Winter Solstice & New Moon in Capricorn — December 21, 2014

The Winter Solstice and our New Moon coincide this year on December 21st, the Sun entering Capricorn at 6:04 PM EST soon followed by the New Moon at zero degrees of Capricorn at 8:35 PM EST. This sets up an enormous amount of energy spewing forth into the ether! It’s a wake up call for all of us to pay attention to our spiritual identities, and the fragile world we inhabit. Solstice — a word that reverberates with ancient pulsations, feels slippery on the tongue, and makes us become aware of an ending and a beginning.  Solstice — “Sun – Standing still” evoking a timeless passage of planetary movement and cadence that has been going on for millennia. Solstice a primordial dance of history, keeping time with the changing seasons, ending one phase and beginning another in an elemental prehistoric quatrain within the Galaxy. Many ancient cultures revered these days, celebrating each passage with prayer, dance, invocation, offerings, and sacrifice. Hoping for a good harvest, or an easy Winter season — always aware that Nature would have her way — but with a primal knowledge that mankind could survive with skill, intelligence, and ingenuity. Asking the Gods to bless them, to look kindly upon them, and to assist them in their daily lives. Today there is little note of these passing astronomical signals among many folks — yet they are the beacons that are leading us to a more ecumenical and balanced life. If we but listen with our inner spirit we can hear the old-ones admonishing us for our careless ways — urging us to become the caretakers of this old Earth, to be the guardians of all the inhabitants that depend on her bounty. Alas! There seems no end to the raping and pillaging of the Earth and her largesse — and we humans — if we do not pay attention to the clarion-call will suffer the most when there is nothing left to squander.

Still this is a very unique time span — having the New Moon on the day of the Solstice will give us the chance to make our affirmations and appeals while there is a plethora of energy in the ether. It will allow us to look back at the year that is passing and look forward to the clean slate of a New Year! Do not waste this special moment in time — prepare your list with intent, listen to your heart, and dig deep into your psyche to find those wishes that will serve you and your loved ones the most for your future endeavors. The New Moon in Capricorn is looking for stability, steadfastness, honor, truth, and the highest ideals. Work with Mars in Aquarius to innovate and excite your ideas, use Rx Jupiter in Leo to think big, bold and bravely about your year ahead. Saturn will be entering Sagittarius on the 23rd — find a way to bring the wisdom of Saturn and the foresight of Sagittarius together to help you “see” the way to your most advantageous future! We are being urged to clean out the cobwebs of our old ideas and outworn ways and are being awakened to a better and more beatific way of life. Allow yourself to be immersed in the beauty of the Natural World, breathe in the freshening breezes of a new way of thinking, appreciate your uniqueness and your place here on Planet Earth. Feel the organic embodiment of all that has gone before, to get you to this place, this time, this very moment.

Our New Moon in Capricorn will help us to organize our lives, to appreciate the generations of our families, and will enhance all of the traditions we have been celebrating throughout our lives. When you write out your affirmations and wishes be sure to think back to those who have gone before, remember their purpose and determination in raising their family, in caring for their elders, in creating what was to be a better world for their offspring. Try to tap into that  guileless naivete of an earlier time when everything was possible. Write out your affirmations with intent, with definition, and with the knowledge that these wishes can be made manifest. Meditate, breathe, feel the energy throughout your body. With a Capricorn New Moon you might want to find yourself in a position of strength when going for a new job by taking some classes, perhaps you can feel yourself getting near your goals and just need a little help to get you to the next step. You may want more stability or security in your life — you may want to be empowered to help your family in moving to a new area, or just find a safer place to live. Perhaps you have let someone else tell you how or where or what you should be doing — now is the time to take back your own sense of self. Above all, Capricorn is practical, pragmatic and down to Earth, less excess and more careful choices will keep you on track. The New Moon crests at 8:35 PM EST, so all evening and the next 48 hours are fine for writing out your affirmations to get them into the ether.

This is a double-whammy! New Moon and Winter Solstice together — be sure to use this dynamic energy to put forward your own ideas and know your wishes are being sent into the infinity of time and space to manifest into your reality. You can help change the future of humanity by joining with other like-minded folks in bolstering our World — becoming a guardian of all that is precious and good. Peace!




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