January’s Planetary Activity — Full Moon, January 4th, Retrograde Mercury in Aquarius — January 21st

We open 2015 with an active and possibly unstable January outlook — there are some heavy aspects early on with the Sun in a negative aspect to Uranus on the 3rd and later in the day conjunct Pluto! Both these outer Planets carry a lot of energy and in the Earthy sign Capricorn we might expect some of Nature’s fury to upset the status quo. These two behemoths have been squaring off over the last two years and will have their final meeting in March for a final flourish! Those who have any Planets in Aries/Libra at about 15 degrees may have to deal with some difficulty or dilemma during or preceding these aspects around the 16th of March. Try to find some stability within your usual schedule, and don’t be unthinking or take abrupt action — always look before you leap!

The Full Moon crests on the 4th at 14 degrees of  the sign Cancer, cresting at 11:54 PM EST, making our emotions a little edgy and raw. We all must be aware that the Astrological circumstances are a bit on the restless side, and we should allow ourselves to take the time to assess any situation with a cool head and a calm demeanor. Don’t allow runaway emotions to control your actions, you may find yourself at odds with a friend or a family member — we must all remember — angry words not spoken, do not have to be taken back! Bite your tongue if need be, to allow time to diminish your temper. Give yourself the gift of caution and hesitation before hurling barbs at someone you care about. As usual when a Full Moon is in play, be aware of your surroundings, of distracted drivers, and any who are acting in an angry or upsetting manner. Sometimes it is better to just walk away from an uncontrollable situation.

Our New Moon this month is on January 20th at zero degrees of Aquarius at 8:14 AM EST. While in this humanitarian sign we can bring out the best in ourselves. At zero degrees it is a new cycle for all Aquarius folks, especially those born near the New Moon date! Prepare yourself to refresh your plans, find new ways to express your personality, and look forward to new unique experiences that will offer you a new outlook on life. With an Aquarius New Moon we always find it is like a breath of fresh air entering the ether — bringing new ideas, unusual and quirky people into our lives, and a touch of spirituality that offers us a new way to appreciate our lives, and to be generous to those in need.

Also, we will be facing a Retrograde Mercury time span starting on the 21st at 17 degrees of Aquarius and lasting until February 11th at 1 degree of Aquarius. We all have the sign Aquarius in our charts, it will behoove you to check to see what area of your Zodiac is going to be affected by this Rx period. You can and will have to expect delays and roadblocks if Mercury connects or opposes any Planets during this transit.  If you are traveling during this time-span, be sure to check departure times, double check your reservations, and be prepared for some kind of delay or hiccup along the way. We traverse our Retrograde Mercury  episodes at least 3 times a year, and we survive! Just don’t let exasperation or impatience allow you to become overly upset or distressed — this too shall pass! On a brighter note these Rx times often allow us to redo or make over some error or slip-up from the past — it might just be returning unusable presents from the holiday — patience is as always one of the lessons to be learned.

Mars will enter Pisces on the 12th meeting up with Neptune on the 19th, allow these two seemingly opposite Planets to help in bringing a new awareness and energy to you. You may experience vivid dream states, some psychic telepathy, or just an enhanced feeling of “knowing”. Mars can stimulate all of Neptune’s otherworldly powers to help you handle those situations that seem to have been unreadable up to now. Let the dynamic fiery vigor of Mars enrich and explore those underlying extrasensory feelings that Neptune stores in her vast caverns of spiritual sensations and soul searching quests. Learn to use the energy of each Planet’s natural properties and gifts. Your life will be enhanced by taking advantage of the heightened combination of fiery Mars and watery Neptune while they are riding alongside each other in the Galaxy. Open your heart, mind and spirit to the opportunity available to you this month to learn and absorb the multilevel aspects of all the experience that Mars and Neptune can bring to you in order to expand your psyche. Breathe in, feel, allow your consciousness to perceive the nuances of each Planets unique signature — Mars’ passion and Neptune’s sensitivity can blend into a magical moment in all of our lives.

This New Year 2015 can be one of positive actions and forward movement for all of us, we must be aware of all the aspects that are ongoing throughout the year. Keeping our eye on our goals and dreams is so important to having all of the good things in life happen as we wish. Allowing ourselves to dream the impossible dream is to allow ourselves to be aware of what is possible. This year give  yourself the gifts of hope, belief, and expectation — your dreams can come true!

Happy New Year to all — and Peace on Earth!


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