Saturn in Sagittarius Through the Zodiac Houses

Part Two

Sometimes it is easier to understand on an individual basis how Saturn will impact our lives by seeing how it will affect each house of the Zodiac. Saturn is the teaching Planet, bringing needed lessons to us that we may at times find difficult or indeed harsh. However, Saturn is always just and fair — and when we follow the teachings of this stern taskmaster — we are rewarded ten-fold. Resist the lessons, and there are consequences to follow — and we must eventually come to grips with our life-lessons during our short time here on Earth. Saturn moves through a quadrant of the Zodiac approximately every 7 years — allowing 2+ years in each house. Saturn completes its orbit of the Zodiac in about 30 years — allowing us to have garnered the truth and knowledge from each house of the Zodiac. We are by then (or should be) more mature, stable, established and knowing where we are going and what we truly want to accomplish. Haven’t fully learned all the lessons in Saturn’s first go-round — well Saturn will begin again its journey around the Zodiac — with new ways to present the lessons we must learn in this lifetime.

Saturn in Sagittarius is uneasy in this Fiery and Mutable sign — its own Sign Capricorn is Earthy and Cardinal, a far cry from our fun-loving Sagittarius. However, being in Sagittarius is going to help Saturn in a way, to loosen up a bit, stop being so stodgy, and find a little humor in our humanity. After Saturn’s stint in Scorpio we are all probably a little relieved to be set free from the intensity and drama of Scorpio’s realm. Watery and Fixed — there was little leeway to let our hair down and relax during Saturn’s trek through that landscape of digging up dishonesty and seeking only truth! I am hoping that Saturn in Sagittarius will be more uplifting and inspiring — bringing us valid lessons of truth and justice, but with a touch of genuine humanity and kindness. Sagittarius loves to have fun, is open to new experiences, and has a child-like curiosity about all of life’s mysteries. These two can blend in a relationship of mutual understanding, spiritual growth, and the intelligence of the ages.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the First House

Our First Zodiac House is ourselves — or at least as we appear to others — it is our face to the world — perhaps hiding our Sun sign, slanting the truth of who we truly are, or indeed doubling up the intensity by Planetary placements or being a “Double” (having the Sun and Ascendant in the same sign). It is here in the First House we have some of our hopes and dreams, it is where we put ourselves into the world for all to see. So — Saturn in Sagittarius will have an enormous impact upon those with a Sagittarius ascendant. First we will notice our usual outgoing Sagittarian fellows will seem a little more serious, and perhaps  more focused on their future. Their usual vibrancy is just a bit off-kilter, and they are not as ready to drop everything to go off to the next adventure. It’s as if a wet-blanket has been thrown over their persona. Second they will be more serious and goal-oriented — they will be more likely to be concentrating on their careers, their relationships, and/or honing their abilities to further enhance their value to a new corporation or department within their current working venue. Our usual carefree Sagittarian is now pursuing a solid and profound pathway that will take him/her into a profession or relationship that they hope will be of long duration. They are now cognizant that there is limited time to reach their goals, and they are now more determined than ever to move ahead. Saturn is helping them to “see” just what they have to do in order to live the life and lifestyle they want. Using Saturn in Sagittarius in this manner is exactly what they need, and if they keep their nose to the grindstone for the next couple of years, they will see their efforts bearing the fruit of their labor. However, since our Sagittarians are usually so upbeat and optimistic, our hope is that the sunny side of their persona isn’t totally lost in pursuing their goals. They should always hold true to their hopes, their belief in themselves and their highest expectations. They will be able to  find their Earthly  delights and their spiritual bliss!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Second House

