New Moon Reminder — Sunday — December 21, 2014

Since the New Moon crests at zero degrees of Capricorn at  8:35 PM EST this evening, you still have time to think about your affirmations and wishes. Although everyone is busy during this hectic holiday time, it behooves you to take a few minutes to sit down and meditate and think about what would benefit you and your loved ones during the year ahead! It is such a simple procedure to write out what you want to happen in your life — and there really is nothing to lose. Just a few moments of your time can bring big rewards and a happier outlook for your future. All evening and the next 48 hours will be advantageous to write out your wishes.

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign — and we are being urged to remember that we all live on this tiny blue Planet. It is home to all inhabitants that dwell herein, so it is our duty to care for the Earth as best we can. Would you break the windows in your home to let in the cold air? allow detritus to build up on your floors? live with dirt and filth in every corner of your home? Of course not! We keep our living space as neat and clean as possible — our minds and psyches are happier without clutter and chaos within our own personal spaces. So — why do we trash and disrespect Mother Earth? We take all of her resources until there is nothing left, we leave the detritus from our daily lives and the chemical plants, the nuclear plants and the industrial wastes to rot and erode the pristine areas of our World. Wake up folks — it is our World — our only World. How long will Nature allow us to treat her with this utter contempt? Sinkholes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, drought, global warming, melting polar caps, tsunamis — when will we see the error of our ways? Where will we go when everywhere there is nothing but destruction and decay? Hmm, can’t we all do just a little better to help Nature recoup her majestic character and colossal bounty? We are being put on notice!

The Earth is responding to all we do — and I can foresee a time when Mother Nature realizes the parasite that is destroying her body is humanity — what plagues will ensue, what natural disasters will poison our environment, how will she rid herself of us?

We were given this pristine World in which to live, to procreate and thrive, to protect and guard all of the precious elements of Nature. We are the guardians of this land we call Earth — and we better realize there is only a certain amount of punishment it can absorb before the natural systems begin to fail. Okay — there is a resilience to the Earth — but it is limited — as is our own time here. We must begin to appreciate our Natural World and begin to care for it as a  delicately balanced living organism, or humanity will pay the price.

Now let’s all be sure to write out our affirmations, wishes, desires, and ideas to make our lives better, and to help get our World cleaned up — if all concerned folks would take a moment to just write “I wish for a cleaner, more pristine, and bountiful Earth!” it could make a difference. This message would enter the ether and mix with all of the good thoughts being emitted. Lets do it! Let’s better our own lives and help to make our Earth a gentler and kinder place to live.

Peace on Earth!


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