December’s Planetary Activity

December is always a busy month as we wind down to the last whirlwind days of the current year. The Full Moon appears on the 6th in the sign Gemini at 14 degrees, and crests at 7:27 AM EST. This is always a lively Full Moon in a mutable sign that brings a bit of whimsy and perhaps some unexpected excitement or perhaps some controversy. Our airy Gemini gives us a bounce with its super mental capacity, and we will be able to come up with new and unusual ways to meet our goals. With many holiday parties being planned for the coming weekends, we are hoping we can tap into the “fun” pairing of our Gemini/Sagittarius usual good nature! Still it is a Full Moon and all of our usual caveats remain. Check the house placements of Gemini/Sagittarius and there you will find the action-packed area that will be impacted.

Our New Moon will blend with the Winter Solstice on the 21st at zero degrees of the sign Capricorn at 8:35 PM EST, leading us into our Holiday celebrations with a practical and steady hand. With the combination of the Winter Solstice and the New Moon’s vibrant energies colliding, this will be a very dynamic day with the vibrancy and vigor to make us take notice and feel the frisson of joie de vivre tingle throughout our body.

On the 8th the Planet Jupiter will turn Retrograde at 22 degrees of Leo — some of us may find a way to correct an error or go back to apologize for a faux pas! Don’t try to appear “above” your station now — people won’t take kindly to anyone displaying entitled behavior. If you are prone to talking in an excessive manner, being a braggadocio, or just like to “polish” your own halo, beware of doing it during this time span — your hyperbole will be exposed for what it is — a boorish and self-promoting characteristic. You will turn people off and be sidelined for any real interest.

Of special note is the fact that our teaching Planet Saturn will be ending its 2+ years in Scorpio and will enter Sagittarius on the 23rd for its 2+ year stay in this mutable fire sign. If your Sun is in Sagittarius or conversely in its opposite sign Gemini, you will find challenges ahead that can seem unfair and unjust. However, as with any test that Saturn might bring, when faced with strength of character and a sincere will to overcome any deficits, you will find your rewards. As Saturn changes signs every two and a half years more or less, we will find that it impacts all of us somewhere in our charts — no one is off the hook whenever and wherever Saturn takes up residence. I feel that Saturn is a grounding and important element that keeps us honest, dutiful, and on track! However, that said, some of the lessons it might bring can be painful, difficult to overcome, and might leave us feeling as if we’d just encountered a rabid animal with no awareness of the trouble it has wrought. As Saturn traverses the Zodiac, it hones us, matures us, and makes us stronger, wiser, and more sensible and judicous in our choices. Without this Planet we would be like a boat cast adrift — jostled about on an angry sea to land wherever the tide takes us — with Saturn we are grounded in reality and truth. It is our duty to work with the limitations that are presented to us, and to overcome the roadblocks we encounter. Doing so will allow us to reach the pinnacle of our personal bests. Use the power of Saturn in Sagittarius to fulfill your highest destiny — complete your journey with the knowledge that you met the enemy and made a friend! Try to enjoy the checks and balances of Saturn’s teachings — you will become more than the sum of your parts — you will touch immortality.

As with any year’s ending, December brings us many opportunities to review the past year, and to make plans for the year ahead. We often connect with our loved ones during this month for holiday celebrations or just catching up with letters and notes. We can take note of how well we spent our 365 days or how we just let it fly by with little thought or action. How often do you hear someone say — “Where did the year go? I cannot believe Christmas is almost here! I never got to_____, I just ran out of time!” Well — as the saying goes — “There is always next year” — and we should attempt to make sure we live each of our days to the full — so we aren’t one of those who regret time’s passing without even noticing. I know this world is in a frenetic state and we are all too busy at times to do anything but endure — but we also have those times when we can and should make a difference in our lives and the lives of those under our care. Don’t allow time to just pass you by — decide to live each moment, second, day, month and year with a conscious motivation.

Our Sagittarius Sun can motivate us to look to the future and plan our pathway with good decisions and an optimistic outlook. Sagittarius keeps in touch with their inner-child, so things always seem new and appealing to them. Every meal is the best they ever had — every new experience is the most fun for them, all of their attention is on the moment! Still, their symbol is the Centaur who is aiming an arrow into the future! So their minds can consider the now and the then! Use this feature of Sagittarius to help you make your own plans for your now and your then. With Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter we can restore our faith in ourselves, in our family, and in our future. We can find our Bliss!

The Planet of energy and passion, Mars — will be entering Aquarius on the 4th and will give us a quirky and unusual way of seeing what has to be done. We will find we are more likely to take things as they are and work with them to help us meet our goals without rancor or bitterness. We will “go with the flow” much more than usual and with a positive motivation that will encourage us to move forward with a new outlook! We may surprise ourselves with what we come up with for gifts and tokens of our affection. Our feelings will be piqued with curiosity and wanting to “know” what others truly want. We may be overcome with the depth of what we are thinking and feeling. Allow yourself to truly feel, to truly think, to truly be aware!

With Venus on the 10th, Mercury on the 16th, and the Sun on the 21st all in Capricorn riding along with Pluto in place all month long, we have a bevy of earthy, useful, expedient energy to help us get through these hectic holiday weeks with clear thinking (Mercury), lots of loving thoughts (Venus), dynamic ideas (Pluto), and utmost practicality (Sun). We can tap into the stellar display of abundant energies being expelled throughout December! The Universe is always giving us the tools to move ahead with our plans — work with each element in order to maximize your potential.

We can glean an abundance of Universal energies that can help us traverse the frenzied and frenetic holiday craze. We can control our emotions, husband our energy, and make useful choices if we allow ourselves to tap into the earthy practical Capricorn vitality that abounds this month. You can and will be successful in your endeavors if you stay the course of your ideas and make plans to implement them with a hands-on approach!

This is a season of unbounded joy, of faith, of love, of coming together with all good wishes! Remember throughout this month that it will be your genuine love of family, kindness to those less fortunate, your generosity of spirit that will be remembered — long after the gifts are opened, admired and put aside — what remains in memory is after all, our Love!

Holiday Blessings to All


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