The Second Zodiac House has rulership over our earned monies — so a very important house indeed. It also covers such things as inheritances, gifts and other peoples monetary issues. So — we may find as Saturn transits this House that it is more difficult for us to make the money we feel we deserve, or there may be some limitations on the amount of monies we receive. A downturn in the area where we usually earn our money is likely, or perhaps a retirement is in the stars and a fixed income must be dealt with for our future needs. Also, you may have aging relatives who need your care in handling their estate, or they might just need help in dealing with their day-to-day bills. In some way — money issues will appear in some form. Since Saturn is trying to teach us discipline, ethical dealings, and in Sagittarius perhaps justice, we will be urged to concentrate on doing less spending, more saving, and being careful in our monetary dealings. If you were used to just spending without any forethought, those days are over for a while, it’s time to make out a budget and pursue a very stringent plan to save for that rainy day, get all of your credit cards paid off, and if you have outstanding loans or other debits, try to get a plan to pay them off in a timely manner. By the end of Saturn’s stay in the Second House if you stick to a modest plan, you will find yourself in better financial shape than when this transit started — however, ignore the warnings of Saturn and find that the consequences will be harsh. Use Saturn’s solid and steady hand in getting your financial house in order, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see that when the burden of debt is off your mind how lighthearted and good you feel — your future will be brighter, and you may find that your efforts have paid off in a new job with a solid financial future, or you may have found a way to enhance your income by using a latent talent that has been languishing. Saturn in Sagittarius wants hard work, ethical standards, and a just compensation. Saturn also rewards those who learn and absorb its teachings and lessons. Saturn in Sagittarius will also see the humor and humanity in our journey here on Earth. Keep your funny bone working to lighten any task, and remember to tap into your inner spirit to settle your busy mind. Work with the unlimited flow of Universal energy to find your true course and follow your dreams to a happy and financially secure future!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Third House

The Third House of the Zodiac is a personal house in that it rules our relationships with brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, neighbors, and any person who is a daily or weekly contact. It also covers all short journeys — commuting back and forth to work, trips to nearby tourist areas, and those occasions when we go to visit friends or relatives that live within a few hundred miles or so. It also has sway over our early educational experiences and being opposite the Ninth House some effect on our higher education choices. Saturn may bring some conflict within your neighborhood or area in having zoning issues that will impact in some way your locality, or perhaps your town will want to enact an override on your yearly taxes. You might find an elderly neighbor needs a daily call or will need some extra attention — also a sibling might be in need of care or assistance. There also may be legal issues with relatives that will need a professional to handle. The opportunities with Saturn in Sagittarius in the Third House is that you might find you have been accepted into a college of your choice, wherein you will have to be ready to apply yourself to your studies. Or conversely you may be ready to graduate, and finding a job will be the first thing on your agenda. Preparation is everything when Saturn is calling the shots. One thing is certain, there will be changes and you will have to adapt to the new rhythm that is in place. Most of us don’t like change and dig in our heels to slow its progression — but change is a necessary and vital process that helps us to move ahead and continue on our karmic pathway. Saturn in Sagittarius will give us a new outlook here — allow us to “see” our lives from a different angle and will in time bring us to a new awareness of whether we are on the right path for this lifetime. Are we moving towards enlightenment or are we stagnating in doing the same things over and over? Use Saturn’s newly piqued persona in Sagittarius to move you along on your journey throughout this lifetime — you may find your bliss within your neighborhood, or in your wider community. We never truly know when fate will hand us that jackpot of circumstance that will change our lives for the better. Believe you are where you should be in this moment of time and blend with the continuity of time and space while following your own ethics and beliefs. Use Saturn in Sagittarius to open your heart and mind to the inevitability of your true spiritual journey.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Fourth House

