality for ourselves and our loved ones. All day on the 22nd will be the most positive time to write out your wishes — use the power of the Sagittarius New Moon to boost your optimism about the future. Above all — the sign Sagittarius looks forward to the future with an eye to improving one’s lot in life. They love to make plans, prepare and push themselves to achieve their goals with good feelings, a sense of being able to get ahead, and they draw many who want to help them along their pathway! There is something about Sagittarian energy that is uplifting and inspiring — almost divine. Perhaps it is the fact that most Sagittarians seem to be able to tap into their inner child — connecting to that innocence and purity that is blameless. They often see the beauty in all of us — allowing us our human flaws with no judgement. Bring the power and energy of the Sagittarius New Moon into play by tapping into the strength of the signs realm — using the optimism, life affirming attitude, and child-like naivete to help in writing out your desires.

Include wishes for your loved ones, for those who are in need whether physically, emotionally or mentally, for those in flux and lost, for those who depend on your good intentions. You have the power to change your life for the better — take a few moments to think about what would make the most positive impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones — write out your affirmations and wishes clearly — spell out every nuance that you wish to see manifest into your life and then while writing your list — keep your mind confidant that you are putting constructive changes into the ether where they will begin to take hold to become your reality.

The power of the New Moon is palpable and can energize our lives with positive change — allow yourself this simple task — and see how your thoughts and ideas can improve your life for the better. Soon the holidays will be upon us, and we will rejoice to see our loved ones on these happy and joyous occasions — live every moment of your life as if it were your last — enjoy every second of every day to the full — and you will never have any regrets. Life is for living, for loving for caring and being! What a beautiful and wondrous chance we have during our lives to live fully, to love deeply and to completely realize our potential as an evolving human being! We are blessed — Peace!


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