Saturn Enters Sagittarius — December 23, 2014

Part One

Saturn our Planet of discipline, teaching, and delay will enter the Sign Sagittarius on December 23rd at 11:38 AM EST, staying in Sagittarius until December 19, 2017. There will, however, be a short Retrograde period whilst it hies back to Scorpio from June 14th to September 17th 2015, where we may get the chance to correct a past mistake or revisit an old issue. Saturn is a quite different animal in Sagittarius than it was in Scorpio, where it was more at home in the deep water sign — both comfortable in traversing the more obscure elements of humankind’s darker side. Digging down to the core values of our human condition seeking basic truths — Saturn in Scorpio brought much deceit and underhandedness to the fore. A burgeoning lack of faith in the Federal Government has brought sweeping changes in the make up of Congress, showing wide disapproval of the way things were going. We are now aware of how much fossil fuels are negatively impacting the physical earth, polar caps melting, our oceans having dead zones, and pollution so bad some countries wear face masks in their day-to-day activities. Also more fear and concern about local policing policies, has led the way to wide-spread rioting and marches where those who believe they are being given less than fair justice are allowing their voices to rise in protest. Saturn in Sagittarius, the Sign that rules the law and justice — may help to resolve many of today’s burning issues.

Sagittarius is a Mutable Sign, along with Pisces, Gemini and Virgo! Mutable Signs are usually a little more able to deal with change and accommodate sudden occurrences. We will have what is called a Mutable square with Neptune in its ruling Sign Pisces squaring off with Saturn in
Sagittarius in the early degrees of both signs! This is not a comfortable combination as Neptune often obfuscates the reality of what is going on, and Saturn is trying to dig up the Truth! Later in the middle of next year, Jupiter will join the fray by moving into the Sign Virgo, creating a Mutable T-Square — the possibilities are enormous in having these Planets at odds! Having these major planets each in a Mutable Sign in a negative aspect to one another has a plethora of possible outcomes. We’ll try to break down the complexities of these Planetary giants and their individual persona in each sign, and then try to show how they will interact between themselves! So many possibilities, so little time and space to spell it all out in a comprehensible and logical sequence. However, we will try to make sense of the forces at work, and the long-term consequences of their interplay. It is as if the world is being put on notice — clean up your act or pay the price! We are muddying up our world and giving little thought to the need to conserve our natural resources. The greediness of big business is overshadowing any thought of morality in making allowances for the future of the Earth and its inhabitants. There is also a wider and wider margin between the “haves” and the “have-nots”. These and other issues are under serious scrutiny, good folks can only take unfairness and outright gluttony for so long. There comes a time when “push comes to shove” and in some egregious manner we will be forced to answer for our carelessness and our callousness.

Of course, all of us will be individually impacted by this dance macabre that will be ongoing during Saturn’s trek throughout Sagittarius. Look to your chart to see where Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo live — these areas will be those that will be in the fray. Mutable Sign folks will be challenged depending on the houses where these Signs live. If you have a niggling feeling that a chapter is ending, and a new one beginning — you may be right. There will be a lot going on in the next few months as Saturn tries to get comfortable in its new Sagittarian shoes. These two are not the most compatible as Saturn wants, indeed needs stability, and Sagittarius isn’t averse to shaking up the status quo.

We don’t want to wallow in the negatives of this major Planetary change, so what’s the upside? Well, Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter has a playful and whimsical side — indeed, Sagittarians keep in touch with their inner-child and tap into the innocence and joyous side of human life. Saturn with its stern outlook and intense work ethic will try to offset the more animated side of Sagittarius, but there will be a lot of back-and-forth between the two trying to keep their inner spirits alive and well while accommodating each others more serious demeanor. With Neptune in Pisces in play early on in aspect to Saturn, I believe there is a little edge to Sagittarian whimsy holding on to its more optimistic outlook on life. If these two behemoths can begin to work together, they will realize that they have a lot in common — Sagittarius ruler Jupiter rules the law, justice, banking, and politicians — we can hope saner heads will appear that will have the power to lead us in a more positive and appropriate direction. Our hope is that a modicum of conscious will impel those who wield power will realize that things must change if there is to be some societal norm that will benefit all of us. Slewing the economy and finances of the country to only benefit those who are already at the top of the food chain is the road to ruin! History has shown us the error of our ways time after time — revolution after revolution — crisis after crisis! Perhaps Saturn in the noble and principled sign of Sagittarius will bring us to the realization we must take care of all our brethren in an equal and just manner. Life on Earth is “hard duty” — we are here to learn, to discover, and to appreciate one another as unique individuals that have a common goal — to evolve into the highest realms of the human condition.

I am going to set out my version of Saturn in Sagittarius in distinct sections — Part One is an overview that gives some idea of the changes to come. Part Two will show how Saturn in Sagittarius will impact each house of the Zodiac, so that those who know their rising sign will be able to get a handle on the next couple of years. I am thinking I may also write a Part Three about each Sun Sign and how it will handle Saturn’s energy in Sagittarius.

As stated before — so much to ponder — so little time and space! We will do our best to give a simple and logical preview of what is to come. Peace!


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