Once again we encounter our karmic Forth House of the Zodiac — we are never comfortable when this house is in play. We want to keep our foundations sacrosanct and pure — our childhood memories are here, our first encounters with our parents, grandparents and siblings are here, and we don’t want it to be messed about. However, our opportunity with Saturn in Sagittarius is to wrest out the truth about our early memories and to find out how much has been our ability to fantasize about it and how much is reality! We experienced so much of our early lives here in the Fourth House, we realized we could trust other humans with our life, we experienced unconditional love for the first time, our hearts and minds were opened to interactions with those who were responsible for our care when we could not care for ourselves. We learned to trust, to smile, to encourage human interplay, to “feel” and experience our humanity. We grew in loving kindnesses when there was no other reason than the purity of someone’s love for us. As time went by our emotions were piqued by how each person interacted with us — older siblings may have expressed jealousy, anger, or outright meanness — however our parents were there to interject their protection and were able to assuage the negatives in our lives. We were loved, protected, cared for, and swaddled into a family unit that wanted only the best for us! Okay that’s the ideal — but what is the reality? Saturn in Sagittarius will wrest out the real stories of our early years and with Holiday reunions coming up, you may hear stories of your own early childhood that you were not aware of as an infant. Was there conflict in the family, were siblings overwhelmed by your birth, were there financial issues or monetary hardships? Those halcyon days may not have been the reality, but you are who you are today because of any and all of the experiences you encountered whether you had the total awareness or ability to understand all of what was swirling around you. Your psyche ingested all of the feelings, angst, love and perhaps anger that was within your intuitive grasp. You reacted without understanding to sounds, light, movement, and touch with your innate psychic awareness. Startled, cuddled, awakened, hungry, or fussy — your human self absorbed all of these feelings and emotions intimately. As you grew, each experience became clearer and you became more aware of what was good and pleasurable, and what was hurtful and scary. With time you began to realize the positive and negatives of all your encounters. Still — we first sent out hope and trust, awe and gratitude. You may be in the process of selling your childhood home, your aging parents moving to a senior community. Going through their belonging of many years, your memories are piqued. You might be choosing mementos from long ago — photos in sepia hues or pictures from that family trip to Disneyland. Allow Saturn in Sagittarius to help you connect once again with your inner-child — find that special and unique moment of total awareness when you were you — separate from your caregivers and onlookers. Find your own purpose and begin your journey anew with the understanding that all that has gone before has helped to make you who you are today! Job opportunities may be in order, perhaps you are returning to the area of your birth because of a new business offer. Or conversely you may be moving away from your childhood home to take a position far away. Be strong in knowing these passages are all a part of your evolution and embrace any changes as the opportunity for your continued growth and perfecting  the real and infinite you!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Fifth House

The Fifth House of the Zodiac has to do with speculation, first loves, children, things close to our heart, our innate luck, gambling and other addictions, and romantic fantasies. With Saturn in Sagittarius moving through this area, we are piqued by our need for adventure and taking chances. However, with Saturn in residence, it may be wise to wait a bit before committing to any major changes. You may find opportunities in unusual areas or some places that are not your usual haunts.
Saturn in Sagittarius may put a hold on any speculative plans you have made, and can delay vacations and/or junkets on your schedule. Saturn wants you to be free of any negative habits you may have, and in Sagittarius that could mean betting on the ponies, using substances to keep your mind sharp, or even smoking or drinking liquor to an extreme. Saturn can in this House help you to help yourself if you sincerely want to change. Saturn can give us the deep-seated desire to rid ourselves of toxic habits, friends, or even the atmosphere that surrounds us. In Sagittarius there is a need to be “free” — and also a need to be healthy! Imagine if you will how great it would feel if you could have a “makeover” and clean up your act. You may find a new hobby or interest and become quite proficient in the sport or craft or adventure you find piques your fancy! Saturn can help us dig in to any area and get to the truth — while in Sagittarius, we can also find the humor and whimsy in things that just don’t go our way. Sagittarius will lighten the heaviness of Saturn’s usual demeanor so we can accept the seriousness of a situation, but still find a way to handle it with appropriate and steady measures that won’t create extra drama or consternation. Use Saturn’s ability to cut through any confusion to get to the nitty-gritty of the problem. Saturn in Sagittarius in the Fifth House can bring us a long dreamed of reward — perhaps a college degree is finally won, that once-in-a-lifetime vacation may be easily attained, or it may just be that long awaited addition to your family! Keep your ideals and your goals high, work hard, and find that niche in which you shine. Saturn’s message is simple — stick to your moral  high ground, don’t deviate from your chosen pathway, nose to the grindstone, and your rewards will come. Patience is a virtue — as is steadfastness to yourself, your family and your friends. Be true to your highest ideals and you will find at the end of Saturn’s stay in Sagittarius you are well ahead of the game. You are in the winner’s circle of life!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Sixth House —

