Pining for Psychic Energy? — Jone Victoria — December 8, 2008

Feeling a little lethargic? Chakra wheels in a rut?

This simple exercise will boost your psychic energy.

Approach any conifer bearing tree, i.e., pine, sycamore, hemlock, etc. and hold the pine needles gently with your fingertips. Close your eyes. Breathe normally. The conifer trees are natural generators of psychic energy. Let it flow into you. Before you leave, give your new tree friend a hug.

For an incredible natural high, that you can share with others, have several of your friends circle the tree. Everyone hold the pine needles with their fingertips for approximately 3 minutes. Now all join hands. What a gift from Mother Earth to you.

I thought this little “love” note from Jone might be appropriate at this time of year when many of us are decorating with pines and fir branches, buying conifer trees, and generally are worn down with all of our activities prior to celebrating the holidays. Most of us could use a boost from Mother Nature — I often softly touch the pines and other evergreens around my home to refresh my own depleted store of psychic energy. I find I am less tired, more in tune, and feel as if a breath of fresh air has cleaned out the cobwebs in my mind. Just one of Jone’s many helpful hints to keep us on an even keel during those stormy times in life. Try it out for yourself — and embrace the Earthy feel, smell the piny aroma waft around you, breathe in the nuances of life itself!

Thanks Jone for your intuitive understanding that helps us to connect with the Natural world.


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