New Moon Reminder — November 22, 2014

The New Moon in Sagittarius will crest at 7:32 AM EST on the 22nd, so all day long will be apropos to write out your affirmations, dreams, wishes and thoughts. If you only write out your affirmations once in a while, do it now while the Moon is in this positive and outgoing sign. Especially as we near the end of the current year, we can look back and see how well we have done in our journey throughout 2014. Have you accomplished some of your goals? all of your goals? or have you missed the mark due to unforeseen circumstances or the inability to find your pathway?

Our New Moon in Sagittarius has the love-of-life attitude and the forward thinking that can help you attain your goals. This sign has the optimism, eagerness, and ability to push through all impediments and roadblocks to impel you into the right path, take you to the opportunities you need, and will eagerly leap into any fray with the outlook that anything can be accomplished if you area aware, prepared, and willing to go the distance. Sagittarius is kind of like the long-distance runner — as they hit the “wall” — they push through again and again — knowing they have the talents and skills to reach their goal! Yes — they have trained, edged ahead second-by-second to reach their personal bests — and they are assured because of their preparations that they will attain their goals.

If you don’t write out anything at all but — “I am where I belong at this present moment” — or — “I am drawing towards myself only positive energy and I reject all negativity” — or “I wish to reach my goals in a happy way”. Just write out something that you deeply care about and want to see manifest in your life. Now is such a good time to reach into your psyche and pull out those forgotten dreams and put them into the Universal ether to begin to take hold in order to bring your wishes into fruition. Nothing is off the table — but if you use the Sagittarius realm to help implement your ideas it is even stronger. Sagittarius rules religion, the law, long journeys, banking, sports, higher education, and all new projects — and since Jupiter is its ruling Planet (also the co-ruler of Pisces) — we can add psychic occurrences, chemicals, anesthesia, water, narcotics, the fishing and shipping industries, and our dream states (to a somewhat lesser degree).

I really cannot urge you enough to use this fortunate time-span to help yourself to improve your life — at zero degrees of the sign Sagittarius, it is truly the beginning of a new cycle for all of us — wherever Sagittarius lives in your zodiac chart will be the most opportune area for you to concentrate upon. Soon the Planet Saturn will enter Sagittarius, and we will become aware of our shortcomings in this area, or we will find we are rewarded for our efforts here. Use this New Moon in Sagittarius to set up positive vibes for your future. Doing this will ensure that your ideas, plans and goals have been entered into the ether to begin to flourish into your reality.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to take pen to paper during this New Moon event — Sagittarius gives us so many positive ways to promote our agenda — take this time to write out your affirmations and begin to reap the appropriate rewards that are due you! Immerse yourself into the mindset of a winner in the game of life! You have the skills to reach your ultimate goals with a little help from the Galaxial harmony that is always swirling around us. Tap into all of your energy and the energy of the Universe whilst writing out your wishes — feel your power as you put your intentions down on paper — the truth and authenticity of your desires is imbedded within your psyche — draw out those genuine needs and desires. Improve your life and the lives of all whom you love — bring your idea of reality into existence now! Be aware, idealistic and optimistic within your deepest self. Bring beauty and truth into your own realm! Peace!


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