I feel the Sixth House of the Zodiac is a very important house — it covers our work-a-day world and also our health and welfare. Saturn ensconced in this area might be telling us to keep up with our routine health exams, physicals, mammograms, blood tests, and any other usual visits you might make to a health professional. It may be time to join a gym, yoga group, or sports club — remembering to take any new exercise program slow and steady for the first few weeks until you know your limits — this is especially true for older individuals who may not have been involved in any physical activity for a while. Warm up, stretch, walk before jogging, and always stop when you feel any sharp pain. Also a dietary change may be on the agenda — changed job? more sedentary? new shift schedule? All of these can throw off our usual eating and sleep patterns. Allow yourself to moderate the amount that you eat, don’t eat heavily before bedtime, and if anxious — find a way to relax naturally with meditation and breathing exercises that will in time become second-nature and be a blessing throughout the rest of your life. You may find your job is changing, more or less hours, you might have found a new job, or you are out there with so many others searching for work! Keep a good journal — write down your feelings, try to explain your distress, and if it seems to be getting too much to bear, find a good counselor. There are many professionally run programs that are more than willing to help — either with “evaluating” your resume and helping to update it, finding classes to improve your ability to find alternate work, and by reassuring you that you are not alone. Indeed now is the time to let friends know you are out there looking for a new job, or want to improve your current position. Saturn in Sagittarius will give you the inner strength to go the extra mile, the spiritual integrity to stick to your own truth, and the ability to wrest out the best options for your future and the future of your loved ones. On that note, the Sixth House also rules our house pets — so you may need to keep a close eye on an elderly pet, or make sure a new one has all of the appropriate immunizations and boosters! Or you may take on a pet that someone can no longer care for themselves. Sometimes our pets are our best friends, our greatest loves. It’s all about service in the Sixth House — to others of course, but also to yourself and your loved ones. This may be a topsy-turvy time period, but sticking to what you know is the right thing to do will get you through it with aplomb and grace. Believe  that you have the wondrous infinity of the Universe on your side, and any petty or passing problems will disappear into the mists of time.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Seventh House

We all relate to our Seventh Zodiac House because it rules our relationships, both personal and business-wise. This is such a sensitive house we are wary of Saturn’s presence here because we don’t want issues with our mate or indeed with our business associates. We are especially fearful that our marriage will suffer consequences with Saturn bringing lessons or downturns within our home. However, with Saturn in Sagittarius, there is some lightheartedness involved that might help us get through this time period with humor and the realization that we do need to do a little more work in keeping our partnerships together in a healthy and loving manner. With the tenuous economy affecting everyone, there may be some financial or job issues that put stress on your relationship, or the business you work in may be having some economic problems and is cutting back making you uncertain about the security of your job. The answers are in how you face any issues and how you handle yourself and your loved one or coworkers. If you can maintain a calmness about you, and not fly off the handle or become depressed, you will be amazed at how quickly things can turn around. Just having a positive outlook and optimistic demeanor will draw more positive vibrations from the Universal ether. Saturn believes in steadfastness, loyalty, and stability — if you can keep yourself from sliding into a morass of minutiae you will be able to overcome any delays or setbacks you encounter during this transit. Saturn in Sagittarius is a bit more able to bring some humor and lightness to any situation.  It is always a good thing to try to maintain good communication in the home and office == don’t let little annoyances become the “Elephant in the room” — take care of the tiny irksome things that bother you immediately — and the big things will be easily handled with time and patience. Sometimes Saturn will bring a new person into your life whilst it is in the Seventh House, perhaps older or perhaps just wiser, who will be able to be a mentor for you. Another prospect is that you might indeed meet someone as a friend, who later becomes a much more loving presence in your life. With Saturn in place these may be long-lasting relationships that prove to be a turning point in your life. The Seventh House is a house of blending divergent and perhaps opposing personae who then become more than the sum of their contradictory parts. How often do we find a couple who seem so contrary as a pair — yet they have accustomed themselves to each others quirks and idiosyncrasies to form quite a perfect union — better and stronger because of their differences.  While Saturn in Sagittarius is in your Seventh House, try to be open to all new experiences and people with  whom you come into contact. You may find the love of your life in the most unusual of places. Be vulnerable if need be — allow your softer side to come into focus and know that you will draw like-minded folks to you. There is always opportunity to improve your relationships with a little kindness and forethought. Use this time to build up a strong and lasting bond between you and your partners. It’s an opportunity for lasting love and affection with a solid grounding and support. Trust in Love!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Eighth House

The Eighth House of the Zodiac can make some of us a bit wary — herein lies some of our deepest fears — ruling death and taxes, regeneration and decay, other peoples money and our expenses or outgo. We are uneasy when any Planet crosses this area — we don’t know what to expect or if we will be able to control our feelings and emotions when there is a “dust-up” in this House. With Saturn in Sagittarius here there will be a spiritual essence  of protection surrounding us. Sagittarius holds strong ethical and moral beliefs — right up Saturn’s alley — so these two will combine in an almost hallowed way in the Eighth House.  We will feel a strong sense of immortality with these two in concert — our minds, souls, and hearts will be opened to the infinite! Allow yourself to tap into the borders beyond the five senses — the Universe is revealing our true nature, and the place we have in this world. We can unburden ourselves of Earthly values, of mundane ideas, and of outdated beliefs. Tune into the massive and infinite ether that we will one day inhabit in our true form. We are consciousness and thought, energy and light, love incarnate. Be that human being who is aware of our ongoing forever immutability, and there is nothing you will fear — nothing to stop you from reaching out and touching the stars. However, we do live in the real world of schedules, jobs, responsibilities and obligations. Saturn in Sagittarius may keep you busy with others problems, you might have to help out in work because someone is on sabbatical and the extra work falls on your shoulders, or perhaps at home someone needs extra help in getting all of the daily chores finished. Whatever you encounter there is always Universal support in allowing you to understand that “this too shall pass” — we all must face certain difficulties in our lives, and it’s not doing everything out of a sense of duty only — but embracing each trial as a learning experience that will in time bring us to our karmic self-hood — knowing who we are and where we belong in the world. What a gift to be given — the realization that we are more than body parts, we are spirit and light, holiness and grace, kindness and love.What more can we ask?

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Ninth House

The Ninth House of the Zodiac is a busy and eclectic House with religion, higher education, long journeys, the clergy, judges, the law, bankers, politicians, sports  and long journeys. Really any person of standing will have a strong Jupiter influence within their chart. If you are looking at colleges or universities Saturn in Sagittarius may be of help if you have done your “homework” and you are a good fit for that school. If perchance you are just sending out a melange of requests, you may find no luck at all. Saturn requires a seriousness of purpose — and in Sagittarius will mete out appropriate rewards. Also, you may be in flux as to your true feelings about religion or your spirituality — Saturn will hone your ideas, and Sagittarius will bring you to an appropriate and sacred decision. Read, learn, question, negotiate, and revel in your own personal beliefs and faith. You will feel the sanctity of your decision and will sense its rightness for you. Thinking of running for public office — get all your ducks in a row before venturing into any political pool. Know your locale, the issues, and any person who has the same ideas as you have — gather a base group to look into all of the factors that might impact your good name and your ability to serve as you truly want. Undertake this endeavor only when you know all of the factors involved and feel up to serving with the highest integrity. You may find a long journey is on your agenda — either personal or business. With Saturn’s penchant for delay — always make sure of your flights, times, and any detail that might derail your trip. A longed for vacation may come to fruition if Saturn in Sagittarius deems you are ready for a rewarding opportunity! With many frustrating conflicts between differing faiths in today’s news — Saturn in Sagittarius may bring some clarity and peace within these divergent groups. Saturn wants stability and sanity, in Sagittarius we have the striving for something better and more sacred. It may be time for we humans to allow ourselves some peace, purity and sacredness within our souls. Almost every one of us feels the need for spiritual fulfillment and piety. Allow your minds and souls to be open to all of the human condition — accept each person as a unique and blessed addition to your life — raise your voice in praise of love and humanity. Reject all the seamy, sordid, scandalous sides of the outer world and concentrate on the inner spirit — that is where your true self will be found and you will find your bliss!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Tenth House

The  Tenth House of the Zodiac is so important in presenting our outer persona into society. Here we interact with our co-workers, those who can help us rise up the ladder of success in business or society if we so wish, and the facade we present here is what all but our most intimate family members and friends know of us. We are our “best” social selves here and we protect this image so that we might find our highest standing in the public arena. No matter our actual place in society, among our peers and business acquaintances, we have our public persona in place. We might be a softy at home, or a tyrant — however, when we are at work or at other social functions — we have our facade in place to protect our most private inner being. This doesn’t mean we are fraudulent in our appearances — rather that we use our wiles to show only that part of our personality that “fits” into our present job, an interview, or a party we are attending. Being introduced to strangers is  kind of an unknown proposition, we slowly ease into conversation and there is back and forth banter as we feel out what kind of person we are talking to, and where our lives might intersect. Careful, wary, and anxious we garner information and can begin to relax when we know their likes and dislikes, their place in society, and where we might meet on common ground. We don’t “let our hair down” until we think we know what kind of a reaction we might receive. With Saturn in Sagittarius in the Tenth House there might be a lot going on — for instance you may have more responsibility in your job — you may be in line for a promotion but have to move to accommodate the company. Also, you may have an issue at home (4th house opposite 10th) and you need to be there to care for someone or perhaps you have elderly parents who are a concern. If you have “listened” to Saturn’s messages as it traveled throughout the Zodiac Houses, you should be in good shape to take care of any problems or delays. On the other hand if you have been ignoring Saturn’s lessons — you may find your job is being shipped overseas, that promotion didn’t come through, or you are told you must take a pay cut! All of these possibilities are there for you to learn, comprehend your life here and now, and to awaken you to what you must do to move forward on your karmic pathway. With Saturn in Sagittarius, there is always the possibility that Sagittarius ruling Planet Jupiter in Leo will help smooth any bumps in the road and will channel you into a more positive and remunerative path. We make our decisions with the knowledge we possess at that moment in time — if they were not good decisions or if they were hasty or self-serving, we might find we have a bit of work to improve our lot. Always strive for the best decisions for yourself and all of your loved ones — don’t try to mow down the competition and go on your merry way. There will always be consequences and Saturn in Sagittarius is trying to bring all of us to a higher consciousness of truth and honor. Honor yourself and your most ethical ideals and you will find the rewards you so deserve!

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Eleventh House

The Eleventh House of the Zodiac is where we find our friends and acquaintances, wherein resides our hopes and wishes, and our feelings towards humanity. We do best here when we are true to our highest ideals and our innermost desires to work towards a goal that will help in our community, our family, and will bring us satisfaction because we know we are doing the right thing. You will find your true friends here, those who stick with you through thick and thin, who have your back! Conversely, you also find those folks that you would fight for against all odds. This House rules the symbiosis of interrelations between we humans, how we need each other and how we can manage to help others along our way. You may find you are interacting with long-term friends a little more now with the ability to connect via technology — or you may be planning  a trip to see some old friends you haven’t been in touch with for a while, but were able to contact and reconnect because of your past experiences together. You may be in for a huge family reunion because of the holidays, or an anniversary or major birthday celebration. Plan to attend as many occasions as possible, because it is within these connections that we find ourselves, our place in our immediate family, and our place in the family of Man. We learn from each other, we teach what we intrinsically know, and we pass on traditions and those treasures of the spoken messages we have received throughout our lives. The stories of our families trials and tribulations, their successes, our beloved parents, aunt and uncles, cousins and family friends. We treasure those quirky folks who are threaded through our lives like a woven damask of timeless measure. The aunt who always saw our true light and abilities, the grandparent who made us feel so special, our parents who were there for us no matter what hijinks we got up to in our lives. True friends and spirits who made us who we are and made us better for their being in our lives. Stay close to those who love you unconditionally, and even those who put some measure of performance on their caring. We learn and grow with every contact every day! Also in the Eleventh House we find our beloved beastly beasts — our largest animal friends — horses, the large breeds of dogs, and exotic animal pets. Those creatures we embrace who require a vast amount of love and caring, but who in return bring us so much of themselves. We find ourselves caring for those who cannot care for themselves. Our Eleventh House brings us to know ourselves in many ways — through our caring, our kindness, our humanity. We can find so much fulfillment here with our attachments, friendships and familial connections with a little openness, acceptance and love.

Saturn in Sagittarius in the Twelfth House

Within the Twelfth House of the Zodiac we find the hidden side of our nature, places of confinement i.e., prisons and hospitals, and our own self-undoing. This is a deep and mysterious house with undertones of our past lives, our secrets, and those aspects of ourselves that we don’t want anyone to see. The beauty of this house is that we have the opportunity to dig deep into our psyche to find just what is holding us back, what we have brought through from our past lives, and the demons we possess that make us feel less than we should. We are after all only human, we are not perfect beings who have nothing to learn in this lifetime — indeed we are here to search out the reasons for our existence here and now! Now — in this time and place, with the people we are the most in touch, and whatever trials we must endure. I feel this is (or can be) a healing house — wherein we can find and fight any deficits we feel we might have. Black Sheep of the family — how, why, who placed you in that position? Was it you yourself? We find in the Twelfth House we are sometimes our own worse enemy, we downgrade our abilities, we hide our light, we dwell in misery and guilt — it  is our duty to find out what happened and why we feel so encumbered by some amorphous sense of remorse or culpability. There may be answers found in our past lives, and a good psychic can take you on a journey back into a long time past when you perhaps didn’t act in a highly moral manner. You can rid yourself of any residual guilt from a lifetime ago. Use the energy of the Twelfth House to find your true inner spirit, and cleanse yourself of any outworn sense of guilt or remorse. Use your time here to unburden yourself and begin anew with a sense of the timelessness of infinity. It is your life, and it can be one of inclusion, destiny, duty, love and caring. Our energy can never be extinguished — only changed and revamped into a new majesty. Believe in the beauty of metamorphosis and renewal and you will find your life is changed for the better, your relationships will flourish, and you will be rewarded with a fresh start, an optimistic outlook and a world of possibility.

So we have traversed the Zodiac Houses with Saturn in Sagittarius, we have just touched on a few possibilities within the realm of Universal awareness. Whatever trials or tribulations you encounter, or whatever rewards you garner, it is your journey throughout this lifetime that is the true story. Be as Human as possible in its highest form — caring and loving. Make your journey here on Earth count for good, for wonder, for faithfulness, for mankind, for the highest evolution that our species can achieve.

Embrace your own personal pathway with awe and gratitude! Love, be loved, Believe! Be!


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